THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Saturday, August 8 is as follows. The total stock was 4733 head.

Flying trades all round.

87 Dairy Cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much larger entry saw another good trade. Medium quality were dearer than last week. 4 over £2000 to £2080 for P Summerfield’s non pedigree heifer from Oxford. He also had others to £2000. Other heifers to £2060 for E & V Kidner of Chippenham. AR Edwards & Son of Newport, Wales had heifers to £2000, £1980, £1920 and £1950 from R & M Lougher & Son of Brigend; £1920 (2x) for both AJ Limond, RJ Goss & Son; £1900 (2x) for RJ Popham and JG Watts, Caerphilly. 25 cows and heifers over £1800!

The cow trade took off this week to £1920 for AR Edwards. Others to £1800 and £1720 RL & ME Trott and £1800 AJ Limond.

Incalf heifers to £1600 and £1400 GJ & FL Robertson; £1380 DR Dymond. Yearlings to £600 (3x) for D & M Legg & Sons. Calves to £200 (2x) GJ & JM Boyer also TR & L Tard.

776 Store Cattle and Grazing Cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report what a huge Summer market! 776 store cattle, 223 head up on the year. 404 stirks and 238 sucklers made a total of 1418 head. Incredible for August.

Trade remains very strong. Fleshed types extremely keenly sought. Best feeders very dear following the finished trade. More secondary and out of spec’ types on offer but on the top of the trade, that is time to sell such types.

Top was £1315 for a fit, non assured Hereford (24m & sire) from Heal & Squire, Glastonbury, who sold another similar (23m & sire) at £1305. MA Squire sold a fit non assured Hereford steer at £1300 (24m & sire) who sold another at £1280 (26m & sire). Further Hereford steers at £1145 (31m, FA & sire) from W & EA Tratt, Luppitt; £1085 (only 15m, FA & sire) K & M McEwen Smith, Bristol and £1075 (2x 23m & sire) A Burland, Spaxton. Huge South Devon (32m & FA) GP Tratt Ltd, Lympsham at £1285. Angus steers also from GP Tratt Ltd rose to £1265 (2x 30mm & NA). Forward Angus at £1175 (26m, FA & sire) from BJ Wensley, North Newton, who sold others at £1160 (2x 24m, NA & sire).

Good feeding Angus at £1160 (2x 22/23m, FA & sire) D & J Best, Bradford on Tone; £1150 (2x only 15m) GT White & Son, Broadoak, who sold others at £1130 (4x 14/15m); £1130 again (26m, FA & sire) and £1085 (35m, FA & sire) WS Hancock, Edithmead; £1100 (2x 15m, NA & sire) P & S Llewellyn, Oakford and £1085 again (2x 19m, FA & sire) KD & VJ Palfrey, East Worlington.

Continental steers sold to £1300 (22m & FA) for a fed Blue from GJ Hookway, Ilfracombe, who sold further fed Blue steers at £1290 (2x 22m & FA) £1280 (3x 22m & FA) and £1240 (2x 22m & FA). Further Blues £1155 (3x 25/26m & NA) J Keedwell, Chew Stoke; £1105 (19m & FA) KD & VJ Palfrey again and £1100 (24m & FA) RN & LA Bell, Durleigh. Very shapely, lean, red Limousin steers at £1290 (20/21m & FA) from AM Denford, Holsworthy, who sold another (20m & FA) at £1130 along with a Saler steer (19m & FA). Non Assured Limousin steer at £1270 (21m) from DW Parris, Dalwood, who sold another at £1105 (only 16m & NA). Fit Limousin steer £1210 (20m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve. Strong feeders £1190 (27/28m & FA) JM & JM Baker, Meare; £1140 (20/26m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle, Marston Magna; £1125 (25/26m) S Keedwell again and £1110 (21m & FA) A Cleave, Cristow. Charolais steers hit £1200 (20m & FA) from AM Denford again. Further good feeders at £1180 (22m) J & VS Huxtable, North Molton; £1125 (3x only 15/18m) SC Norman, Salway Ash and £1110 (only 15m & FA) R Takle, Exton. Simmental steers to £1120 (24/25m & FA) RC & K Wright & Son, Dunkeswell.

Dairy bred steers sold to £1225 for two well fleshed Montbeliardes (22m & FA) from GJ Hookway again. Fleckvieh to £970 (26m) D & LM Hobbs, Chilton Trinity. Big framed Holstein at £955 (35m, FA & organic) Manor Farm Dairy Ltd, Dorchester. Further big Holsteins £920 (2x 24m & FA) AJ & RA Turner, Axminster; £910 (33m, FA & organic) Manor Farm Dairy Ltd again; £890 (2x 20m & FA) CG & WL Rich & Son, Yarcombe; £880 (16/18m & FA) MD Fone & Sons, Upottery; £860 (3x 32/33m & FA) BA & L Male, Fivehead and £855 (7x 22/23m & FA) J Headon & Son, Seven Crosses.

