The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, October 3, is as follows.

The total stock was 8409 head.

An excellent store cattle trade for the time of year. £146 up on the year and sold to £1300.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an impressive entry numbers wise but no real stars on offer. Plenty of good heifers and cows but at the level of £1600-£1800, rather than £1800-

£2000 that we experienced through the Summer. Frail second quality cows and heifers much more difficult to sell at the moment.

Best heifers to £2060 for a Y Farms bred heifer from FG Summerhayes & Son, who had others to £1750 and £1700. Others to £1800 from Deptford Farm; £1800 R & M Lougher & Son, Glamorgan; £1700 GJ & FL Robertson; £1700 Ham Farm Partners also £1700 (2x) £1680 and £1580 for an impressive entry of 11 from Anton T Smith, Gloucestershire and £1680 from P Snell.

More cows forward to £1820 from PJ Searle & Son. Others £1660 Snook Ltd; £1580 and £1530 from DWT, EG & PW Jones, Dorchester and £1580 SJ Cheacker.

Incalf heifers to £1280 and £1160 from RJ Shere. 9 month old Holstein heifer to £380 from R Toon, Ashburn, Derbyshire.

Out of calving pattern December and January calving cows from D & JM Homer sold to £1060 (2x).



Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent entry of 900 stores, 15% up on the equivalent week last year and also £146/head up on the year on average. Best cattle continue to sell excellently. Fleshed and short turn around cattle in short supply and really wanted. Seasonal buyers in attendance swelling a very full ring.

Top was £1300 for two super feeding Limousin steers (2x 21/22m & FA) from RW Tapp & Son, South Molton, who sold others at £1245 (2x only 17m & FA) £1185 (2x only 17m & FA) and £1100 (2x 21m & FA). Further forward Limousin at £1285 (21m & FA) ME Sampson & Son, Upottery. Quality bred Limousin cross Simmental feeders at £1125 (2x 18m & FA) and £1095 (7x 17/18m & FA) from R Watts, Bottreaux Mill. Well grown Limousin (23m & FA) at £1090 from BAC & HM Trim, Combe Raleigh. Red Limousin also at £1090 (4x 18/22m & FA) from MW & S Edwards, Congresbury, who sold blacks at £1085 (2x 18m & FA). Big framed, well fed Blue steers realised £1290 (7x 22/23m & FA) from SC May, Newton Tracey, who sold others at £1195 (5x 21/23m & FA) £1180 (5x 22/23m & FA) and £1100 (23m & FA). Forward Blue at £1285 (23m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son again; £1240 (4x 28/29m & FA) and £1230 (5x 29m & FA) from PA Tylor, Helston and £1200 (2x 28/30m & FA) SJ & AM Reed, Uplowman. Further feeders £1170 (17m & FA) FG & LA Nott, Meshaw; £1145 (24m & FA) R Webber, Lydeard St Lawrence; £1140 (28m & FA) IP & JIW Carey, Stoodleigh; £1135 (3x 21m & FA) CWM & GN Bolt, Huntsham; £1120 (17m & FA) £1095 (20m & FA) and £1090 (7x 19/20m & FA) DA Kidner, East Huntspill and £1100 (24/26m & FA) RF Tucker, Glastonbury. Charolais peaked at £1190 (25m & FA) from K Tovey, Bishop Sutton, who sold others at £1165 (2x 20m & FA). Further well bred feeders £1155 (2x 17/19m) BJ Guppy, Drimpton and £1145 (17m & FA) A & P Tapp, Heasley Mill. Quality Simmental cross Limousin steers £1180 (3x 17/18m & FA) from R Watts, who sold others at £1150 (5x 18m & FA) £1125 (3x 17/18m & FA) from and £1095 (18m & FA) R Watts again. Super show. Further good Simmental £1090 (22m & FA) RF Tucker & Son again. Shapely feeding Blonde at £1150 (17m & FA) SJ Williams, North Newton.

Native steers sold well in advance of their weights and grades to £1270 for a South Devon (24m & FA) from CRG Wall, East Huntspill, who sold another at £1035 (17m & FA). Hereford steers rose to £1160 (19m, FA & sire) from J White, Bristol, who sold others at £1070 (17/19m, FA & sires). Angus steers to £1120 (18m, FA & sire). Further feeders £1110 (3x 25/26m & sires) LM Baker & ME Goodall, East Huntspill; £1105 (4x 18/19m, FA & sire) GR Farmer, Buckland St Mary; £1100 (3x 20/21m, FA & sires) MRG Drew, Bishopswood; £1095 (2x only 16m, FA & sires) Hill & Johnstone, Culmhead; £1090 (25m, FA & sire) IP & JIW Carey again; £1080 (3x 22/23m, FA & sires) Butterwell Farm Ltd, Chilton Polden; and £1070 (24m, FA & sire) JP Stone, Puriton.

