Stags report another excellent number of prime lambs this week and as predicted a slightly easier trade for the leaner 40–46kg lambs with the thicker 46–50kg lambs harder to sell.

Again there was a large entry off those thick lambs and the thicker they were the harder they were to sell.

Conversely it felt that the leaner the lambs the easier they were to sell.

All the leaner export lambs were 210ppk plus but the large entry of thicker lambs brought the average back.

Again plenty of heavies on offer (52kg plus) which were again slightly back on last week but not much with the super heavies (over 60kg) still making over £110.

There is divided opinion of what will happen between Christmas and New Year with some saying they will be steadier.

Don’t forget the sale is on Tuesday December 29, to start at 1:30pm and we will send a text out on the Monday before.

Best pens today to 236ppk to 40kg Pure Dorsets from Mr AM Pulford of Meshaw with 222ppk to 39.5kg Suffolk crosses from Mr G Dart & Sons of Molland.

219ppk to 40kg Charollais crosses from Messrs GF & PJ Warne of Umberleigh and 218ppk to 44kg Charollais crosses from Mr DJ Govier & Partners of Chulmleigh.

217ppk to 44.2kg Pure Dorsets again from Mr Pulford with 216ppk three times; the first to 39.7kg Suffolk crosses from Messrs S & J Bale of Challacombe; the second to 41.4kg Charollais crosses from Mr MB Short of Burrington and the third to 44kg Texel crosses from Messrs T & L Cole of Heasley Mill.

215ppk five times; the first and second pens to 42.4kg and 41.2kg Texel crosses from Messrs CP & CA Guscott of Dulverton; the third to 39.5kg Texel crosses from Mr HJ Dart of Bishops Nympton; the fourth to 40.5kg Charollais crosses from Mr WI Thorne & Son of Ashreigney and the fifth to 40kg Texel crosses from Mr R Vigars of Exford.

214ppk four times; the first to 38kg Charollais crosses from Mr LA Muxmoore of Cheriton Fitzpaine; the second to 40.6kg Charollais crosses from Messrs Irwin & Sons of Mariansleigh; the third to 41.6kg Charollais crosses from Mr C Hopper & Son of Cove and the fourth to 40kg Texel crosses from Mr O Guest of South Molton. 213ppk to 40.4kg Texel crosses from Messrs Roberts & Phillips of Dulverton.

Top at £120 to 71kg Texel crosses from Mrs M Tapp of South Molton who also had 67kg Pure Charollais’ to £116.

£111 to 64kg Texel crosses from Mr S Stentiford of South Molton with £109.50 twice; the first to 60kg Texel crosses from Messrs Roberts & Phillips of Dulverton and the second to 59.3kg Texel crosses again from Mrs Tapp.

56.6kg Suffolk crosses also from Mrs Tapp rose to £105.50 closely followed at £105 twice; the first to 62kg Suffolk crosses from Mr TL Dennis of Wembworthy and the second to 68kg Dorset crosses from Mr MA Smith of Cullompton.

£104.20 to 55kg Charollais crosses from Mr RJ Evely of Peters Marland with £103 three times; the first to 54.4kg Suffolk crosses from Mr NJ Sharland of Braunton; the second to 55kg Texel crosses from Mr W Smale of North Molton and the third to 55.6kg Charollais crosses from Mr AA Milton of Chapelton.

£102 to 56kg Charollais crosses from Messrs A & S Hoskin of Bishops Nympton with £101.50 to 58kg Suffolk crosses from Mrs FE Tucker of Twitchen.

£101 to 55.5kg Texel crosses from Mr & Mrs CTJ Ford of Chulmleigh with £100 hit twice; the first to 55kg Texel crosses from Mr W Parker & Son of North Molton and the second to 51.5kg Charollais crosses from Mr AA Milton again.

A decent number of cull sheep and a really good entry of big strong ewes.

Plenty of ewes were well fleshed but buyers definitely keener to buy the thicker ewes.

All ewes very wanted especially the bigger leaner ewes which look up £5 – £10 on the week.

The ewes are continuing to be a strong trade and could well do so regardless of Brexit if number remain tight.

Best Suffolk mules this week were all over the £100 mark and best mules this week £85 - £92!

Topping the day at £130 for a super pen of Pure Texels from Messrs AJ & MJ Tarr & Son of West Anstey whose second pen followed at £125.

£120 to Charollais’ from Mr JA Goscomb of North Molton with Texel crosses from Mr D Fergie of Ash Mill at £118.

£109 to Suffolk Mules from Messrs Govier & Son of South Molton with £106.50 to Texels ffrom Messrs TH & PM Bolt of Huntsham.

£105.50 to other Texel crosses from Mr AW Fisher & Son of Oakford closely followed at £105 to Suffolk Mules from Mr MC & Mrs EA Cole of Ash Mill.

£104 to similar blackfaces from Mr NJ Sharland of Braunton with Suffolk crosses from Mr AA Milton of Chapelton at £102.

£101.50 three times all to strong Suffolk crosses from Messrs Cook Partners of Georgeham; Mr D Kiff & Son of Muddiford and Mr W Parker & Son of North Molton.

£101 to Suffolk Mules from Mr CR Mildon of Bishops Nympton with £100 also hit three times; again all to Suffolks from Mr AW Fisher & Son’s second pen; Messrs Eastman & Bolt of High Bickington and Mr TL Dennis of Wembworthy.

Best rams rose to £124 to a shapely Texel from Messrs AJ & MJ Tarr & Son of West Anstey with other Texels from Mr GD Fuller & Son of Chulmleigh at £122.