A horse had to be rescued yesterday morning (Wednesday, February 24) as it was trapped upside down against a wall.

Belle had broken through a fence at Pleasant Valley Farm, Dartmouth, and ended up upside down, wedged against a concrete wall and extremely distressed.

Dartmouth's fire crew and a specialist rescue team from Camels Head were mobilised

The horse was extremely distressed and needed to be sedated for the rescue.

A spokesperson from Dartmouth Fire Station said: "The OIC liased with the owner who was calming the horse which was very distressed.

"The area was first made safe for crews to work as large animals can do things in a split second which may injure somebody.

"The OIC also asked for extra assistance from our USAR Team (Urban Search & Rescue) because they have a telehandler which may have been needed to lift the animal.

"Once the SRT arrived they quickly started to formulate a plan which involves sedation from an equine vet and then the horse was hobbled (strops attached to the legs).

"Because of the stress and the time it would take to get the telehandler to the incident, we decided to use muscle power and pull the horse safely up onto its back legs in a sitting position whist put hay bales behind its back at the same time to prop up.

"Gradually she she went forward onto her feet and was allowed to try and stand for herself.

"I'm glad to say that the horse (Belle) was fine once out of sedation and is very happy to be back galloping around the paddock.

"Excellent work from the local crew and our specialists from Camels Head."