A GROUP of people were caught by police after damaging a farmer's field with quad bikes in Purbeck, writes Jason Lewis.

Five individuals were issued with Covid fines following the incident on Sunday, February 28.

Dorset Police received a report of anti-social behaviour near Winfrith Newburgh at 2.40pm.

It was reported that a number of people were on quad bikes causing damage to a field.

Officers attended and spoke to five individuals, who were all reported for breaching Covid-19 restrictions.

A spokesperson for Purbeck Police said: "We teamed up with our response colleagues to help a farmer who saw individuals on quads destroying his land.

"Officers caught up with them, fines issued, quad seized, points on license and a Covid fine.

"Not such a great day for the quad owners.

"Farmer was very helpful in moving the quad off the road until recovery was at scene."