The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, September 12 is as follows.

The total stock was 5378 head.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a firmer Store Cattle trade as the short entry stimulated demand.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the general quality of the cows and heifers forward was excellent so well done to our vendors. The purchasers liked what they saw and chased all the best to £2000 and over to a top of £2140 for a Lydace bred heifer from R Puddy & Son, who had others at £2040. £2080 (2x) from P Snell and Snook Ltd; £2060 from Arrijan Farming; £2050 from Snook Ltd; £2020 AP Ractliffe; £2000 from AJ Limond; also £2000 and £1980 from RC Taylor and £1980 from Deptford Farm. Swedish Red cross to £1800 from N Goss. Pedigree Ayrshire to £1420 from D Sayer. The medium quality heifers maintained recent satisfactory levels at £1400-£1600.

Only a few cows forward sold to £1800 from Deptford Farm. Others £1700 from Snook Ltd and £1550 from KJ Reed & Son.

Young bulling heifers sold to £730 (6x) from Brunt Partners, Radstock. Also £720. (2x) Brown Swiss yearling heifers to £380 (5x) from David Craddock. Calves to £200 from GJ & JM Boyer.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a tight entry of 611 store cattle, part of 949 with the stirks and sucklers met a trade £174 up on the year on average. Firmer trade on the week, probably due to the shortage, as all types were easier to sell. Fleshed, best feeders and shape still extremely keenly sought. Friesians also dearer.

Top was a tremendous £1370 for a very shapely, yet very lean Blue steer (27m & FA) from LL Tidball, Loxbeare, who sold another dairy cross Blue steer at £1130 (29m & FA). Fed forward Blues at £1340 (3x 22/23m & FA) and £1280 (22/23m & FA) from J & F Hookway, Ilfracombe. Further well grown, fed Blues £1295 (4x 26m & FA) AJ Weech, West Buckland. Well grown Blue £1230 (25m & FA) PA Tylor, Helston; £1185 (only 15m & FA) and £1145 only (17m & FA) DW & AE Enticott, Ashbrittle; £1115 (25m & FA) D & I Dyer, Yarcombe and £1100 (23m & FA) RD & SA Patch, Wilmington. Limousin steers peaked at £1240 for a shapely black (22m & FA) from W & EA Tratt, Luppitt. Further good blacks £1165 (5x 25/27m & FA) SJ & SJ Church, Mark; £1160 (22m & FA) and £1105 (5x 22/24m & FA) PA Tylor again and £1100 twice from both DA, CMJ & L Tottle Ltd, Marston Magna (20/21m & FA) and JM & JM Baker, Meare (25m & FA). Some super feeding Charolais on offer to £1215 (2x only 17m & FA) from RP Elston & Son, Dulverton, who sold others at £1200 (2x 17m & FA) £1095 (5x only 15/17m & FA) and £1060 (5x 14/17m & FA). Further good feeding Charolais £1160 (16/17m & FA) £1135 (17m & FA) and £1050 (10/17m & FA) from M Olof and £1100 (28m & FA) Farmlea Ltd, Wheddon Cross. Simmental steers in short supply to £1145 (only 17m & FA) from DW & AE Enticott again.

Native steers shot to £1210 for a smart Angus (28m & sire) from R Stevens & Co, Oakford, who sold others at £1075 (3x 26/28m & sire). Well grown Angus at £1175 (only 14m, FA & sire) from JV & RC Pidgeon, Yarcombe. Run of good suckler bred Angus at £1160 (8x 27/28m, FA & sire) £1095 (8x 26/28m, FA & sire) and £1090 (7x 27/28m, FA & sire) from Exmoor Forest Farms, Simonsbath. Further good Angus £1155 (2x 23m & sire) EM Burridge, West Buckland; £1095 (4x 24/25m, FA & sires) AC House & Son, Thornfalcon; £1090 (4x 18/27m, FA & sire) HD Wilkins, High Ham; £1080 (25m, FA & sire) LL Tidball again and £1070 (5x only 16m & sires) RW & JE Tucker, Wells. Hereford steers to £1160 (25m & FA) from JM & JM Baker again. Others £1095 (28/29m) from RW & JE Tucker again. South Devons peaked at £1135 (4x only 15m) from PHJ Down, Okehampton, who sold others at £965 (4x also only 15m).

Dairy breeds rose to £1125 for a big frame Fleckvieh (33m & FA) from BA & L Male, Fivehead. Further Fleckvieh at £1035 (4x 20/22m & FA) HD Wilkins again and £1020 (3x 21/22m) RH Beaty, Walton. Holsteins to £990 for forward steers (4x 23/24m & FA) from FA & LM Elworthy & Son, Swimbridge, who sold others at £860 (6x 23/24m & FA) £780 (6x 21/24m & FA) and £775 (3x 23m & FA). Friesians £900 (2x 23m & FA) BAC & HM Trim, Combe Raleigh; £890 (4x 18/24m & FA) and £850 (23/24m & FA) PA Cleave, Bude; £830 (24m & FA) HD Wilkins again and £825 (10x 18/24m & FA) D & I Dyer, Yarcombe.

