Stags Auctioneers report a shorter entry in number to last season’s first breeding sale of sheep which on the whole sold to a much dearer trade throughout.

The day consisted of over 500 sheep including; 393 breeding ewes, 97 ewe & store lambs and 25 stock rams of which met a dearer trade on the year.

Topping the breeding ewes on the day at £158 for two pens of Suffolk cross shearlings from Ross Sizmur Livestock of Okehampton who also sold shapely Texel shearlings £145 & £140.

North Country Mule shearlings again from Ross Sizmur Livestock topped at £142 & £140 with Ross again selling half bred ewes to £135 & £130.

Mr M Blake of St Column had a rewarding day selling his run of ¾ Berrichon ewes, a breed which seems to be increasing in popularity to a top of £136 with others pens to £130.

Zwartbles shearlings which had already been running with the ram, presented by Mr M Pearse of South Brent looked well sold on the day, topping at £115.

Older ewes topped at £110 for 3 & 4 Crop North Country Mules from Ross Sizmur Livestock while a small flock reduction from Messrs GC & VD Mitchell of Liskeard presented in their working clothes went on to top at £100, twice for Full Mouth Suffolk Mules with four further pens at £98 for 6T/FM Scotch Mules from the same home.

Mr I Fowler of Liskeard also sold FM ewes, this time Pure Dorsets which were looking well, reaching a pleasing £98.

Lastly, our host for the day Mr IJ Moon sold Suffolk cross flock aged ewes to £95.

A small entry of ewe lambs topped at £100 for Zwartbles presented by Ms T Hooper of Liskeard who has become a regular vendor at the sale with her other pens reaching £95 & £82.

Store lambs possibly the most eagerly bid for on the day which could have seen many, many more sold very well on the day.

Top of the day for Mr C Davies of Launceston who sold a pen of smart Texel cross sorts at £76 with others from regular supporter Mr R Cole of Liskeard at £72 for Suffolk crosses and £70 for Hampshire crosses.

Average for the lambs presented although they varied in quality was £69.20

Rams met a selective trade as to be expected at this relatively early point in the season with the best to Messrs RJ & SJ Geake of Tavistock who regularly supports the sale, who sold Suffolk shearlings to £380 twice.

Others sold included a pair Charollais ram lambs to £200 & £180 for Mr M Pearse of South Brent.