A slurry spill upstream of Frome has upset residents.

The spill is reported to have taken place on August 20.

Sue Everett of Friends of the River Frome said: "In this area there is too high a livestock density, creating a huge quantity of livestock waste to dispose of that this landscape and our river cannot cope with.

"Last winter was particularly dire, with slurry spread on waterlogged ground, soil and water running out of maize fields causing localised flooding."

But similar practices, she said, are observed every year, despite new regulations that were introduced more than two years ago.

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A slurry spill from a similar origin occurred in 2016, and killed thousands of fish.

The responsible farmer was fined and paid costs to the Environment Agency of £22,000.

Friends of the River Frome is one of the local organisations supporting a new farmer-group in the area, which is being coordinated by the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West.

The group offers guidance on better farming practices, including better slurry, grassland and hedgerow management that benefit nature in the river and on land.