The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, November 14, is as follows.

The total stock was 6900 head.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the largest entry of store lambs of the season at 3960 head sold to £100.50.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report quality counted at Sedgemoor, when several fresh buyers were around the ring from Swindon to Cornwall and two major buyers from Carmarthen to purchase from 83 milkers.

Five animals over £2000 including three cows set up a super trade. For the 3rd week following Anton Smith from Badmington, Glos secured the top spot for a non pedigree heifer at £2180. Richard Lawrence of Honiton saw his pedigree second calver match this at £2180 again.

C & H Ford Farm Ltd had a consignment of 11 pedigree 3rd-5th calvers sell to £2000 (2x) for 3rd and 4th calvers. They averaged £1780. Other cows to £1950 from JWO Marsh & Partners; £1920 from RL & ME Trott; £1920 again from Lawrence & Tapp; £1900 from KA Franks & Sons. British Friesian £1900, £1880 (3x) £1780 and £1750 from C & H Ford; £1810 from Snook Ltd.

Other heifers to £2000 LG Bagg & Partners; £1980 from R Puddy & Son; £1960 from RL & ME Trott; £1960, £1840 (2x) and £1820 for a good run from Standon Holsteins; £1950 from GP Cox; £1950 from FG Summerhayes & Son; £1950 from DJ Cheacker; £1940 and £1860 from Snook Ltd and £1940 from Alston Sutton Farms.

10 incalf heifers to £1420 and £1400 from GJ & FL Robertson. Others £1400, £1280 and £1260 from BG & M Hutchings and £1360 from Mrs LM Dymond.

Much improved calf trade to £230 (2x) from RL & ME Trott.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a tremendous November entry of 880 store cattle, part of a huge 1241 with the stirks and handful of weekly sucklers. Trade firmer. Deadweight quotes are up for the Christmas sourcing period and as the big finishing yards empty, stores are needed to refill. Numbers 14% up on the year and although this week’s entry included a high proportion of intermediate stores (12-15m) the overall average was still over £80 up on the year.

Top was £1370 for three grand Hereford steers (27/29m, FA & sires) from RF Patten, Hardington Marsh. Four further Herefords at £1095 (22/31m) JF Podbery, Ashbrittle and others at £1080 (2x 25/26m & FA) HW Pearce, Olveston.

Angus to £1345 for a massive steer (25m & sire) from PJL Rose, Cutsey. Feeding Angus £1280 (26m, FA & sire) ND & RD Webber, Lydeard St Lawrence; £1185 (24m, FA & sire) AW Selley & Son, Ash Mill; £1175 (2x 22m & FA) HW Pearce again; £1120 (22m, FA & sire) LL Tidball, Loxbeare; £1080 (25m & sire) RA Gurd, Beaminster; £1070 (22/23m, FA & sires) F & S Aplin, Buckland St Mary and £1055 (20m & sire) SJ Caddy, Cattistock. Further good native steers at £1265 for a South Devon (26m) PJL Rose again and £1130 (4x 26m & FA) for Shorthorns from HW Pearce again.

