Auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt report very strong prime cattle and lamb trades for the time of year.

The total stock was 940 head.

(73) UTM & (8) OTM Prime Cattle

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report medium entry of 81 prime cattle met another very strong trade. Best cattle exceptionally well sold to a top of 217.5ppk for a very smart butchers type Limousin heifer from MJ Chilcott, Catcott, who sold another at 207.5ppk. Further very shapely suckler bred Limousin heifers at 214.5 and 210ppk from RW Darby & Sons, Bridgwater; 213.5ppk HWC & JM Butler, Cambridge Batch; 205.5, 202.5, 201.5 and 200.5ppk from ML & EE Edwards, Wick St Lawrence; 204.5ppk, AAB Rowe & Son, Chilton Trinity; 204ppk, R & S Dare, Spaxton and 201.5ppk from MJ Tuckett & Partners, Exeter, who also sold a suckler bred Charolais at 202ppk. All going to Butchers keen to source Christmas supply.

Steers sold to 211ppk for a well fleshed suckler bred Limousin from SER Hunt, Kilve to Barleymow’s Farm Shop, Chard. SER Hunt sold another well fleshed suckler bred Limousin steer at 199ppk to Stillmans (Butchers). Young (19m) smart Blue cross Simmental steer 206.5ppk from J & J Meaker & Son, Pitney, who sold another good black Limousin at 197.5ppk. Very shapely, well fleshed Limousin at 199.5ppk from R & G Speed, Axminster. Leaner, shapely Limousins with time at 196.5 and 196ppk from ML & EE Edwards again. Classy dairy bred Simmentals at 198, 196.5, 195.5, 195 and 191ppk from S & C Fry, Wareham. Native steers rose to 200ppk for a good shape Angus from DP & MM Hill, Sampford Brett, who sold another more commercial type at 189.5ppk. Red and white Hereford at 195.5ppk from J & J Meaker & Son again.

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Steers sold to £1,346.52 for a Limousin (687kg) from ML & EE Edwards. Other steers over £1300 were a Limousin at £1,324.68 from R & G Speed and a Blue at £1,300.95 from J & J Meaker & Son.

Heifers sold to £1,338.24 for a Limousin (697kg) from J & J Meaker & Son again, who sold a Blue (696kg) at £1,291.08. Further pure bred Limousin heifers at £1,313.28 (655kg) £1312 (656kg) and £1,285.88 (635kg) from ML & EE Edwards. Charolais heifers at £1,288.98 (693kg) from JM Darby, Bishops Lydeard and £1,274.90 (671kg) and £1,249.16 (668kg) from J & A Moon, Glastonbury. Further better type Limousins at £1260 (600kg) RW Darby & Sons and £1,254.60 (615kg) R & S Dare.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a medium entry of 62 cull cattle, when again flesh and assurance were in the minority.

Top was 116.5ppk for a well fleshed Farm Assured Saler cow from PA Huxtable, Challacombe. Massive Farm Assured Simmental cow at 114.5ppk from EJ Collins & Son, Chard and a smart Farm Assured Limousin cow at 112.5ppk from JP Tolley, Chard. Native cows rose to 115.5ppk for a good Farm Assured Hereford from IJ Jennings & Son, Ilminster. Fleshed, Farm Assured Angus at 112.5ppk from CJ & JLM Hutchings & Sons, Brompton Regis. Non Assured Devon at 109.5ppk from HR & EM Hutchings, Chard.

Sucklers sold to £996.15 for an 870kg Simmental (FA) from EJ Collins & Son.

Dairy breeds rose to 112.5ppk for a Swedish cow from JA & K Ladd, Ilminster. Holsteins at 108.5ppk, RW, JA & AW Barton, Cullompton; 107.5ppk, GW, J & SCR Meade, Hemyock; 107.5ppk, MH Doble, Beaminster; 106.5 and 105.5ppk (2x) N &J Ham & Son, Wedmore.

Dairy breeds sold to £855.20 for a Holstein (80kg) from N & J Ham & Son, who sold others at £833.45 (790kg) and £827.12 (784kg). £851.63 was returned for the Swedish cow (757kg) from JA & K Ladd.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report more lambs forward at 796 head sold to an overall dearer trade for all presented. The best quality were keenly contested and sold to 231ppk from B Davis. Others 230ppk from DH & KM Edwards and FA Ford and from A Burland; 229ppk from R Sherry; 227ppk from KA Foxford; 226ppk from TE Harris; 225ppk from Maddock & Son; 224ppk from PB & LM Doble; 222ppk from Manor Farm Partners; 221ppk from KJ Seymour and HM Thomas & Son and 220ppk from J Peaster.

Heaver lambs sold to £115 from Milborne Wick Farms Ltd. Others £114 and £105 from D Tucker; £108.50 from RH Hill; £107 from Manor Farm Partners and GF & DV Bussell; £106.50, £106 and £105 from J Sprake & Partners and £105.50 from IJ Williams and RB Cox. Overall average £95.86.