This year's Truro Autumn Poultry and Smallholders Sale was a huge success.

Held on Saturday, September 12, auctioneers Shaun Preece and Patrick Dennis said: "It was a hugely successful sale - all poultry pens being full, with something for everyone, selling on an extremely buoyant trade to a large audience of potential purchasers."

Top call of the day was £140 for a pair of Pennant parakeets sold by Mr. C.J. Rogers, of St. Wenn and in the poultry pens selling to £80 for four Legbar hens.

Other notable prices include:

Quartet Light Sussex £70

Young Pair Lemon Pekin Bantams £60

3 Cuckoo Maran Pullets (x2) £60

1 Cuckoo Silkie Bantam Hen £58

1 Buff Orpington Pullet (x2) £55

Trio Cuckoo Maran Bantams £55

3 Wheaten Maran Hens £55

Pair Millefleur Pekins £55

2 Devon Blue Pullets (x2) £52

2 French Copper Maran Pullets £52 & £50

Trio Buff Sussex 11 wks old £50

Pair Silver Indian Runners £50

3 Hubbard Hens £50

2 Devon Blue Pullets (x2) £45

1 Blue Americana Pullet (x2) £45

Trio Buff Laced Wyandottes £45

Trio Butterscotch Calls (x2) £42

1 Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullet (x3) £42

3 Red Turkey Poults (x2) £42

Pair Australorp Bantam Pullets (x2) £42

Pair Fawn & White Runners £42

Trio Chocolate & White Muscovies £42

Pair Bronze Turkeys £42

With a further fifteen pens achieving £40


A small entry of associated items with the best small poultry house making £60.

Hatching Eggs

A small entry selling to £6.50 twice for mixed Pekin eggs and again at £6 for two more lots with various other lots selling for £2+.