Continental steers also over £1300 at £1305 for forward Blues (2x 25/26m & FA) from R & G Matravers, Pitminster, who sold others at £1255 (3x 26m & FA). Further well grown Blues £1235 (28m) and £1080 (26m) RB Macklin, Crewkerne; £1220 (26m & FA) and £1050 (4x 24/26m & FA) HW Pearce again; £1195 (21m & FA) LL Tidball again; £1105 (27m & FA) PJ Lowman, Hemyock and £1095 (3x only 12/13m & FA) IR Worth, Shirwell. Limousin steers to £1305 for a forward type (19m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son, Upottery, who sold another at £1200 (20m & FA). Best type feeder at £1280 for a near pure Limousin (25m & FA) from R Jones & Son, Dulverton. Smart types £1240 (4x 18/21m) LE Sweetland & Son, Musbury; £1180 (2x 25m & FA) Stowell Bros, Churchstanton; £1170 (6x 21/25m & FA) HW Pearce again; £1150 (5x 17/19m & FA) C & A Williams, Bampton and £1080 (22m & FA) K & N Crang, Mudford. Some superb Charolais on offer to £1300 (10x 17/23m) LE Sweetland & Son again. Hard, very lean type at £1260 (30m & FA) and £1155 (19/21m & FA) from KLH Sweet, East Huntspill. Gold Charolais (20m & FA) at £1230 from S Payne, Washfield, who sold others at £1050 (3x 15/18m & FA). An exceptional run from J Phillips, Longbridge Deverill met calls of £1190 (8x 17/22m & FA) £1185 (4x 19/22m & FA) £1130 (4x 18/19m & FA) £1110 (8x 19/22m & FA) £1100 (2x 21/22m & FA) £1100 (4x 16/20m & FA) £1080 (4x 16/21m & FA) £1075 (4x 18/21m & FA) £1075 (7x 15/22m & FA) and £1075 again (3x 17/18m & FA). A real credit to the Phillips family. Further young Charolais £1070 (14m & FA) HG Bishop & Sons, Treborough and £1050 (17m & FA) EC Farms, Combe Martin. Further stronger feeding Charolais £1175 (18/19m & FA) HW Pearce again and £1170 (19m) Mrs CM Summers, Oakford. Simmental steers peaked at £1115 (23m & FA) TA Blackshire, St Austell. Others £1080 (28m & FA) from SG Harraway, Burtle; £1075 (4x 19/22m & FA) J Phillips again and £1070 (2x 20m & FA) LJ, CA & RDJ Solomon, Truro.

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Dairy bred steers topped at £1100 for a Fleckvieh (24m & FA) from J Phillips again, who sold another at £1075 (24m & FA). Further Fleckvieh £1080 (25m & FA) ND & RD Webber again. Montbeliarde at £1020 (28m & FA) ND & RD Webber again. Friesian at £980 (26m) JF Podberry again. Others £970 (26m & FA) SG Harraway again and £950 (29m & FA) PJ Lowman again. Normandy and Norwegian steers at £950 (3x 25/27m & FA) SG Harraway again. Holstein steers £910 (4x 22/24m & FA) TA Blackshire, St Austell; £880 (24/28m & FA) and £855 (5x 23/28m & FA) NJ & CL Parker, Ilchester.

Heifers sold to £1215 for a fleshed red Limousin (23m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son again, who sold another similar at £1190 (23m & FA). Fit Limousins at £1210 (23/24m & FA) from AW Selley & Son again. Further forward Limousins £1130 (4x 23/25m & FA) Stowell Bros; £1120 (22m & FA) ND & RD Webber again; £1100 (2x 18m & FA) C & A Williams again; £1095 (3x 20m & FA) PJ Betty, Othery; £1035 (23m) DJ Peppard, Middlezoy and £990 (3x 18/19m & FA) CA & MA Ralph, Trull and £985 (3x 16/19m) I Jelbert & Sons, Newbridge. Good lean type Charolais heifers £1180 (22m) and £1035 (21m) JG Warfield again; £1155 (17m & FA) GE & EJ Nicholls, West Anstey; £1155 (19m) Mrs CM Summers again; £1150 (28m & FA) KLH Sweet again; £1145 (22m & FA) K & N Crang, Mudford; £1085 (8x 19/20m & FA) PJ Betty again; £1080 (4x 18/22m & FA) £1030 (4x 15/22m & FA) £1020 (19/20m & FA) £955 (9x 17/21m & FA) £910 (5x 15/19m & FA) and £900 (8x 18/22m & FA) all from J Phillips again and £1000 (2x 20m & FA) CA & MA Ralph again. Smart Blue heifers at £1035. (21/24m & FA) SA Tayler, Shepton Mallett; £1020 (23m & FA) K & N Crang again; £975 (29m & FA) PJ Lowman again and £960 (16/17m & FA) C & W Hannam & Son, Bishops Down. Simmental heifers to £1025 (20m & FA) K & N Crang again and £1015 (only 17m & FA) AJ & TLJ Hawkins, Simonsbath.

Native heifers rose to £1095 for an Angus (26m, FA & sire) from ND & RD Webber again. Further Angus £1050 (2x 26/27m & sire) and £1030 (2x 25m & sire) AD & G Heale, Edington and £990 (20m & FA) LJ, CA & RDJ Solomon, Truro. Herefords to £955 for fit types (6x 20/22m, FA & sires) from SA Tayler again.

