Stags of South Molton report another solid number of prime lambs again this week although back on the last fortnight.

Generally a very decent entry of lambs with not so many plainer and lighter lambs. Overall as expected trade was less with the heavier lambs taking the biggest hit.

There were a lot of heavy lambs forward, especially those between 47-50kgs which were generally in the £85-£90 bracket. The SQQ for the handyweight lambs stood at £190ppk, only back 3ppk on the week. The handyweight lambs generally saw the best trade with most 43-45kg sorts in the £82-£86 bracket. Abattoirs are reporting reduced sales due to the lockdowns in this country and abroad. It is hoped that these lockdowns will be short and demand will be restored. Top today at £104.50 to a grand 66kg trio of Suffolks from Mr LW Reed of Nomansland with other 65kg Suffolks from relatives Mr G Mills & Partners Ltd of Witheridge at £102.50.

£101.50 again from Mr Reed with a pen of 58.3kg Suffolks with £100 to 61kg Charollais crosses from Messrs Mildon & Ley of Bishops Nympton. £98.80 to 62kg Texel crosses from Messrs AD & SM Bray of Knowstone next best to £97 was 60kg Texel crosses from Mr T Webber of Barnstaple. £95 twice; the first to another 60kg Texel cross pen this time from Mr M Bray of Knowstone and the second to 47.8kg Pure Texel ewe lambs from Mr FC Reed of North Molton. £93.50 to Mr Reed’s third pen of 51kg Suffolk crosses closely followed at £93.20 to 57kg Pure Texels from Messrs TH & PM Bolt of Huntsham. £93 to 58kg Charollais crosses from Messrs Irwin & Sons of Mariansleigh with £92.50 to 52.7kg Texel crosses again from Mr Webber. £92.20 to 54.7kg Suffolk crosses from Mr W Moore & Sons of Rackenford closely followed at £92 to 54.6kg Charollais crosses from the Mills Family.

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Best pens at 199ppk twice; the first to 38kg Texel crosses from Messrs Caffyns Farm of Lynton and the second to 47.8kg Pure Texel ewe lambs from Mr FC Reed of North Molton. 198ppk to 42.1kg Texel crosses from Mr SRJ Snell of Ashreigney with 197ppk to 42.5kg Texel crosses from Messrs S & J Bale of Challacombe. 196ppk twice; the first to 43.3kg Charollais crosses from Mr GR McLeod of Swimbridge and the second to 46.1kg Texel crosses again from Mr FC Reed. 195ppk four times; the first to 44.1kg Suffolk crosses from Mr JO Yabsley of Witheridge, the second to 42.7kg Charollais crosses from Messrs PF & PA Tucker of High Bickington; the third to 42.2kg Suffolk crosses from Mr G Webster of Umberleigh and the fourth to 47kg Texel crosses from Mr RW Tapp & Son of South Molton. 194ppk to 43.8kg Texel crosses from Messrs JR, RA & RD Stanbury of Knowstone with 193ppk three times; the first to 42.5kg Texel crosses from Mr Snell again; the second to 46kg Texel crosses from Messrs MJ & DM Lake of South Molton and the third to Messrs Tapp’s second pen.

A decent number of cull sheep with week which consisted of a lot of medium size, thick ewes and a lot of Mules. Trade was expected to be less than last week but was actually not too much less at all. Very few big ewes were on offer and similar money to previous weeks. Best trade for the plainer, grazing ewes with plenty of buyers around the ring looking for them. Best Suffolk Mules forward £80 plus and best Mules £65 plus. Top of the day at £91 to a Charollais ram from Mr J Toft of South Molton with another Charollais from Messrs PF & PA Tucker of High Bickington at £84. Best of the ewes to £89.50 to Texel crosses from Mrs M Tapp of South Molton with Suffolk Mules from Mr CF Rice of Chulmleigh at £88. £85.50 twice; the first to Texel crosses from Mr CJ Thorne of Sandway and the second to Suffolk Mules again from Mrs Tapp, who also sold other whitefaces to £84.50. The same money as Suffolk Mules from Messrs RH Dymond & Son of Croyde. £83 to Texel crosses from Mr L Gillbard & Son of Black Dog with £81.50 to Suffolk Mules from Messrs C & DR Nicholas of Beara Charter who also sold whitefaces to £81. £80 to Suffolk Mules from Messrs Gillbard again with two pens of Suffolk Mules from Mrs S King of Croyde and Messrs Nicholas again both at £78.50.