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Heifers peaked at £1180 for a warm feeding Charolais (23m & FA) from DW & AE Enticott again. Further good Charolais £1075 (5x only 13/15m & FA) JV & RC Pidgeon again; £1050 (only 12m! & FA) Ham Farm Partners, Creech St Michael and £1050 again (only 16m & FA) M Olof again. Pure Limousin at £1130 (28m) T Hilsdon, Knowstone. Further red Limousin at £1100 (22m & FA) from PA Tylor again, who sold blacks at £1060 (2x 24m & FA) £1035 (23m & FA) and £950 (6x 22/23m & FA). Red Limousin again at £1075 (26m & FA) from D & I Dyer again, who sold others at £1045 (26/30m & FA) and £1025 (26m & FA). Other feeding Limousins £1020 (39m & FA) and £980 (26/28m & FA) R Chaddock, Butleigh; £1020 again (2x 27m) HD Harding, Banwell; £1000 (6x 24/29m & FA) £995 (7x 24/27m & FA) and £960 (7x 22/29m & FA) SJ & SJ Church, Mark and £990 (21/22m) RH Beaty again. Forward Blues £1090 (4x 21/22m) and £995 (5x 19/20m) RH Beaty again. 31m Blue at £1065 (FA) from BA & L Male again. Further good Blues £1045 (22/25m & FA) HD Wilkins again; £1045 again (25/29m & FA) GR Farmer, Buckland Newton; £1030 (32m & FA) LL Tidball again and £1025 (2x 21m & FA) RD & SA Patch, Wilmington.

Fit Hereford heifers at £1145 (30m & sire) and £1070 (28m & sire) both from RW & JE Tucker, Westbury Sub Mendip.

Fit Herefords again £1050 (24/25m) AD SKA Darley, Whitechapel; £1010 (19m & sire) RH Beaty again and £980 (34m & FA) DJ & WM Warren, South Molton. Fit Angus to £1140 (24m, FA & sire) D & I Dyer again. Further fit Angus £1060 (only 15/16m, FA & sire) JV & RC Pidgeon again; £980 (35m & sire) EM Burridge again; £955 (31m, FA & sire) and £950 (22m, FA & sire) HD Wilkins again; £950 (21m, FA & sire) PA Cleave again and £950 again (3x 23m, FA & sires) Coombe Farm Partnership, Exford. Fleshed South Devon £1060 (only 16m & FA) and £1050 (18m & FA) MH & BM Jones, Penrhos. Devon 38m & FA) R Chaddock again.

13 GRAZING COWS (Pre-movement tested)

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an entry of 13 grazing cows sold to £870 from WS Hancock. Others £845 and £805 from the same vendor.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an entry of 31 sucklers sold to £1280 for a Limousin cross cow (05.12) and her Limousin cross heifer calf (04.20) from WA Ketley & Sons. Others £1220 (2x) and £1140 from the same Vendor.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a slightly reduced entry on the week as the forecast is good and a lot of grass is being cut. Few top quality beasts forward when the best steer sold to £980 from JE & LP Reason for a 9m Shorthorn. Others from the same farm sold to £775 (9m) for a Limousin steer and £715 and £710 for Shorthorns. Angus (14m) to £805 from B Bull & Sons. Other Angus to £775 (11m) and £675 (11m) from JH Balment & Sons. Charolais from Ham Farm Partners to £800 (5x 9m). Others to £740 (2x 12m) from RE Fewings, who also made £725 of a pair of 13m Limousin steers. Simmental to £715 (2x 11m) from AL & SL Dewey, who also sold at £690 for (3x 11m) British Blues and £690 for an 11m Angus steer.

Friesian trade a shade easier saw a well reared consignment from SJ Williams to £320 (5x) when others sold to £310.

Heifers - a shapely Limousin heifer (9m) again from JE & LP Reason sold to £800, closely followed by two smart Shorthorns (9m) which sold at £755 and £750 from the same stable. Blues to £695 (5x) from VJ Thomas & Son Ltd. Others to £690 from RJ, EM & CJ Puddy. Simmentals from RW & JE Tucker to £675, when others sold to £550 (3x). Few top quality Angus forward when the best sold to £560 from N Burrough and £550 from G & D Purchase. South Devons (8m) to £540 from J Sweeting. Herefords to £525 (12m) from S Matthews. Charolais £505 from BJ Hoyles. Pure bred Devon heifers £500 from CM Hammett.


