The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, October 10, is as follows.

The total stock was 6760 head.

A massive entry of 3649 Store Lambs to £108


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reduced entry saw an improved trade for the best and generally more people around the ring. Frail or low yielding heifers continue to attract little demand. More over £2000 to £2100 for non pedigree heifer from PT & BM Gregory, Corsham, Wilts. Others to £2000 for ACW Vigus also £2000, £1800 and £1740 for K & V Kidner, Chippenham; £1900 AC & HM Jones; £1820 and £1700 R Puddy & Son and £1760, £1700 and £1680 for JWO Marsh & Partners. £1720 and £1700 MC Powell. Very few freshly calved cows forward to £1680 and £1380 for Torcountry, Bovey Tracey.

Holstein calves to £160 for GJ & JM Boyer.

Hereford bull to £1300 for KJ Prettejohn.



Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a fair entry of 730 store cattle, part of 1069 with the stirks and weekly sucklers, which was up on the year in numbers and again an incredible £150 per head up on last year’s average. £150 represents a 20% increase on the year which is unprecedented. Top was £1310 for three grand feeding Charolais steers (21/22m) from W Hilborne & Son, Easton. Young best type Charolais at £1210 (only 17m) from GE & EJ Nichol, West Anstey. Further Charolais £1160 (28m & FA) and £1145 (22m & FA) Hutton & Sons, Bristol and £1155 (21m) D Marshall, Badgworth; £1150 (only 14m!) and £1045 (16/18m) MC & MG Jarvis, Ashreigney at £1045 again (16/22m & FA) GJ & HR Browse, Butterleigh.

Limousin steers peaked at £1280 for three very shapely suckler bred types (24/25m & FA) from R Jones & Son, Dulverton. Well grown feeders at £1245 (27/29m & FA) and £1245 again (5x 26/29m & FA) MR Wall, Burrowbridge. Smart dairy bred Limousins at £1120 (4x 21m & FA) F & H Farms, Tiverton. Superb pure Limousins at £1100 (3x 13/14m & FA) and £1020 (3x only 12/13m & FA) from PA & PM Earley, Swanage. Further good types £1090 (2x 20m & FA) T Blackmore & Son, Clayhidon. Well fed dairy Blues at £1260 (9x 22/23m & FA) and £1190 (9x 22/23m & FA) from SC May, Newton Tracey. Well grown suckler bred Blues at £1240 (28m & FA) and £1195 (18m & FA) from JA Naish. Good dairy Blues £1180 (22m & FA) Arscott Partners, Upottery; £1150 (2x 22m & FA) DK, MJ & N Parris, Stockland. Others £1140 (3x 19/23m & FA) HS Fry, Long Sutton; £1065 (28m & FA) PA Tylor, Helston; £1055 (2x 23m) HJ & AE Huxter, Bettiscombe and £1050 (6x 15/18m & FA) A G Ludwell & Son, Holsworthy. Some grand Salers forward at £1205 (7x 28/29m & FA) and £1165 (5x 28/29m & FA) MR Wall again and £1190 (4x 23m & FA) AL & JL Burrough, West Buckland. Simmental steers peaked at £1095 for a shapely, lean, young suckler bred (17m) from HS Fry again. Others £1075 (19m & FA) MR Wall again. Blonde steers also to £1075 (27m) K Proctor, Dunkeswell.

Native steers in a rich vein to £1145 for an Angus (22m & sire) from REG Coffin, Templeton, who sold another at £1090 (22m). Dairy bred Angus at £1130 (4x 24/26m & sires) and £1100 (4x 25/26m & sires) WR & NA Rich, Northleigh; £1080 (21m, FA & sire) R J Edwards, Pawlett; £1070 (3x 22/23m & sires) RJ Elston & Son, Cheldon; £1070 (3x 26/28m & sire) AD & G Heale, Edington and £1050 (18m & FA) T Blackmore & Son again. Suckler bred Angus at £1125 (20m & FA) from DA Kidner & Son, East Huntspill. Hereford steers to £1075 (24m) RJ Elston & Son again. Other well grown types £1060 (7x 23/29m & FA) and £1055 (7x 25/29m & FA) NJ Furse, Black Torrington and £1020 (24/25m & sires) WR & NA Rich again.

