A third dog attack on sheep in the past fortnight has been reported in Wiltshire this week.

A dog attacked two sheep on Whitesheet Hill, Kilmington, near Warminster between 1-4pm on Saturday, January 23.

One sheep was discovered injured and another was found to have been attacked two days earlier.

While the farmer was tending to the injured animals a dog walker approached with his dog off the lead.

The man then became upset after the farmer asked him to place his dog on a lead.

Wiltshire Police PCSO Candida Jackson said: "This is the third sheep attack we have had in the past two weekends in our area.

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"Dog owners are reminded to keep their animals on a lead in the countryside.

"If you need to walk your dog off the lead please choose an area wisely, where you will not encounter farm animals. There are many places more appropriate to do this.

"Attacks of this kind appear to be getting more frequent; they not only affect the animals but the farmers who have to deal with the aftermath of having to treat, or in some cases, losing an animal.

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"Sheep worrying and dog attacks on sheep are crimes and can result in large vet bills for the farmer and dog owners may be liable for compensation for any damage to the sheep.

"Please be mindful when out walking your dog in the countryside."

Anyone with information about this dog attack should call 101 quoting crime reference number 54210007372.

Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.