Police are reminding road users to be aware of livestock on rural roads.

Livestock are frequently killed or injured on rural roads across the south west.

There is a risk of injury to drivers and passengers as well as damage to vehicles and causing unnecessary suffering for animals.

Incidents can have a financial and emotional impact for farmers and livestock owners.

Working together, landowners, rural businesses and members of the public should be vigilant reporting collisions or incidents to the police - noting vehicle details, descriptions and an accurate location.

There is also a legal requirement to report road traffic collisions involving livestock to the police.

Ways to prevent accidents:

• If you see livestock or other vulnerable road users reduce speed, be patient, pass slow and wide.

• Drive responsibly, anticipate hazards, take note of road signs, ensure your vehicle is road worthy.

• Where possible livestock owners can consider feeding away from roads, check fencing and secure gates.

• Farmers or public can consider the use of dash cams and upload certain traffic offences to Op Snap via the website operationsnap.devon-cornwall.police.uk

• Notify the police using 999 if you suspect an offence is being committed.

• If you have any information about livestock road safety please email 101@dc.police.uk, call the non-emergency number, 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 783 0137.

• Join Devon & Cornwall Alert, Watch schemes and local social media groups so that you can find out what is happening in your area.