The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, November 28, is as follows.

The total stock was 6343 head.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a fantastic entry and trade for dairy cattle.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another fantastic entry both in quantity and quality saw a trade to mirror the quality, when 11 sold over £2000 to a top of £2300 from JG Morgan, Tewkesbury. Other heifers to £2180 from R Puddy & Son; £2100, £2050 and £1980 from GH & AH James, Caldicot, Glos; £2080 and £2060 from PT & BM Gregory, Corsham, Wilts; £2020 from DB & H Miles; £2000 from M & K Churchill & Son; £1950 from SJ Cheacker; £1950 from Arrijan Farming and £1920 from RC Taylor.

Another good entry of cows to £2200 for GH & AH James. Others £2060, £2040 and £1800 from JS Bird & Son, Axminster, Devon; £1860 and £1800 from DWT, EG & PW Jones; £1800 from JH & SA Denbee. Incalf heifers to £1400 and £1300 from GJ & FL Robertson; £1320 from RJ Shere. March calvers to £1220 from NJ & RS Hector.

A good run of 17 heifer calves from JCR & CM Vaughan attracted considerable interest and 5 buyers and sold at £370 (2x) and £360 (3x) to average £301.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a huge entry for the last week of November, being 705 stores, over 50% up on last year and trade still rolling near £150 up on average per head on the year. 1043 penned with the stirks and grazing cows.

Steers topped at £1325 for a well grown Charolais (26m & FA) from JPT Reed & Son, Southleigh. Smart, shapely Charolais at £1280 (2x 19m & FA) from WJ Bown, Catcott, who sold others at £1195 (2x 18m & FA). Quality feeders at £1275 (5x 18/20m & FA) £1240 (3x 18/20m) and £1195 (2x 17/20m) LE Sweetland & Son, Musbury. More best feeders £1200 (3x 20/22m & FA) KLH Sweet, East Huntspill. Further Charolais £1130 (24m & FA) IR Worth, Shirwell. 30m Limousin steer (FA) at £1295 from R Chaddock, Glastonbury. Shapely feeders with more time at £1280 (3x 19/22m) from LE Sweetland & Son again. Top drawer red Limousin at £1180 (only 16m & FA) from W Smale Ltd, North Molton, who sold another at £1095 (19m & FA). Well grown Limousins at £1160 (2x 28m & FA) JM & JM Baker, Meare. Further Limousins £1145 (29m & FA) M Ogborne, Ubley; £1095 (26m & FA) ND & RD Webber, Lydeard St Lawrence and £1090 (only 16/17m) Mrs T Paul, Glastonbury. Best feeding type Saler at £1220 (19m) LE Sweetland & Son again. Several good Blues forward to £1200 (27/28m & FA) from R Chaddock again. Others £1180 (4x 17/20m & FA) and £1170 (3x 17/20m & FA) W Smale Ltd again; £1175 (22/23m & FA) JF Walker & Partners, North Petherton; £1170 (5x 16/18m) £1070 (5x 15/18m) and £1050 (5x 171/8m) PW King, Radstock; £1140 (21/22m & FA) Ward Farms Ltd, East Buckland and £1130 (18m & FA) WJ Bown again. Simmental cross Friesian steers at £1105 (3x 21/25m & FA) D & S Williams, Priddy, who sold others at £1060 (7x 20/21m & FA).

Native steers peaked at £1165 for Angus (4x 17/18m & sires) from Mrs T Paul again. Others £1125 (only 17m, FA & sire) and £1070 (20m, FA & sire) NJ Popham, Bridgwater; £1080 (3x 22/27m, FA & sires) M Naish, Clevedon; £1050 (only 15m & sire) and £1025 (4x 19/21m & FA) D Gould, Taunton; £1050 (7x 19/22m, FA & sires) A Male & Sons, Martock and £1020 (2x 26m, FA & sire) RB Cox, Stawell. Hereford steers to £1070 (4x 18/21m, FA & sires) and £1035 (5x 21/26m, FA & sires) M Naish again. Others £1050 (24/25m) Mrs EJ Poultney, Wells and £1035 (5x 27m, FA & sire) D & S Williams again.

Dairy steers peaked at £905 for a Holstein (30m & FA) from JR Dill & Son, Cheddon Fitzpaine, who sold others at £815 (3x 19/24m & FA) and £790 (35m & FA). Big frame Holstein at £900 (26m & FA) Arscott Partners, Upottery. Montbeliarde at £855 (21m, FA & sire) Caseley Farms Ltd, Sherborne. Danish Red £820 (15m) MA Francis, Malmsbury. Friesian steers to £820 (7x 19/20m & FA) A Male & Sons again. Fleckvieh at £785 (20/21m & FA) DR House, Burrowbridge. Further Holsteins £750 (24/26m & FA) TH & CL Johnson, Membury.

