The market report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, August 29 is as follows.

The total stock was 5921 head.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report big entries all round with busk calves particularly well sold.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the largest entry of milking cattle this year for our weekly sale, to include 76 calved heifers, saw a trade of two halves.

The best continued to attract the most interest but a larger entry of medium quality, to include a large entry of crossbreds, saw a reduced trade compared with last week’s high levels.

14 heifers sold in excess of £2000 to £2150 for a Holstein non pedigree from Snook Ltd.

A 23m old red and white heifer from R Taylor sold to £2100. Rob had others to £2080. P Cleave of Holsworthy saw his best heifers to £2040.

A run at £2020 for A Ractliffe, Ham Farm Partners, P Snell, R Puddy and ET Summerfield & Son, Oxford.

Others to £2000 from Deptford Farm, ET Summerfield, BG & M Hutchings and two from East Avercombe Farm Ltd.

£1950 and £1880 FG Summerhayes & Sons; £1900 RJ Goss & Son and Richard Willcox; £1860 RJ & HA Popham; £1800 AJ Limond. Swedish Reds from N Goss to £1720. Ayrshire to £1360 TG Baker.

Holstein cross Swedish Red £1720 GM & RD Janes.

Smaller entry of cows to £1650 and £1480 (3rd calvers) from DWT, EG & PW Jones, Dorchester.

Other Holsteins from J & M Craig, Lewes, Sussex to £1520.

Ayrshire cows to £1080 TG Baker, Malmesbury.

Incalf heifers to £1550 and £1500 (2x) from GJ & FL Robertson, Glos.

Hereford bull 35m £1450 from Bayley Partners.



Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another very big August entry of 876 store cattle, 44 per cent up on the year and part of 1341 with the stirks and the sucklers.

Best cattle still selling at excellent levels and all averaged £40 up on the year.

Top was £1310 for well fed Blue steers (4x 25/26m & FA) from AJ Weech, West Buckland.

Further forward Blues at £1255 (5x 21/22m & FA) £1250 (3x 20/22m & FA) £1180 (7x 21/22m & FA) and £1160 (3x 20/22m & FA) all from SC May, Newton Tracey; £1235 (fit, 16m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve; £1200 (3x 23m & FA) GJ Hookway, Ilfracombe; £1170 (25m & FA) RD, ND & VC Webb, Lydeard St Lawrence; £1162 (10x16/19m & FA) and £1105 (10x 16/23m & FA) TE Pocock & Co, Stringston.

Best feeding Limousin steers to £1270 (18m) from LE Sweetland & Son, Musbury.

Further good Limousin steers £1145 (26m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, Butleigh; £1135 (19/24m & FA) and £1120 (5x 17/23m & FA) DM Dyer, Yarcombe; £1120 again (25m & FA) RD, ND & VC Webber again; £1120 yet again (24m & FA) BAC & HM Trim, Combe Raleigh and £1115 (4x 23/24m & FA) H Webb and Son, Henley.

Quality feeding Charolais £1250 (6x 16m) and £1180 (5x 15/16m) LE Sweetland and Son again; £1210 (18/20m and £1150 (16/17m) W Hilborne & Son, Easton; £1175 (5x 17/20m) BJ Guppy, Drimpton; £1170 (24m, FA) BAC & HM Trim, Combe Raleigh and £1130 (5x 16/24m & FA) DM Dyer again.

Blonde steer at £1185 (26m, FA) RD, ND & VC Webber again.

Further Blonde £1105 (27m, FA) RF Tucker & Son again.

Simmental steers to £1145 (only 17m, FA) BJ Stephens & Sons, Locking. Others at £1105 (19m) LE Sweetland & Son again.

Native steers still keen to £1200 for an Angus (28m, Sire) from M Leworthy, Barbrook, who sold another at £1100 (24m).

