This was the peculiar scene a woman came across on a walk this week, writes Nathan Pynn.

The field was left looking like a scene from a horror film after the thick webs were left covering large mounds of manure.

The webs have been spun by thousands of spiders in Widdrington in Northumberland.

Debs Lucas-Byrne was taking her dog for a walk on Tuesday when she came across the eerie sight.

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The grandmother-of-two said: "I'd gone for a walk with my friend on our usual route which takes us through a farmer's field when I spotted what looked like nets on the manure.

"I said to my friend 'why would you put nets up on poo?' We were laughing about it but when I got closer I could see they were loads of cobwebs.

"At first I thought they had been made by ermine moth caterpillars but when I looked closer there were thousands of tiny black spiders crawling underneath.

"It freaked me out a bit and they were literally everywhere.

"I've never seen anything like it before but the shapes of the cobwebs were beautiful.

"It's just a shame they were covering loads of manure because I couldn't stand the smell for too long while I took pictures of them."