6 GRAZING COWS (Pre-movement tested)

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of grazing cows sold to £1020 for an Angus cow (11.13) from JG Warfield.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of sucklers sold at £1180 for a South Devon cow (06.16) and her South Devon heifer calf (11.20) from R Faulkner.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of stirks, when there were some quality consignments forward, saw a continuation of the fast trade. The section had an excellent run of Charolais steers from KJ & LC Popham, which topped the day and shot to £905 (4x 8m). Further good Charolais from the same Vendor sold to £885 (2x 8m) £880 (4x 8m) £875 (3x 8m) £870 (5x 8m) £860 (3x 7m) £805 (6x 8m) £775 (4x 8m) £760 (8m) and £755 (2x 8m) – Further good Charolais to £890 (8m) HG Bishop & Sons; £865 (9m) Well Farms; £855 (2x 8m) HR & BM White & Sons; £845 (2x 7m) £750 (3x 6m) KC & JC Heard; £795 (11m) £700 (2x 12m) S Payne. Parthenaise hit £895 (8m) P Webber, who sold others to £865 (8m) £860 (7m) £815 (7m) £810 (7m) £795 (7m) £760 (8m) £745 (7m) £735 (7m) and £730 (6m). Limousins to £865 (9m) J & S Creed & Doyle, who sold others to £860 (8m) and £820. Further Limousins to £780 (4x 7m) £760 (4x 7m) £755 (7m) PF Popham; £770 (2x 8m) HR & BM White & Sons again; £765 (7m) K Payne and £710 (2x 7m) A Churches. British Blues peaked at £855 (only 8m) for a steer with shape from HR & BM White & Sons again, who sold others to £750 (2x 7m). Further British Blues to £745(8m) RA Willcox and £772 WE Biss. Young dairy bred British Blues rose to £600 (2x only 5m) Wookey Bros. Herefords to £775 (8m) KJ & LC Popham again. Angus to £750 (2x 9m) from BJ & SJ Caddy, who sold others to £710 (2x 9m). Further Angus to £620 (11m) DJ & SE Merrett. Simmental to £745 (7m) DM & SA Ham, who sold others to £740 (3x 8m) £695 (2x 9m) and £645 (11m). Further Simmentals to £685 (2x 6m) P Van Den Broek and £675 (8m) Well Farms.

Holstein Friesians well sold to £600 (5x only 10m) J & W Davies Ltd, who sold another to £500 (10m). Others to £445 (11m) House & Sons, when pure Friesians sold to £415 (3x 10m) M Churches.

Heifers sold to a top price of £880 (only 7m) for a British Blue with shape from HR & BM White & Sons again, who sold others to £740 (7m) and £670 (2x 8m). Limousins shot to £800 (only 9m) J & S Creed & Doyle again, who sold others to £750 and £685 (9m). Further Limousins to £665 (8m) £650 (2x 7m) £630 (3x 7m) PF Popham again and £540 (2x only 5m) A Churches again. Parthenais topped at £760 (only 6m) P Webber again, who sold others to £732 (7m) and £705 (7m). A good run of Charolais again from KJ & LC Popham flew to £710 (4x 8m) £710 (2x 8m) £705 (4x 8m) £700 (2x 9m) £700 (4x 8m) £700 (3x 10m) £695 (5x 8m) £690 (4x 8m) £660 (5x 8m) £645 (6x 7m) and £605 (4x 7m). Further Charolais to £680 (8m) AJ & TLJ Hawkins, when others sold to £625 (6m) Well Farms again; £600 (4x 7m) KC & JC Heard again; £600 (2x) EC Farms. Simmentals to £560 (3x 8m) DM & SA Ham again.

Angus to £552 (12m) Wookey Bros again, when others sold to £535 (2x 11m) DJ & SE Merrett.