Heifers sold to £1270 for a big, stretchy Charolais (27m & FA) from G Vining, Biddisham. 29m Charolais (FA) from BC Knapp, Pilning at £1125, who sold others at £1080 (3x 30/31m & FA) £995 (2x 30m & FA) and £960 (3x 30m & FA). Fleshed Charolais £1100 (2x 19m & FA) from RW Fry, Long Sutton, who sold others at £1055 (4x 18/20m & FA). Further forward heifers £1030 (17m) Mrs P Coombes, Moorlynch and £1015 (3x 17m & FA) C & A Williams, Bampton. Top drawer feeding Limousin at £1245 (18m & FA) WJ Bown again, who sold others at £1160 twice (18 & 19m & FA). 30m Limousin £1075 (FA) R Takle, Exton. Good red Limousin £1060 (25m & FA) and good black £1045 (25m & FA) WR Adams & Son, Chard. Very lean but classy red types at £1050 (4x 19/20m & FA) GR Baker & son, Cannington. Further Limousins £1030 (28m & FA) and £1010 (31m & FA) BC Knapp again and £1000 (22/26m & FA) ND & RD Webber again. Well fleshed Blues £1170 (24/27m & FA) WR Adams & Son again, who sold further forward Blue heifers at £1055 (3x 23/25m & FA) and £1015 (2x 25m & FA). Well grown Blues £1110 (2x 26m & FA) ND & RD Webber again; £1085 (2x 21/23m & FA) and £1050 (26m & FA) Arscott Partners again and £1005 (5x 20/23m & FA) RC Rowe & Son, Upottery. Simmental heifers to £1060 (30m) from Mrs EJ Poultney again. Blonde heifers at £1035 (18m & FA) C & A Williams again.

Native heifers peaked at £995 for an Angus (20m, FA & sire) from NJ Popham again, who sold others at £970 (20m, FA & sire) and £845 (18/21m, FA & sire). Further Angus £980 (26, FA & sire) RB Cox again and £945 (17m & sire) Mrs T Paul again. Herefords to £990 (5x 24/28m, FA & sire) D & S Williams again.

Holstein heifers to £925 (3x 25/27m & FA) TH & CL Johnson again.

26 GRAZING COWS (Pre-movement tested)

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an entry of 26 grazing cows sold to £875 for a Limousin cross cow from FJ & CN Burrough. Others £850 from FJ & CN Burrough again.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of 13 sucklers sold at £1060 for a Limousin cross incalf heifer (04.19) from C & A Williams. Others £1010 for a Norwegian cow (09.16) and her Devon bull calf (04.20) from CP Richards.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reasonable entry of stirks, when there was not the overall quality of previous weeks, saw a good trade for the best. Plainer stirks were met with some resistance. Top price of £925 (7m) for a Limousin steer from LGW Bagg & Partners, who sold another at £925 (10m) and £870 (7m). Further Limousins to £802 (2x 8m) £715 (6m) GJ Cotrell; £695 (12m) S Smyth and £675 (2x 7m) G & D Purchase. Blondes flew to £840 (only 5m) D & P Pengelly. Charolais to £832 (2x 8m) JF Norman, when others sold to £830 (6m) EA Matthews; £828 (8m) £770 (2x 8m) CL Hichens & Sons; £770 (6x 5m) £750 (7m) £655 (2x 7m) AR Fewings; £810 (4x 8m) PJ Barnes & Son; £735 (only 6m) HR & BM White & Sons; £705 (2x 7m) HJ Tancock & Sons and £680 (6m) PR & EA Matthews. A good run of Angus from MA & SS Sanders to £755 (5x 8m) £750 (5x 8m) £715 (4x 8m) and £675 (5x 8m). Further Angus to £690 (6m) RD Hobbs. British Blues to £750 (8m) JA & K Ladd, when others sold to £695 (6m) HR & BM White & Sons again. Shorthorn to £740 (8m) PJ Barnes & Son again. Herefords to £735 (10m) JF Norman again, when others sold to £680 (2x 9m) and £675 (2x 8m) JC Burdge. Devons to £550 (7m) D & V Gratton.

Heifers sold to a top price of £810 (7m) for a Limousin from LGW Bagg & Partners again, who sold another to £725 (8m). Further Limousins to £742 (3x 8m) £700 (2x 7m) £625 (2x 7m) G Hilsdon; £710 (7m) and £660 (8m) MD & KE Lanfear; £645 (3x 9m) GJ Cottrell and £640 (7m) HR & BM White & Sons again. Blonde to £705 (5m) D & P Pengelly again, who sold others to £620 (5m). British Blue with shape to £745 F & S Aplin, when others sold to £695 (9m) JJ & SM Spiller; £642 (7m) HR & BM White & Sons again; £635 (7m) JA & K Ladd again and £625 AJ Scott & Son. Dairy bred British Blues to £620 (2x 9m) RE & HE Bugler & Partners. Angus to £685 (8m) MA & SS Sanders again, who sold another to £600. Further Angus to £590 (2x 9m) R Hares and £585 JPA Wilton. Parthenais to £645 (7m) P Webber, who sold another to £605 (8m). Charolais to £645 (6m) HR & BM White & Sons again, when others sold to £635 (2x 5m) £620 (2x 5m) AR Fewings again and £600 (2x 8m) JF Norman again. Few Simmentals forward sold to £610 (9m) R Hares again.