Dairy bred steers in short supply but what is very pleasing, is a greater proportion of Fleckvieh coming forward. Top was £1240 for a grand Fleckvieh (26m & FA) from HC Derryman & Sons, Yarcombe. Further excellent Fleckvieh £1180 (28m & FA) SJ & AM Reed again; £1050 (5x 15/18m & FA) CE & HJ Cligg, Dunkeswell; £1005 (2x 21/26m & FA) and £950 (6x 21/28m & FA) A Parkin & A Broadhead, Combe Martin. Proper Friesians £1090 (3x 33m & FA) and £990 (4x 28/29m & FA) from GF & DV Bussell, Sampford Arundel. Other proper Friesians £1025 (3x 26/27m & FA) HC Derryman & Sons again. Norwegian steer (24m & FA) at £1000 from RF & JK Cox & Son again. Holstein steers to £905 for fleshed types (4x 15/19m & FA) from G Bown & Son Ltd, Wells. Others £890 (25/30m & FA) J Jones & Son, Wells; £850 (2x 19m & FA) RG Greenway & Son, Bathealton; £835 (15m & FA) and £740 (8x 14/15m & FA) G Bown & Son Ltd again; £740 again (5x 25/26m) LM Baker & ME Goodall again and £720 (2x 16/17m & FA) PC Pocock & Co, Drayton.

Heifers equally well sought to £1220 for a near fit Blue (24m & FA) from R Webber again. Good feeding Blues (18m & FA) from FG & LA Nott again; £1105 (21m & FA) G Bown & Son Ltd again; £1095 (3x 24/26m & FA) Arscott Partners, Upottery; £1095 (24m & FA) Butterwell Farm Ltd again, £1090 (4x 18/20m & FA) RW Tapp & Son again; £1085 (28m & FA) SJ & AM Reed again; £1065 (45/46m) J Baker, Kennford; £1035 (U+1, 17m & FA) JH & ACL Williams, Lower Almondsbury; £1030 (26m & FA) A Parkin & A Broadhead again; £995 (5x 22/32m) HD & EJ Harding, Banwell and £990 (4x 28/29m & FA) PA Tylor, Helston. Very smart Limousin heifers to £1170 (2x 21/22m & FA) from RW Tapp & Son again, who sold others at £1050 (3x 21/22m & FA). Further best Limousin feeders £1150 (21m) M & R Hodges, Bishopswood; £1060 (only 16m & FA) M Naish, Kenn, who sold another at £970 (22m & FA). Charolais heifers sold to £1160 for two forward types (18/19m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son again. Young quality feeders at £1075 (2x 17m & FA) from A & P Tapp again, who sold others at £1015 (4x 17m & FA). Other well bred Charolais feeders at £1015 (7x 17/22m) BJ Guppy again. Pure Simmental heifers at £1135 (4x only 15/17m & FA) and £1025 (5x 16/17m & FA) from DH & KM Edwards and FA Ford, Banwell. Simmental cross Limousin heifers at £1100 (3x 17/18m & FA) and £950 (3x 16/17m & FA) from R Watts again. Further good feeding Simmental heifers £1060 (5x 18/19m & FA) from M Naish again and £1005 (22m, FA & organic) from Heywood Partners, Georgeham.

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Native heifers sold to £1085 for forward Angus (5x 21m & FA) from RV Edmunds & Son Ltd, Ashcott, who sold others at £1055 (4x 22m & FA). Angus again at £1075 (fit, 28m & FA) from A Parkin and A Broadhead again. Further good Angus £995 (25m, FA & sire) Arscott Partners again; £985 (3x 27/29m, FA & sire) RMG & RG Salter, Buckland St Mary; £975 (3x 27/29m, FA, sire & organic) Woolhanger Farming, Parracombe and £965 (19m, FA & sire) T Samuel, Tedburn St Mary. Hereford heifers to £920 (26m & FA) for a fleshed type from B & AR Tippetts, Sutton Mallett.

Fit Fleckvieh heifer at £1155 (27m & FA) from A Parkin & A Broadhead once again proving the value of the Fleckvieh breed.