Further well grown Angus at £1155 (23m, FA & Sire) RD, ND, & VC Webber again; £1115 (3x 24/25m, FA & Sires) and £1085 (5x 23/25m, FA & Sires) BJ Wallbridge & Son, Maiden Newton; £1105 (3x 19/23m, FA & Sire) Arscott Partners, Upottery and £1100 (9x 18/22m, FA & Sire) MJ Frampton & Son, Broadwindsor.

Hereford steers sold to £1045 (23m, Sire) MB & DA Thorne, Othery and £1010 (3x 15/17m, FA & Sire) from DJ & VM Norman, Sigwells.

Dairy bred steers peaked at £1150 for fed Montbeliardes (2x 23m, FA) from GJ Hookway again.

Further Montbeliardes at £900 (25m) WJ Pearce, Coat and £900 again (19m, FA) RD, ND & VC Webber again.

Holstein steers to £900 (13x 22/29m, FA) from D & I Dyer, Yarcombe, who sold others at £780 (8x 22/25m & FA), £850 (3x 21/25m, FA) and £800 (25m) PA Cleave, Bude; £815 (32m) W Paice, Glanville Wootton and £785 (8x 18/23m & FA) and £780 (9x 19/26m & FA) BJ Wallbridge & Son again.

More black and whites at £780 (3x 24/25m, FA) A & P Bradford, Bawdrip; £780 (4x 17/19m, FA) CG & WL Rich & Son, Yarcombe and £780 (9x 21/25m & FA) F & EJ Strawbridge & Son, Axminster.

Heifers keenly sought, particularly for fleshed types.

Top was £1150 for a well fleshed red Limousin (only 17m & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve, who sold further fit red Limousin heifers at £1090 (only 15m, FA) and £1070 (only 15m, FA) and fit Blue heifers £1115 (just 14m & FA) £1060 (17m, FA) £1045 (18m, FA) and £1000 (18m, FA).

Well grown Blues at £1040 (23/24m, FA) from HD Wilkins, High Ham.

Others £995 (24m, FA) BAC & HM Trim again and £980 (25m, FA) SJ & EH Coles, Lympsham.

Pure Simmental heifers at £1000 (5x 15/17m, FA) from BJ Stephens & Son again, who sold other suckler bred types at £940 (3x 16/17m, FA).

Further Simmentals to £990 (25m) MB & DA Thorne, Othery.

Further very shapely Limousin heifers at £990 (4x 15/19m) from S Broom, Upottery, who sold another at £940 (only 15m) and Charolais at £930 (6x 16/20m).

Charolais peaked at £935 (4x 16/22m, FA) from PJ Betty, Othery.

Fleshed Angus heifers rose to £1035 (3x 25/28m, FA & Sires) from HD Wilkins again.

Further better type Angus at £975 (23m, FA & Sires) Arscott Partners again; £965 (6x 21/23m, FA & Sires) MJ Frampton & Son again and £950 (2x 25m, FA & Sires) BJ Wallbridge & Son again.

It is surprising how “Autumnny” and stale some cattle are looking already.

The recent rough weather and cold nights have knocked them back.

Some report having plenty of grass but it’s going straight back through.

Others continue to report a shortage of grass. Very diverse season!


An entry of 6 non assured grazing cows sold to £660 from LJ Hall, Walton.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a large Saturday entry of Sucklers peaked at £1240 for a pedigree Shorthorn cow with 3 month bull calf from NJ Meagor, St Miver, who sold a served pedigree Shorthorn cow at £985 and a served pedigree Shorthorn heifer at £955.

Weaned off and open for service pedigree Angus, Woodington Paula R515 from J Park, Ashbrittle, met a cull of £1100, who sold further Woodington bred dry cows at £940.

£1100 was also bid for an Angus cross with 4 month heifer calf from Lord & Lady Aldenham, Dorset, who sold Angus cross cows with 4 month steer calves at £990 and £980.

2010 pedigree Hereford Bull at £1130 from T Davey.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a huge bank holiday entry of stirks sold to a blistering trade for the best suckler bred sorts.