Dairy bred steers rose to £940 for fleshed Holsteins, Fleckvieh and Norwegian (6x 22m) from REG Coffin, who sold a further Holstein at £820 (22m & FA). Further Fleckvieh at £925 (18m) TR Paull, Merriott; £880 (22m) WJ Pearce again and £840 (only 15m & FA) GJ & HR Browse again. Friesian steers peaked at £920 for the fed types (3x 20/22m & FA) from T Blackmore & Son again. Further Holstein steers £830 (27m & FA) RW Bowden, Muddiford; £800 (25m) WR & NA Rich again and £775 (23m & FA) DR House, Stathe. Further Friesian steers £780 (22m & FA) RF & JK Cox & Son again and £755 (21m & FA) BAC & HM Trim, Combe Raleigh.

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Heifers well sought, especially for fleshed types to £1180 for a fit Charolais (39m) from W Hilborne & Son, Easton. Further fleshed Charolais at £1100 (4x 17/18m & FA) ME Sampson & Son, Upottery. Feeding Charolais at £1080 (21m & FA) from RAG Davey, Butterleigh; £960 (17m & FA) GE & EJ Nicholls again and £955 (5x 18/20m) MC & MG Jarvis again. Fleshed Limousin at £1175 (30m) from REG Coffin again. Further fleshed types £1105 (3x 28/30m & FA) R Takle, Exton. Best type pure bred at £970 (only 13m & FA) PA & PM Earley again. Good dairy bred £965 (18m & FA) AG Ludwell & Son again and £950 (22m) REG Coffin again. Blue heifers sold to £1165 (25m & FA) for a smart suckler bred from JA Naish again. Framed types £1065 (5x 29m & FA) PA Tylor again. Forward types £1035 (4x 20m & FA) F & H Farms again. Good dairy bred £1020 (22m & FA) DK, MJ & N Parris again. More £1020 (9x 22/23m) B Calder, Wick; £1010 (21/24m & FA) Arscott Partners again; £1010 (6x 23/24m) RJ Elston & Son again; £995 (6x 22/23m & FA) SL & TA Bell, Otterhampton and £980 (23m & FA) M Naish, Kenn. Blonde heifer at £1145 (29m) MA Butler, Burrowbridge. Simmental heifers £1010 (23m) D Marshall again, who sold another at £935 (21m). Others to £980 (3x 22/23m & FA) B & P Horsey & Son, West Hatch.

Native heifers rose to £1090 for a fit Angus (23m) from REG Coffin, who sold further fit Angus at £1055 (3x 22m & sires). Fleshed Angus at £1000 (25m & FA) T Blackmore & Son again and £920 (26m) MA Butler again. Hereford heifers sold to £900 (6x 20/24m, FA & sires) for good types from MRG Drew, Bishopswood. Others £865 (26m, FA & sire) RJ Edwards, Pawlett.

8 GRAZING COWS (Pre-movement tested)

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of grazing cows sold to £1015 for a BRB (08.16) from T Paul.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of 31 sucklers sold at £1300 for a Blonde cow (03.07) and her PA bull calf (09.20) from A Janes. Stock bull to £1300 for a Charolais (07.11) from Manor Farm Partnership.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of stirks when there were some quality consignments forward, sold to a flying trade. Suckled bred stirks in strong demand.

