The shortlist for the world famous Turnip Prize has been revealed - with entries poking fun at lockdown and Covid-19.

The annual spoof award goes to someone who has "created something that they perceive to be crap art using the least amount of effort possible".

Organiser Trevor Prideaux, of The New Inn in Wedmore, Somerset, said this year's award attracted 120 entries - crossing the 100 mark for the second time in succession.

"This year we have received a record number of entries. We have ordered a second skip," he said.

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The shortlisted entries are:

South West Farmer:

- A Brush with Death - a model robin laid on its back next to a paint brush by Robin Deadrest

South West Farmer:

- Back to the Fuchsia - a baby doll with its back to a fuchsia plant by Pete Lamb

South West Farmer:

- Fur Load - a large bundle of fur by Jolly Roger

South West Farmer:

- Lockdown - a padlock on top of a pile of duck down feathers by Herewe Goagain

South West Farmer:

- Rock on Tommy - a rock on top of a tomato by The Very Reverent Canon Ball

South West Farmer:

- Shut the D**k Up - a duck with gaffer tape over its beak by Doug Tunn

The Turnip Prize pokes fun at modern art's most important award, the Turner Prize.

It began in 1999 as a response to Tracey Emin's unmade bed, which was exhibited at the Tate Gallery that year.

Winners of the competition, organised by a Somerset pub, receive an actual turnip attached to a wooden base.

The winner of this year's prize will be unveiled online on December 1.