Stags of South Molton report another super number of prime lambs forward this week.

A really decent quality entry throughout. Trade as expected dearer with the export lambs (41-46kg) up another £2-3 per head and generally 210-215ppk. Heavier lambs, predicted to be similar money to last week, were actually also £2-3 per head dearer for 47-51kg lambs and the over 52kg probably up £5 per head.

All buyers in attendance and all keen to secure lambs with only the really 'thick' lambs proving difficult to sell. Not many very plain lambs forward but with the store lambs as dear as they are they were similar pence per kilo as the best lambs.

Top of the day at £116.50 to 68kg Charollais crosses from Messrs DJ & RA Woollacott of Yarnscombe with £115.50 to 64kg Suffolk crosses from Mr BEJ Hallett of Pennymoor. £113 to 62.2kg Charollais crosses again from the Woollacott Family with Mr Hallett’s second 60.4kg pen followed at £110. Messrs Woollacott’s third pen of 57.4kg lambs rose to £109.50 the same value as 58.2kg Charollais crosses from Messrs CJ & SE Ley of Burrington. £109 to 58.5kg Suffolk crosses from Mr AJ Bassett of Iddesleigh with £108.50 to 61kg Texel crosses from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone. £108 to 56kg Closewools from Messrs S & J Bale of Challacombe whilst £107.50 was achieved for 57.4kg Charollais crosses from Mrs FE Tucker of South Molton. £107 to Messrs Woollacott’s fourth pen of 55.5kg Charollais crosses whilst £105 went to 55.4kg Suffolk crosses from Mr RAP Grant of Cruwys Morchard. £104.50 twice; the first to 57.5kg Charollais crosses from Mr W Parker & Son of North Molton and the second to 54kg Suffolk crosses again from Mr Hallett.

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Best pens to 223ppk for 42kg Charollais crosses from Mr R Irwin of Kings Nympton with 222ppk to 45kg Pure Texels from Mr FC Reed of North Molton. 221ppk to 38kg Texel crosses from Mr B Goulding of Burrington with 218ppk to 43.3kg Charollais crosses from Messrs GF & PJ Warne of Umberleigh whose second 42.4kg pen followed at 217ppk. 216ppk four times; the first to 43.8kg Charollais crosses from Messrs Irwin & Sons of Mariansleigh; the second to 42.6kg Texel crosses from Messrs A & C Curtis of Templeton; the third to 40.7kg Charollais crosses from Mr RI Crocombe of Lynton and the fourth to 43.1kg Texel crosses from Messrs CP & CA Guscott of Dulverton. 215ppk also hit four times; the first to 40.6kg Texel crosses from Messrs S & J Bale of Challacombe; the second to 44.6kg Texel crosses from Mr AW Fisher & Son of Oakford; the third to 41.7kg Texel crosses from Mr SRJ Snell of Ashreigney and the fourth to 39.5kg Texel crosses from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone. 214ppk to 45.5kg Texel crosses from Mr FC Reed again with another five pens at 213ppk.

A disappointing number of entry of store lambs. Top of the day at £90 to Hampshire Down’s from Miss J Haydon of Ash Mill with £84 to Suffolk crosses from Messrs Parsonage Farms of Chulmleigh. £79 to Texel crosses from Mrs P North of Umberleigh with other Texel crosses from Mr B Goulding of Burrington at £78.50. £78 to Charollais crosses from Mr MJ Short of Kings Nympton with £77 to Mr Goulding’s second pen of Texels.

A solid number entry of cull ewes again this week and another lift in the trade. Generally a good quality number with a lot of Mules forward but very few pens sold below the £60 mark. All ewes in demand especially the stronger ¾ meat ewes and best money for the bigger, shapely continental ewes and rams. Best Suffolk Mules generally £90 plus and best Mules £85 plus. Rams stole the show topping at £134 for a pair of Texels from Messrs D & S Partridge with other Texel rams from Messrs S & J Bale of Challacombe at £131. Closely followed at £130 for another pair of Texels from Mr MD Parkin of Ilfracombe. Best ewes to £106.50 to shapely Texel crosses from Mr M Ford of Tiverton with £99.50 to other Texels from Mr G Dart & Sons of Molland. £99 to further whitefaces from Mrs M Tapp of South Molton closely followed at £98.50 to Suffolk Mules from Mr MD Parkin of Ilfracombe. £98 to Suffolk crosses from Messrs MJ & DM Lake of South Molton with similar ewes from Mr J Norman of Shirwell at £97.50. £97 twice; the first to Texels from Messrs TH & PM Bolt of Huntsham and the second to Suffolk Mules from Messrs IP & L Stagg of Barnstaple. £96 to two pens of Texel crosses and Suffolk Mules both from Mr RW Tapp & Son of South Molton with £95.50 to other Suffolk crosses from Mr J Edwards of Yarnscombe. £94.50 to Suffolk Mules from Mr M Jones of South Molton and £94 to Exmoor Mules from Mr CN Williams of Withypool.