Top price of £950 (only 7m) for a Limousin steer from DW Crocombe, who had an outstanding run forward and sold others to £925 (2x 8m) £915 (10m) £895 (7m) £875 (3x 10m) £852 (3x 9m) £835 (9m) £820 (8m) £800 (7m) and £785 (2x 7m) an excellent run, well done. Further good Limousin also to £950 (11m) PA & PM Earley, who sold another to £750 (10m). Further Limousins to £850 (3x only 6m) £815 (7m) £765 (8x 7m) from EJ & HM Hull; £788 (4x 7m) £770 (4x 7m) £765 (3x 6m) PH & ME Buckingham & Son. Charolais to £910 (14m) W Hilborne & Son, who sold another younger type at £645. Further Charolais to £790 (2x 8m) JA & K Ladd; £720 (6m) EJ & HM Hull again. £685 (4x) £675 (4x) P Attwell and £670 (5m) L Timewell. Simmentals to £825 (11x) BK Hockey, when others sold to £765 (8m) and £685 (6x 6m) EJ & HM Hull again, who also sold an Angus to £770 (8m). Further Angus £642 (6x 11m) L Broadwith; £625 (3x) J Payne and £625 DG Barett. Herefords to £720 (2x only 8m) PH & ME Buckingham & Son again, when others sold to £685 (2x) AP Maddox. Few British Blues forward sold to £645 (2x) JA Arthurs, when others also sold to £645 (5x 10m) DWC & MA Brunt.

Bulls to £655 (11m) for an Angus from J Payne. Charolais sold to £630 (5m) and Limousins to £550 (2x 6m) EJ & HM Hull again.

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Heifers a flying trade and shot to £820 (9m) £820 (3x 10m) £760 (2x 9m) and £640 (9m) for quality Limousins from DW Crowcombe again. Further Limousins to £710 (11m) £650 (2x 10m) PA & PM Earley again; £650 (7m) GG & D Gribble; £645 (2x 8m) £640 (5x 7m) £635 (5x 7m) PH & ME Buckingham & Son and £600 PJ Gwyn. Charolais to £760 (8m) and £700 (2x 8m) JA & K Ladd again, when others sold to £735 (3x 14m) £735 (3x 13m) AP Maddox again; £605 (4x) P Atwell; £600 (2x 8m) and £595 (8m) S & F Walker. British Blue to £715 (5x 13m) AP Maddox again; £665 (12m) A Wiggins; £640 (2x 12m) CJ & J Lang and £628 (12m) DJ & SE Bristol. Herefords to £700 M & N Dunster. Simmentals to £625 (7m) DH Turner. Angus to £605 (2x 12m) J Payne, when others sold to £585 (11m) BA Spriggs; £580 (5x 13m) L Broadwith again and £575 (9m) BK Hockey again.


Beef Breeds (307) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reduced yet respectable entry but not quite the shine of previous weeks. A superb pair of young shapely Charolais bulls from CE Veysey sold at £430 and £420. Blue bulls to £400 from E & HM Sheldon & Son; £390 from JWO Marsh & Partners; £370 from MW Nash and CG & RMS Spiller (all 1m). Limousin bulls to £350 from MM Gollop & Sons; £340 from PG & JE Baker; £335 from H & NM Wall & Sons; £325 from HT & ME Quick and SR Curtis Partners (again all 1m). Simmental bulls to £245 from N & J Ham & Son. Native bulls to £288 for 1m Herefords from N & J Ham & Sons. Others £270 from H & NM Wall & Sons and £235 DN Woolacott. Angus bulls to £280 from MW Nash Farming; £260 from WJW Tucker & Sons and £245 from MC Powell. Shorthorn bulls to £130 TJ Brice.

Continental heifers topped at £360 (4m) Charolais from RA Plowright, closely followed by a smart run from SM & DM Turner with 6 Charolais heifers (1m) to £310, £305 (x2) £300 and £285. A reared Blue heifer to £340 (4m) from RA & SA Reed. Young Blue heifers to £285 and £278 from RJ & R Broomfield & Son; £250 from E & HM Sheldon & Son and £255 from DW Sprackman & Partners. Simmental heifers to £270 and £260 from R Hares. Limousin heifers £260 and £245 from H & NM Wall & Sons.