20 GRAZING COWS (Pre-movement tested)

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of grazing cows sold to £1000 for a Devon (07.09) from EF Lansdown & Partners.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of 10 sucklers sold at £1310 for a ped AA stock bull (2018) from PG Cowell. Cows & Calves to £1240 for a Stabiliser cow (05.16) and her Chx heifer calf (07.20) from Bredy Farm. Others to £1000 also from Bredy Farm.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reasonable entry of 291 stirks sold to a flying trade. Young busk calves particularly well sold, when a number of farmer buyers were present keen to source stock.

Top price of £935 (12m) for a good Charolais steer from AG Evans, who sold others to £895 (13m) and £875 (10m). Further Charolais shot to £845 (12m) £800 (2x 12m) £770 (4x 12m) £675 GM Veysey; £745 (3x 14m) £670 (2x) P Attwell; £705 (4x only 5m) D Brice; £700 (4x only 6m) NT Thorne; £690 (7m) RH & BD Stott & Son. Limousins to £890 (3x) J Blake, when others sold to £795 (11m) £655 (9m) GRA Miller; £695 (5m) D Brice again.

A good run of British Blues from JA Naish sold to £790 (only 6m) £680 (5x 6m) £660 (2x 8m) and £650 (6x 6m). Further British Blues to £725 (8m) GR Smith, when dairy bred types shot to £640 (4x 10m) DWT, EG & PW Jones and £605 (2x 9m) NF George; £635 (6x 8m) VG & MM Greenway & Son.

Simmentals to £700 (10m) AME & SM Nutt, who sold others to £635 (only 5m). Further Simmentals to £670 (2x 12m) GM Veysey again and £630 (3x 8m) H Attwell. Herefords sold to £700 (2x 10m) M Forward, when others sold to £622 (3x 12m) L Broadwith. Angus to £645 (4x 12m) AL & PA Cooke, when others sold to £615 (5x 9m) N Bayley and £600 (9m) A & V Strawbridge. Sussex to £625 (10m) PJ Masters Farms, who sold others to £600 (3x 8m). Devon bulls sold to a top price of £745 (11m) for a Devon from MJ Farmer, when Herefords sold to £620 from C White.

Heifers sold to a top price of £780 (2x 10m) for good Limousins from MD & KE Lanfear, who sold others to £755 (2x 9m). Further Limousins to £715 (2x) and £655 J Blake; £660 (2x 9m) GRA Miller; £620 (5m) D Brice again. British Blue with shape shot to £700 (only 6m) JA Naish again, who sold others to £620 (4x 10m) £615 (5x 6m) and £590 (5x 6m). Further British Blues to £650 (7m) RH & BD Stott & Son again, when dairy bred types sold to £600 (4x 9m) and £565 (2x 9m) VJ Thomas & Son Ltd. Charolais to £660 (12m) GM Veysey; £625 (2x) P Attwell, when others sold to £590 (5m) D Brice again; £560 (5x 6m) NT Thorne again and £550 (9m) A & V Strawbridge. Simmentals to £620 (6m) SJ Williams, when others sold to £605 (11m) AME & SM Nutt again and £575 GM Veysey again. Herefords to £590 (3x) L Broadwith again. Angus to £565 (5x 12m) AL & PA Cooke again, who sold another bunch to £565 (5x 12m). Further Angus to £525 (4x) L Broadwith again, when others sold to £510 (2x 9m) VJ Thomas & Son Ltd again.


Beef Breeds (495) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the largest entry of calves so far this year of 604 being almost 500 continental and natives, which gave purchasers the opportunity to fill large orders from across the Country. Trade wasn’t quite as fast as previous weeks but best calves as always saw great demand and sold to top at £385 for a month old Blue from GH Cavill & Sons

Other young Blues £372 from DH Creed; £350 (2x) from MW Nash Farming Ltd and £335 from TJ & BE Cowley & Son. 8 week Limousin to £350 from HT & ME Quick; £340 from MM Gollop & Sons and £330 from PW, MA & RJ Bell. Simmental to £330 from DC Bartlett and £312 from NAC Taylor. Charolais to £320 from DC Bartlett and £292 from SN & DM Turner Ltd.

Native bulls topped at £335 for a 16 week old Angus from RG Greenway & Son. Younger Angus to £270 from R & J Tibbs; £270 again from The Colgrove Partnership and £268 from MW Nash Farming Ltd. Herefords £292 from House & Sons; £275 from PJLS Farms Ltd and £245 from EG & CS Rowe & Son.

