THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, October 19, is as follows. The total stock was 1,263 head.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an increased entry of cull stock sold to £1,259.50 for a Hereford bull & £1,230.25 for a Holstein cow.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reduced entry of 81 prime cattle met a very similar trade. More leaner cattle forward and farm assurance in shorter supply.

Top was 212.5ppk for a very shapely, very lean Limousin steer (FA) from DH & SM Churchill, South Chard, who sold a very similar red Limousin heifer at 199.5ppk. Another very shapely red Limousin steer (NA) at 200.5ppk from CA Retallack, Brompton Regis. Shapely, very lean Limousin steer at 199.5ppk (FA) from WJS Camp, Kentisbury. Dairy bred Blue steers at 198.5ppk, FG Payne & Son, Wellington; 190ppk, Habberfield Bros, North Newton and 189.5ppk, GW & GM Long & Son, Chardstock.

Native steers peaked at 189.5ppk for a dairy bred Angus from FG Payne & Sons again. Further Angus to 187ppk from MD & GJ Curtis, Crediton.

Heifers topped at 209.5ppk for a smart red Limousin from PJ Hobbs Farm, Minehead, who sold a shapely, lean Charolais at 199, butchers red Limousin at 196.5 and shapely, lean grey Charolais at 194 and 193.5ppk. Shapely leaner OTM Limousin at 205ppk from WJS Camp. Shapely, leaner type Charolais at 204ppk from TJ Richards, Congresbury. Shapely well fleshed Blue at 198.5ppk from SL & TA Bell, Otterhampton. Good, well fleshed Angus at 196.5ppk from AAB Rowe & Son, Chilton Trinity. Good non assured Charolais heifer at 194.5ppk from N Painter, Lympsham. Friesian at £1,135.65 from GW & GM Long & Son.

Steers sold to £1,389.35 for a grand 751kg Charolais from G Vining, Biddisham. 738kg Blue at £1,387.44 from Vigar & Son, Langport. Angus at £1,362.19 and a Blue at £1,360.41 both from Habberfield Bros.

OTM heifers sold to £1,301.75 for a 635kg Limousin from WJS Camp. UTM Heifers sold to £1,293.90 for a big 681kg Charolais from AAB Rowe & Son, who sold a 620kg Limousin at £1,218.30. 613kg Charolais returned at £1,250.52 for TJ Richards. Blues from GW Long & Son realised £1,246.78 and £1,225.31.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an increased entry of cull stock met a generally shade improved trade, yet feeding cows and stock bulls were much dearer.

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Top was 142.5ppk for a very shapely, leaner, non assured Limousin suckler from JA & G Aldworth, Hemyock. Further very shapely non assured red Limousin cow at 131.5ppk from CA Retallack, Brompton Regis. Good bodied Simmental at 129.5ppk from V Young & Sons, Redhill. Further good bodied non assured Simmentals at 129.5ppk again from Cricklake Farm, Wedmore and 128.5ppk from KH & JA Martin, Chipstable.

Native cows rose to 137.5ppk for a pedigree bred, farm assured Devon from A Poad, Exford. Further non assured Devons at 130.5, 119.5 (2x) and 118.5ppk from KJ Lamacraft, Timberscombe. Non assured Angus cows at 136.5, 121.5 and 120.5ppk from KH & JA Martin again. Non assured South Devon at 133.5ppk from Cricklake Farm again.

Sucklers sold to £1,024.38 for the 745kg pedigree Devon from A Poad.

Dairy breeds a touch dearer to 136.5ppk for a proper Friesian cow from PG & JE Baker, Weston Super Mare. A run of tremendous “boats” from MM & EH Lucas, Puckington saw Holsteins at 135.5, 132.5, 130.5 and 129.5ppk. Another run of good meat Holsteins at 133.5, 130.5, 129.5, 128.5, 125.5, 124.5 and 120.5ppk from R & S Turner Ltd, Puncknowle. Further better bodied Holsteins at 130.5 and 127.5ppk from DJ Spratt, Aust; 125.5 and 122.5ppk JR Dill & Son, Cheddon Fitzpaine; 125.5ppk, DN Herrod, Broadway and 121.5ppk, R & J Jones & Son Stogursey.

Dairy bred cows sold to a tremendous £1,230.25 for a massive 950kg Holstein from MM & EH Lucas, who sold others at £1,168.65 (982kg) £1,124.65 (830kg) and £1,049.22 (804kg). Further big Holsteins at £1,000.94 (767kg) £968.61 (778kg) £967.61 (771kg) £966.07 (746kg) and £965.21 (723kg) R & S Turner Ltd. Others £994.41 (762kg) £962.63 (755kg) and £962.22 (812kg) DJ Spratt.

Excellent cull bull trade to 119.5ppk for a 1000kg Simmental from V Young & Sons, Bristol. Devon at 117.5ppk from A Parker, Culm Davey and a Hereford at 114.5ppk from D Barnes, Yarcombe.

Bulls sold to £1,259.50 for the Hereford from D Barnes. Devon at £1,237.28 from A Parker.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a similar number entry of 1111 lambs sold at overall slightly lower levels. The best however were keenly contested and sold to 213, 208, 201 and 200ppk from A & N Pearce. Others 201ppk from Church Farm Publow and PJ Hobbs; 201 and 200ppk from Wallmead Farm Partners; 200ppk from Lane Bros and 199ppk from M Wall.

Heavier lambs sold to £110 (2x) from FA Kingcott & Son. Others £107.50, £107 and £100 from J Sprake & Partners; £107 (2x) £106 and £103.50 from AR Henson; £104.50 and £101.50 from Peckmoor Farming Ltd; £102 from N Woodgate and J White and £100 from RH Hill. Overall average £87.26.