As dairy farmers look to save costs by making the best possible use of grass, they can improve the efficiency of protein utilisation at spring turnout with an award-winning, UK-grown sustainable feed that can replace soya in dairy rations.

NovaPro, named as the winner of this year’s Royal Dairy Innovation Award at Dairy-Tech Online 2021, is a high energy rumen-protected protein made from UK rapeseed. With proven performance benefits including improved intakes and milk yield, it also provides a cost-effective alternative to soya.

“NovaPro is an ideal complement as a protein source,” explains Trident Feeds ruminant technical manager Charlotte Ward. “The priority with protein is to meet cow requirements without oversupplying RDP so prevalent in grass. NovaPro fits the bill perfectly, with its higher DUP:RDP ratio in comparison to soya, allowing for improved protein utilisation.”

Rape protein also has an improved amino acid profile more similar to milk protein than soya. On-farm trials showed improved protein utilisation, with a significant reduction in milk urea nitrogen levels, meaning less nitrogen pollution on farm.

Trials run by the University of Nottingham found rations containing NovaPro produced an additional 1.7 litres of milk per cow per day compared to a soya and rape ration, with no significant effect on milk constituents.

The xlyig-treated rapeseed expeller is sourced from British rapemeal, so there are no Brexit implications as it is a local protein product, and costs are extremely favourable against soya prices.