Continental heifers to £340 for a BRB from SM Godfrey. Others £325 from CD Griffin & Partners and £295 from M & B Humphrey. Charolais to £270 and £260 (2x) from SM & DM Turner Ltd. Simmental to £240 from DC Bartlett and £168 from NAC Taylor. Limousin to £220 from PW, MA & RJ Bell and £190 and £175 from HT & ME Quick.

Native heifers to £295 for a reared Angus from RP & CH Reed. Younger Angus £225 from R & J Tibbs and £195 from PEJ & LA Cottey. Herefords £315 (3x) from NC Witcombe. Younger Herefords £172 from AC & JH Loxton and £170 from R & J Tibbs.

Friesians (109) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report again over a 100 dairy sired bull calves forward met another decent trade to top at £152 from AJ & GG Thomas. Others £140 from EG & CS Rowe & Son and £115 (2x) from MJ Frampton & Sons. Best rearing types over £80, mediums £50-£70 and plainer types mostly over £25. Fleckvieh £205 from The Mowlem Partnership.

6520 SHEEP

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2586)

Another large seasonal entry of 2586 store lambs sold to a stand on trade, despite the recent drop in the finished price. The edge off the strongest lambs, when the best sold to £87.50 from M Coombes. Others to £85.50 from MJ & RSM Barrow; £83.50 from TPJ Macaskie; £83 from RJ Wall; £82 from AV Knight; £81.50 from MJ & RSM Barrow; £81 from KB Reed; £80.50 from AF Willmington; £80 from JA & YJ Hopkins, B Norris and AW Selley & Son; £79.50 from J Hastie; £79 from Alstone Court Partners and KB Reed. The overall average resilient at £69.44.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1409)

Another large entry of 1409 cull ewes and rams sold to a highly competitive trade for all. Best of the continental ewes to £120 from Oxbridge Farm. Other best ewes to £109 and £106 from Westbrook Farm; £100 from Oxbridge Farm; £95 from MJ & AL Blakeney; £93 from H Curtis; £92 from GR Baker; £91 from J Sprake; £89.50 from SJ Parish; £89 from RJ Willcox; £87.50 from Westbrook Farm; £87 from MJ & AL Blakeney; £86.50 from TC & SCI Pain. Very few cull rams forward sold to £100 from SJ Parish. Medium was £60-£75, plain £40-£60 and boners generally £20 plus. Overall average £62.63.

Breeding Ewes (1840) – Friday 2nd October

A bumper entry of 1840 Breeding Ewes for the monthly Friday sale. Trade beginning to be far more variable, with the best still meeting keen demand but the range between 1st and 2nd quality growing. Top call went to RW & TH Franklin for their pen of Blue Texel shearlings which sold at £175. Others to £150 for North Country Mules from DL & ME Gillard. The same price was achieved by JC Salmon for his Suffolk Mule shearlings, when others in the same run sold at £145. Other North Country Mules to £149 from Foxhollow Farm Ltd. Texel cross ewes to £148 from J White and £145 from RC & WP Goodfellow. Older ewes very selective but a fine pen of 4T North Country Mules to £145 from PH & ME Buckingham & Son. Ewe Lambs to £96 for North Country Mules from P Athay, who sold a further 7 pens at £86. Others to £92 from JM Gibson and £86 from J & A Westcott. Overall average £98.19, to include an abundance of older ewes and ewe lambs.

Breeding Ewes (528)

A very large entry of 528 breeding ewes sold to a selective trade. Top of the day went to H Carnell at £121 for a pen of flock age Texels. North Country Mule shearlings to £120 from DL & ME Gillard. A good run from D Watkins achieved £110. Overall average £99.16.

Goats (18)

A tight entry of 18 goats sold readily, with a top call of £100 for a billy from R Gill. A pen of younger finished types to £92.50 from Habberfield Park Farm. Overall average £86.72.

Stock Rams (139) – Friday 2nd October

Topping the ram section was noted breeder RJ Lampard, Dursley, Glos, who sold a powerful Texel shearling for £470. Others from the same Vendor achieved £420. High quality Suffolk rams were in great demand from the MV section. Mrs Hill of Sampford Farm presented a cracking 2T which sold at £430. Other good Suffolks from the Pierce’s of Almondsbury sold to £400 and £395. Mr Mogford, Tiverton hit £385. A good run of Charollais saw a flying trade for the Clothier family of Radstock and sold to £405. AJ Willcox from Sherborne sold smart Charollais x Beltex to £325 (2x). A run of Texels from the Branfields, Wiveliscombe held up at £230 and £220.