Native heifers topped at £250 for 5 reared Angus from RA Plowright and £235 DN Woollacott. Younger smart Angus heifers to £172, £168 (x2) and £140 WL Baxandall; £122 from ES Triggol and R Angell. Herefords to £215 from R & J Tibbs; £175 from MJ & RD Russell and £152 from N & J Ham & Son.

Friesians (101) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a large entry of dairy sired bull calves sold to a continued competitive trade. Best reared black & whites to £200 from P & C Wyatt. Others £180 and £160 RA Plowright. Very strong young Friesians to £140 and £115 (2x) from GJ & JM Boyer; £110 from PH & JE Baker and £98 and £88 from RJ & R Broomfield & Son. Ayrshires to £80 from MA & NR Bowditch. Dairy Shorthorn to £71 Williams PFA. Reared Normandy to £338 DN Woolacott.

5006 SHEEP

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (3649)

A huge entry of 3649 store lambs sold to an equally strong trade, when the vast numbers forward made no difference to prices achieved. Best of the lambs to £108 from RAD Legg. Others to £88 from JK & MJ Diment & Son; £86.50 from JE Reed-Smith; £84 from KJ & LC Popham; £83.50 from GJ Warren Farming; £81.50 from A Wellwood; £81 from LJ Waygood & Son; £80.50 from KJ & LC Popham and DM Ruell and £80 from JK & MJ Diment & Son and C Willcox. Overall average £70.85.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1184)

A slightly reduced entry of 1184 cull ewes and rams sold to a firmer trade for all presented. Best of the continental ewes to £146 from K Roberts. Others to £132 from Oxbridge Farm; £122 from H Carnell; £120 from K Roberts; £116 from G Webster; £111 from DP Freeman; £110 from S & K Oakley; £105 from RL Harris; £102.50 from JR & RH Williams; £100 from G Webster, RC & WP Goodfellow, RF Barrow & Son and K Roberts. Rams continue to be contested and sold to £151 from Oxbridge Farm. Others to £108 from D Norman and JC Hewitt; £100 from MA Heard and £91 from CA Churchill. Medium ewes £65-£80, plain £40-£60 and boners generally £20 plus. Overall average jumped to £72.35.

Breeding Ewes (73)

A small entry of 73 breeding ewes sold to limited interest, but no real toppers forward. Continental older ewes to £90 from H Carnell.

Goats (76)

A large entry of 76 goats sold to £118 for heavy cull nannies from Holland Farmers, who sold others at £100. Other best types to £116 from MF Bathard & Sons and £97 from the same Vendor. Overall average £56.00.

Stock Rams (24)

A tight entry of 24 stock rams sold to a decent trade. Texel shearlings to £230 (3x) from MEJ Branfield & Sons, who sold another at £195. A Poll Dorset shearling to £190 from C Hopper & Son. Other Texels to £160 (2x) from CDT Sobey. Overall average £145.16.

184 PIGS

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a very good entry, the largest for a few months. Trade strong throughout.

Weaners (65)

A smart entry when some good runs were forward. Trade just slightly easier. The best weaners still sold very well. Two pens from J Love sold to £50 and one pen from N Zerk to £46. R Hares to £38 and MJ Stevens sold to £36.

Cull Sows (5)

Small entry sold to a ‘stand on’ trade. The best £108 down to £72.

Breeding Pigs (23)

Large entry. Two gilts to £182 from N Zerk and a young boar to £180 again from N Zerk. Gloucester gilts to £118 from R Everitt. Sow and litter of 9 from Broome to £240.

Forward Stores (91)

Another very strong entry. The best sold to £130 for a run of 20 from LE Miller. P Clark to £126 and FH Chave & Son to £124. Young lighter weights to £110 from H Loveless.