Beef Breeds (292) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a slightly reduced entry but still very good for the time of year met an electric trade throughout, when all types of calves were in demand. 9 at £400 and over, all 4 at ten weeks old. Top of £458 for a superb four week old Charolais from CE Veysey, who also had another at £438. Other Charolais to £302 from SM & DM Turner Ltd. Blues to £458 (2x) from R & S turner (8 weeks); £455 from Higher Farm (Manston Ltd); £425 from EC & LK Parker; £420 from JWO Marsh & Partners and £400 from CG, GR & MS Spiller. Simmentals to £380 from N & B Hutton. Limousins to £310 from GC Vowles; £302 from KJ & SC Grabham and £290 from RJ & GJ Tucker.

Natives to £345 from a 20 week old Angus from O Kelways. Younger Angus to £325 from CG, GR & MS Spiller; £298 from Wookey Bros and £270 from MD & KRJ Boley. Herefords to £340 from AC & LH Loxton; £270 from R & S Turner; £270 from R & J Tibbs and £258 from NP Gibbons Ltd.

Heifers to £345 for a month old Blue from Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd. Others £320 from DH Creed Ltd; £318 from JWO Marsh & Partners; £302 from CJ & JM Petheram and £292 from EC & LK Parker. Charolais to £300 from CE Veysey. Others £290 (2x) from SM & DM Turner Ltd and £270 from RD Knight & Son. Limousins to £250 from Baker & Son. Simmentals to £260 from R Hares; £230 from DC Bartlett and £218 from Williams PFA.

Native heifers to £275 for a young Angus, that was superb and square, from Hinton Hill Farm. Other Angus to £255 from AK & CM Quick and £225 from Wookey Bros. Herefords to £240 from AC & JH Loxton and £220 from R & S Turner Ltd.

Friesians (88) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report 88 dairy sired bull calves met a similarly fierce trade when only a handful of calves sold under £50. Top of the day was £225 and £210 for reared calves from B Watts. Younger calves to £118 and £112 from J & SM Rowland & Son; £92 from PT Bale & Sons and £90 from FS Cross & Sons. Best rearing types £80 plus, mediums £60-£80 and plainer types £30- £60.

5184 SHEEP

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (3960)

A huge entry of 3960 store lambs, being the largest entry of the season so far, sold to an equally strong trade. Top call of £100.50 went to BR Woodland. Others to £96.50 from AD Cowling; £93 from R Chaddock and WHC & RE Inder; £92.50 from AD Cowling; £92 from P Athay; £91.50 from DL & ME Gillard and AJB Farm Partnership; £91 from TC & SCI Pain; £90 from J Hole and Bittescombe Manor; £89.50 from R Stevens & Co and £89 from MJ & RSM Barrow, FJ & JE Hollier and DL & ME Gillard. Overall average eased to £74.32, but only decreased due to more second quality types being presented.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1143)

A larger entry of 1143 cull ewes and rams sold to a very similar trade. Best of the continental ewes to £128 from HWC & JM Butler. Others to £116 from VA & SA Lane; £115 and £113 from C Peach; £105 from WHC & RE Inder; £101 from C Peach & M Crabb; £100 and £99.50 from RM & FR Thorne; £98.50 from PH & ME Buckingham & Son and AJ Hunt. Cull rams sold to a solid trade, topping at £190 from J Tolley (bought to work). Others bought to work sold to £148 from SL King and £132 from RB Hebditch. Rams going to cull sold to £129 from RB Hebditch. Others to £122 from R & G Matravers and £119 from BR Woodland. Mediums £70-£85. Plain £40-£55. Boners nearly all £20 plus. Overall average £65.93.

Breeding Ewes (31)

A small entry of 31 breeding ewes sold to a decent trade. Shearlings to £110 from Pikes Farm. Overall average £71.16.

Couples (4E & 6L)

An early entry of 4 ewes with 6 lambs sold to a buoyant trade, when more bidders were in attendance than sheep on offer! Doubles to £210 (£70/life) and £198 (£66/life) from RA Nicholls. Singles to £145 (£72.50/life) and £122 (£61/life) from RA Nicholls and CA Churchill respectively. Overall average £67.50/life.

Goats (40)

A reasonable entry of 40 goats, which remain a flying trade. Large cull goats to £140 from J Winter. Others to £133 from Verney Enterprises; £120 from NJ Cutler; £106 from BJ Druitt and £101 from J Winter. A nanny and two kids sold to £116 from D Sheldon. Overall average £96.50.