Farmers in Marlborough are set to demonstrate in their tractors today (Friday).

They are gathering to urge MP Danny Kruger to support food standards.

Mr Kruger voted to reject the House of Lords' amendment to the Agriculture Bill which would protect British farmers from imports with lower animal welfare and food safety standards than the UK's.

From 12.30pm farmers will drive through Marlborough town. They plan to do several circuits, starting from the rugby club, passing the common and driving down Herd Street, the High Street, Pewsey Road, George Lane and London Road.

Agricultural merchant, Wayne Smith, who lives in Calne near Marlborough, said: "I’m very concerned for the future of the agricultural industry and risks to our food security and our economy.

"I am deeply unhappy about Wiltshire MPs betraying our industry. I’ve voted Conservative all my life and this is making me think again.”

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The Agriculture Bill moves from the House of Lords to the Commons on November 4.

Liz Webster, founder of Save British Farming and a Wiltshire farmer’s wife said: “This government was happy to call itself the People’s Parliament when first elected, but now they are deaf to what the people want.

"Wiltshire is a county built on agriculture and MPs should be voting to back rural communities, not sell us down the river to see low quality, foreign produce decimate British farming as happened to British coal and steel in the 1980s.”

The tractor demonstration has been organized by the Save British Farming campaign which is behind other similar events across the UK.