Quality stirks forward in abundance, thank you to all vendors.

Top price of £995 (11m) for a Limousin steer from JH Pellow & Sons who had an excellent entry with others to £950 (11m) £910 (10m) £905 (11m) £850 (10m) £815 (11m) & £775 (10m).

A further excellent entry of Limousins from L Habberfield & Son met fierce demand and shot to £960 x5 (only 8m) £955 x5 (only 7m) £950 x2 (only 6m!) £790 x2 (only 5m) £745 x3 (only 5m) and £700 x2 (5m).

Further Limousins to £850 (14m) RJ & SR Bunn; £850 (9m) £715 (9m) AHJ Whittle; £825 (10m) £735 x3 (10m) C Jones; £795 (only 6m) GJ Searle & Sons and £695 (10m) KJ & SC Grabham.

Herefords shot to £985 (10m) for a top-drawer steer from B W Fisher, who also sold to £695 x5 (9m).

Further Herefords to £690; £655 x5 (10m) £570 (11m) T Davey & £650 x2 (11m) KJ & SC Grabham.

Devons to £715 SV & EM Lee who sold others to £630 x3 (12m).

Angus to £700 x5 (10m) BD Elworthy, when others sold to £690 x3 (13m) £690 (12m) F & EJ Strawbridge & Sons; £665 x4 D Powell; £650 x3 (12m) SR Curtis & Partners and £630 SJ Taylor.

Charolais to £695 x2 (10m) Hutchings & Sons, when others sold to £680 JR Payne and £625 CJ & J Lang.

British Blues to £690 (10m) NF Clothier & Sons Ltd; £680 AHJ Whittle and £615 x3 (10m) DWT,EG & PW Jones. Shorthorn to £688 (13m) JSD Peppard.

Heifers sold to a top price of £885 (11m) for a Limousin from JH Pellow & Son again who sold others to £808 x3 (10m) £800 (11m) £700 (11m) £680 (11m) £630 (11m) £610 (10m) & £595 x2 (10m).

Further good Limousins shot to £740 x4 (only 8m) £690 x3 (7m) £610 (only 4m!) £595 x2 (6m) £580 x3 (6m) £560 x5 (6m) all from L Habberfield & Sons.

Further Limousins to £575 (10m) C Jones.

British Blues to £660 (8m) AHJ Whittle, when dairy bred types sold to £545 x6 (9m) VJ Thomas & Sons Ltd and £540 (11m) DWT,EG & PW Jones again.

Angus to £670, T Davey when others sold to £555 x5 (12m) F & EJ Strawbridge & Sons again and £555 x8 (12m) SR Curtis & Partners again.

Herefords to £600 T Davey again when others sold to £535 x3 (9m) BW Fisher again; £525 BD Glover and £505 GJ & LJ Wright.

Few Charolais forward sold to £585 JR Payne.

Thank you to all vendors for a quality entry. Best quality stirks certainly in strong demand at Sedgemoor.


Beef Breeds (356) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of 500 calves saw 356 beef types forward mostly younger cattle this week, saw another good trade with all types in demand.

Top of £455 for an 8 week old Blue from T Letts & Son.

Younger Blues to £405 from RC Baker; £395 from D & I Dyer; £382 from J & D Tilbee and £382 from MC Powell.

Super young Limousin to £440 from RJ & SR Bunn.

Others £410 from KF & LW Mitcham and £250 from M & P Watts.

Simmentals to £385 from DN Woollacott.

Others £355 from R Hares and £352 from DG Ham.

Charolais to £328 from RG & IR Tapp.

Natives to £375 for 8 week old Hereford from M Davey & Son.

Others £345 and £325 from DN Woollacott and £230 and £225 Garrett Bros.

Angus to £345 from FE Hill & Son; £305 from T Letts & Son; £295 (2x) AK & CM Quick and £252 from ES Triggol.

