Duchy College Rosewarne is flying high after being gifted two rare species of birds by Bristol Zoo.

The arrival of the endangered species, the Hottentot teal and Java sparrow, marks the beginning of an exciting new partnership between Bristol Zoo and Duchy’s Rosewarne campus.

Animal management lecturer Logan Ody said: “Both species are completely new to Rosewarne and we have never bred the Hottentot teal before, so exciting times ahead.

“The Java sparrows were selected because of their endangered status in the wild and the pure genetics that the zoo’s breeding program has managed to retain.

"The Teal were chosen due to their rarity in captivity and their stunning characters are proving to be a firm favourite with the students and staff already.”

Logan is hopeful that the two Java sparrows will eventually be a part of Rosewarne’s conservation-focused captive breeding efforts.

South West Farmer:

Logan said: “The male Eamon is a grumpy but sweet little chap. The female Ruth is a bossy madam that hogs all the food and treats. They are already showing breeding signs, so fingers crossed for ducklings come springtime.”

The birds are currently housed in the state-of-the-art aviaries at the Rosewarne campus but there are future plans to move them into a new animal management centre that is currently under development. The new centre will house a range of exotic birds include birds of prey and more endangered species.

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Logan said: “Gaining skills and knowledge in the captive care of rare and endangered bird will better prepare our students for industry and help to kick start their careers. Being part of the career college, we are always looking to create essential links to industry and help network our students into becoming professionals.”

Situated just outside Camborne, Duchy College Rosewarne is already home to a wide range of animal species, from small mammals to reptiles, birds and farm livestock.