A PURBECK farmer is celebrating after growing a monster record-breaking marrow, which tips the scales at more than 200lbs.

Mark Baggs' marrow, which in terms of weight is a new British record, is also the second heaviest marrow to be grown in the world – in history.

Weighing in at 200.6lb, Mark's marrow is just six pounds short of the current world-beater, which was grown in Holland in 2009.

Mark, from Worgret Manor Farm, Wareham, told the Swanage & Wareham Advertiser: "I planted the seed at the beginning of June, then harvested it last Saturday for the weigh-off in Southampton.

"It was a growers only affair this year, because of the coronavirus."

"Years ago, back in 2005, I held the world record for a time. I lost that to a Dutchman a few years later and have been chasing the world record ever since.

"I've been gradually clawing my way back now."

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The world record marrow was grown in the Netherlands by Brad Wursten.

Mark said he'll be taking on Brad's record again next year.

In terms of his latest record-breaking vegetable, the seeds are in high demand.

Mark said: "My marrow seeds are renowned worldwide. I donate them to various clubs, they get sold at seed auctions over the winter."

When asked what his secret to growing such large marrows was, Mark said: "A lot of it is hard work, timing and experience.

"I've been growing since 2005 and I can spend four hours a day at it after work."

Back in 2013 Mark also grew the UK's heaviest pumpkin – another monster weighing 1,520lb (689kg).

The giant pumpkin needed to be hoisted onto a trailer with lifting gear before being driven to the show for judging.