Beef Breeds (319) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a reduced entry from last week’s 550 saw another good trade for the best. Calves to a top of £415 for a 16 week old Blue from DB & A Fry. Other reared Blues to £380 and £375 (2x) from VJ Thomas & Son Ltd. Younger to £365 from LH, JE & SJ Lyons and £360 Brue Farms Ltd. Limousins to £360 for a super calf from MM Gollop & Sons; £285 from C & D Ford. Charolais to £300 and £255 (2x) from RE Fewings & Son. Simmental to £282 and £218 from RL & ME Trott.

Natives to £368 for a reared Angus from NF Clothier & Partners. Super young Angus from HG Tincknell Ltd to £300 and £292. £285 from SR Curtis & Partners and £285 AW Hewlett & Son. Reared Herefords to £340 and £315 from C & D Ford. Younger Herefords to £260 from NL Reeves & Sons and £230 Garrett Bros.

Heifers to £345 (3x) and £330 for reared Blues from VJ Thomas & Son Ltd. Younger Blues to £325 (3x) from E & HM Sheldon & Son and £300 (2x) MC Powell. Limousins to £252 from Baker & Son. Others £230 from LJ & AJ Herrod. Simmentals to £205 from RL & ME Trott. Others £185 from E Ford. No Charolais entered.

Natives to £280 for a reared Hereford from C & D Ford. Good trade for younger calves to £185 from LHJE & SJ Lyons and £170 from DJ Mogford. Angus to £270 from C & D Ford and £265 from DN Woollacott. Younger to £182 from SR Curtis & Partners and £160 from SC Eavis.

Friesians (104) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report dairy sired bull calves saw a similar trade to the last couple of weeks. Some outstanding Friesians to £160 (3x) P Langdown. Others £138 from GJ & JM Boyer and £135 Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd. Reared calves to £175 (4x) DN Woollacott. Best rearing types £75 plus, mediums £40-£60, plainer types mostly over £20. Fleckvieh to £250 from C & D Ford. Norwegian Red to £85 from J Morris & Partners. Shorthorn to £175 from DN Woollacott. Ayrshire to £62 from MA & NR Bowditch.

3749 SHEEP

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2214)

Another large entry of 2214 store lambs sold to an equally strong trade, with no let up being experienced. Best of the day to £103 from LA Read. Others to £99 from S Francis and LA Read; £96 from DL & ME Gillard; £92.50 from WG Attwell; £90 from T Woollacott; £89 from CA Churchill; £88 from SM Payne; £87 from AC Coutts, AF Willmington and RA Plowright; £86.50 from DA Wood and £86 from F Worle. Overall average rising further to £71.06.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1258)

A greater entry of 1258 cull ewes and rams sold to a larger contingent of buyers, when trade was very similar. Largest of the continental ewes to £130 from I Andrews. Others to £122 from House & Sons; £119 from Sydling Estate; £109.50 from PW Chappell & Son; £107.50 from S & J Larder; £106 from House & Sons; £104 from J Townley and Jones & Pether; £100 from MF Salaman, Sydling Estate, KC & JM Cooke and LA Read. Cull Rams to £146 from House & Sons. Others £130 from LM & V Haskell and £122 from SG Yates. All being bought to breed again. Mediums £60-£75, plain £35-£50. Boners generally £15 plus. Overall average £67.91.

Breeding Ewes (224)

A reasonable entry of 224 breeding ewes on a non catalogued week sold to a good level of demand. Suffolk Mules to £148 and £127 from JC Thorne. North Country Mule shearlings to £139 (2x pens) and £130 from LAJ England. Older ewes to £124 from H & DC Besley. Others in the same section to £114 from GL Steer and £112 from H & DC Besley. Overall average £99.34.

Goats (43)

A reasonable entry of 43 goats sold to a firm trade. Top call was £104 for a pair of nannies and single kids at foot from M Monkhouse. Others from the same Vendor to £77, £72 and £70. Overall average £21.26, which includes a high proportion of kids still on milk.

Stock Rams (10)

A handful of stock rams, with 10 being presented. Shearlings to £200, for a Texel from LAJ England. Older rams to £180 for a Charollais FM from JH & HJ Diment. An older Suffolk to £160 from LM & V Haskell. Overall average £158.67.

160 PIGS

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another very good entry when all types and sizes were forward to satisfy the appetite of all the buyers. Trade for weaners a shade easier.

Weaners (67)

Top of the day for 9 w/o Welsh cross Saddlebacks from W Edwards at £60. Others from J Love to £56 and £45 for 2 pens of 11 w/o from DR Hutchings.

Cull Sows & Boars (4)

Small entry – better trade, the best to £128 and £118 from J Sacre and boars to £58.

Forward Stores (87)

The best sold to £166 for 3 gilts from WG Edwards and £142 from J Foster. Others to £138 from FH Chave & Son and £130 from LE Miller & Son.