Beef Breeds (298) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report last week was one of the largest entries of the year so this week saw a much reduced one and trade for the top end was still very keenly sought but a mixed bag in terms of quality saw a lot of plainer calves, which were harder to place. Top of £485 and £465 for 12 and 16 week old Blues from Frogmary Farm Ltd. Month old Blue from PJ Lowman to £440!!; £435 from JWO Marsh & Partners; £435 from DH Creed Ltd; £410 from Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd and £410 from RJ & R Broomfield. 6 Blues under 42 days achieved over £400. Young Limousins to £390 from SR Curtis & Partners. Other Limousins £300 from RL & ME Trott and £295 from RJ & GJ Tucker. Charolais to £360 and £300 from SM & DM Turner and only two Simmentals forward to £165 (2x) from DJ Palmer.

Natives to £322 for a young Angus from PJ Lowman. Other Angus £300 (2x) from Frogmary Farm Ltd; £290 from RA Plowright and £285 from RJ & R Broomfield. Herefords to £285 (4x) from Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd; £220 from NP Gibbons Ltd and £200 from East Avercombe.

Heifers to £272 for a young Blue from Seaborough Manor Ltd. Other Blues £270 (2x) from DH Creed Ltd; £270 (2x) from TJ & BE Cowley and £265 (2x) from RW Sheldon & Sons. Charolais to £270 (2x) from SM & DM Turner Ltd and £260 from DC Bartlett. Limousins to £265 and £238 from H & NM Wall & Sons and £215 from HT & ME Quick. One Simmental to £260 from DC Bartlett.

Native heifers to £230 for an angus from EB Holloway & Sons. Others £180 from S & H Persey Ltd and £145 from RD Knight & Son. Herefords to £150 (3x) from PJLS Farms Ltd (2x) and Arrijan Farming Ltd; £140 from HJ Bult & Son and £140 (3x) from NP Gibbons Ltd.

Friesians (57) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry of 57 dairy sired bull calves met a continually good trade throughout. Top of £225 for a reared calf from RA Plowright. Others £198 from T & L Cherry. Younger calves to £128 from RJ & R Broomfield; £128 from JN Wyatt and £120 from RC Pratt. Best rearing types £80 plus, mediums £40-£60 and mostly over £25.

Fleckvieh to £175 (3x) from Maundrils Farm Partnership, Seaborough Manor Ltd and Dillington Farms Ltd. Dairy Shorthorn to £165 from JN Wyatt. Norwegian Red to £88 from Williams PFA.

4847 SHEEP

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (3031)

Another bumper entry of 3031 store lambs sold to an even better trade, when prices achieved continue to march on. Best of the lambs sold to £99 from CL, AE & RC Sweet. Others to £98 from EM & AE Berry; £97 from ND Janes; £96 from T Woollacott; £94.50 from GM Veysey; £94 from MR Swain; £93 from ND Janes; £92.50 from R Jones & Son and GM Veysey; £92 from BR & RM Callow and J Samways; £91.50 from Maddock & Son and BW Hearn; £90.50 from P Athay, T Woollacott and R Beer. Overall average rising above £80 to £80.39.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1079)

A larger entry of 1079 cull ewes and rams sold to a very similar, equally strong trade. Best of the continental ewes to £142 from AB & GR Dodgson. Others to £138 from JE & MP Vile; £126 from WGF Chave & Son; £125 from WJ Ellicott; £110.50 from RC Burrough & Sons; £110 from JR Holt; £106 from HJ & HB Case Ltd and £101 from FG, NK & AJ Gammon Ltd. Best of the cull rams to £162 from MA Heard. Others to £144 from LAJ England; £142 from M Rowe; £130 from RE Webber; £126 from LAJ England; £116 from RC Burrough & Sons and £110 from JR Holt. Medium ewes £70-£80. Plain £40-£55. Boners generally £20 plus. Overall average £74.15.

Breeding Ewes (147)

A reasonable entry of 147 breeding ewes sold to a limited level of interest, following yesterdays special sale. Scanned inlamb to £92 from J & G Howieson.

Friday Sheep Sale – Breeding Ewes (500)

A reasonable sized entry of 500 breeding ewes for the monthly catalogued sale sold to a very buoyant trade, when quality and scanned inlamb sheep met keen demand. A fine run of flock age North Country Mules from A & N Pearce were keenly contested and sold to £160, £154 (3x pens) £153 (3x pens) £148 (3x pens) £138 and £130 (2x pens). Others from J Gibbs to £122 and £102 from LAJ England and £100 from JC Salmon. Overall average £118.41.

Goats (90)

A large entry of 90 goats sold to a fantastic trade. Culls to £135 from Bagborough Farm Ltd. Others to £125 and £119 from J Nichols & Son; £115 from Bagborough Farm Ltd. Overall average a record £120.04.