Sussex bull to £205 from E Davis.

Heifers to £400 for a month old Charolais from GA Quick & Sons.

Others £280 AL & SL Dewey.

Blues to £388 from E Davis and £355 from SE & TL Lye.

Younger Blues to £308 from EA & DA Ellis; £300 from SJ Perry and £295 from MC Clothier Partnership.

Limousins to £355 from RJ & SR Bunn; £248 from M & P Watts & Son and £220 from M & S Powell.

Simmentals to £278 from DN Woollacott.

Natives to £340 for a Hereford from DN Woollacott; £180 from JW & P Marsh and £170 from WJ & KL Dart.

Angus to £290 from FE Hill & Son; £262 (2x) from DN Woollacott.

Friesians (144) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report 144 dairy sired bull calves as numbers grow through the Autumn calving block the trade does start to become affected.

Top of the day for young calf £170 from JW & P Marsh. Others £165 SJ Perry and £155 from AE Allen & Sons.

Best rearing types still £80 plus.

Mediums £40-£60. Plainer types start to see less demand.

Fleckvieh to £210 from JW & P Marsh.

Norwegian Reds to £118 Brue Farms Ltd.

Normandy to £180 from DN Woollacott; £100 from WG Ogborne & Sons and £155 from Brue Farms Ltd.

3985 SHEEP

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (2308)

Yet another large entry of 2308 store lambs sold to an equally strong trade, with a greater contingent of buyers.

Largest of the forward stores sold to £100 from D Warren, who sold others at £96.50.

Others to £95 from LJ Webber; £92.50 from RC Rowe & Son; £91.50 from AJ Hunt; £89 from J Boden; £88 from R Hann & W Hooper; £87.50 from BL & MJE Bartlett; £85 from B Stoddart; £84 from NG & SJ Kellaway; £80 from YL Mentern and L & A Maddock & Co. Overall average increasing to £64.40.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1524)

A much larger entry of 1524 cull ewes and rams met a greater level of interest, with prices generally on the rise.

Best of the ewes to £127 from G Loosemore.

Other topping types to £115 from Manor Farm Partnership; £113 from DWJ Skinner; £112 from TL Attwell; £108 from C Hopper & Son and RG Drew & Sons; £103 from DM & DM Ginger; £102 from A & N Peace, RM & FR Thorne and W & EA Tratt; £100 from R Hann & W Hooper and £98 from A & N Pearce and MJ Frampton & Sons.

The best rams were aided by a number of farmer buyers looking for another season and sold to £200 from WGF Chave & Son, £192 and £178 from EJ Gwyn and £165 from Spring Farm Partnership.

Other rams sold to £130 from FJ Heal & Son, £110 from KJ Prettejohn and £108 from Spring Farm Partnership.

Overall average lifting slightly to £64.50.

Breeding Ewes (105)

A tight entry of 105 breeding ewes sold to a steady trade.

Some small Suffolk Mule shearlings sold to £102 from JE Wakely & Sons.

The same price was achieved by D Warren for a pen of FM North Country Mules.

6T Downs from HO Price sold to £96. Overall average £81.94.

Goats (48)

An entry of 48 goats sold readily, to a top call of £138 for some very large cull billies from Bagborough Farm Ltd, who sold their nannies to £89.50 and £80.

Younger types to £79 from MF Bathard & Sons.

Overall average £80.17.


Greenslade Taylor Hunt Report a tight entry for this Bank Holiday market. An excellent trade for all store and fat pigs.

Weaners (69)

Good entry, wonderful trade with wide competition for all lots.

Top of the day £69 for 11 w/o from CM Baber and £60 for the last of a good run from AJ Jones.

Pietrain weaners from W Jones to £56.

Cull Sows (3)

Small entry slightly brighter trade sold between £90-£115.

Forward Stores (27)

Smaller entry super trade with J & R Hopkins pigs sold to £136 and Pietrains from KD Adams again to £136.