Heifers well sought to £1200 for a fit red Limousin (18m & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve, who sold another at £1150 (17m & FA) and fit Blues at £1120 (14m & FA) £1105 (17m & FA) £1080 (17m & FA) and £1045 for a Charolais (13m & FA). Best feeding Charolais at £1135 (20m & NA) SC Norman again, who sold others at £1110 (20/27m & NA) and £1070 (19/20m & NA); £1100 (2x 25/26m & FA) RC & K Wright & Son, Dunkeswell and £1070 (29m) ST Matthews, Hemyock. Big, strong feeding pedigree and pure Simmental heifers at £1135 (7x 28/29m) and (3x 29m) from PM Churches, Wedmore. Cross bred Simmentals at £1080 (27m & FA) CG & WL Rich & Son again and £1060 (2x 25m & FA) from RC & K Wright & Son again. Fed Blues £1130 (3x 23/24m & FA) £1075 (4x 22/24m & FA) and £1070 (6x 22/25m & FA) from CJ Board & Partners, Lottisham. Good feeding Blues £1085 (19m & FA) CG & WL Rich & Son again; £1055 (24m & FA) AJ & RA Turner again; £1040 (14m & FA) NJ May, Westonzoyland; £1035 (25m) J Keedwell again and £1030 (31m) J Baker, Kennford. Further Limousins at £1130 (25m & NA) and £1070 (15m & NA) DW Parris again; £1100 (26/27m & FA) and £1085 (26 & FA) DG Barrow, Molland; £1090 (21m) Heal & Squire again; £1085 twice (both only 14m & FA) and £1005 (only 11m & FA) K & M McEwen Smith; £1040 (only 12m & FA) NJ May again and £1030 (2x 25m) J Keedwell again.

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Native heifers sold to a tremendous £1110 for a Hereford (24m, NA & sire) from MA Squire again. Further Hereford heifers £1070 (only 14m, FA & sire) K & M McEwen Smith again and £1025 (21m & FA) SJ & EH Coles, Edingworth. Angus heifers £1040 (23m) M Burnett, Exford; £1015 (22/23m & FA) CG & WL Rich & Son again.

Dairy heifers to £990 for a Friesian (35m & FA) from RJ & GJ Tucker, Morchard Bishop. Also £950 (24m & FA) MD Fone & Sons again.

35 Grazing Cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report very keen grazing cow trade to £1040 for a fleshed Angus (63m & FA) from Small Bros, Blagdon, who sold another at £900 (40m & FA). Further Angus cow at £985 (124m) RAD Legg, Whitchurch Canonicorum. Limousin cow also at £900 (77m) from RP & JA Brendon, Hallworthy.

238 Suckler Cows, Calves and Stock Bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report this month’s suckler sale was enhanced by the large dispersal for Steven Broom of Upottery. The herd comprised a run of 2013 born Simmental cross cows with Limousin cross Spring born calves at foot. Like all the stock entered the cows were in excellent condition resulting in a flying trade to a top of £1730 for a cow and March born steer calf. Others sold to £1720 and £1610 (2x). The bulk of the herd were British Blue cross Holstein 2016 born 2nd calvers and with their Spring born Limousin calves they sold to £1700 (2x) also £1670 and £1660. A run of first calved Charolais cross heifers with calves sold to £1600.

Incalf British Blue cows to £1280. Limousin cross heifers 8m incalf to £1300 and Charolais incalf heifers to £1300.

The sale included the 2013 Westcroft bred Limousin bull that realised £1700.

Averages Simmental cross cows with calves £15360

British Blue cross cows with calves £1584

Charolais cross heifers with calves £1435

In the collective section 5 year old commercial British Blue bulls sold to £2000 for WA Ketley & Sons, Essex and £2000 for the 2 year old pedigree Limousin “Smallridge Omar” from A Cleave and 14 and 15m old Charolais from DT Daniel of Launceston and £1750.

An impressive entry of 11 cows and calves from M Doble, Weymouth sold exceptionally well to top the day at £1860 for a 4 year old Limousin cross cow with Jan born steer calf at foot. British Blue cross cow with March born heifer calf at foot from the same Vendor sold for £1720.

In calf cows from S & P Boyer sold to £1760 for the 6 year old Columpark Justadream due October to the Limousin, British Blue cross cow due the same time £1670.

404 Busk Calves and Stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger Summer entry of stirks saw a continuation of the fast trade. Quality stirks continue to be in strong demand. Top price of £930 (11m) for a Charolais steer from CJ & J Lang, who sold other good steers to £790 (11m) and £775 (11m). Further good Charolais to £700 (only 6m) £630 AR Johns; £700 (8m) CJ Tucker and £630 Hutchings & Son. Angus in fierce demand and shot to £865 (4x 12m) M England, who sold others to £785 (3x 12m). Further Angus to £735 (2x) £705 (2x 12m) J Cotterell & Son; £720 (13m) SJ & KE Hatherley & Rendle; £700 (only 8m) J Reed & Co; £700 (2x 12m) WJ Harraway and £645 (11m) Hutchings & Son again. Simmentals to £810 (2x 10m) for pure bred types from R & J Look, when further Simmentals sold to £790 (10m) J Popham and £625 J Saunders. Limousins to £795 (10m) J Popham again, when others sold to £780 (11m) CJ & J Lang again and £690 (only 9m) J Saunders again. South Devon to £785 (8m) EA & DA Ellis. An outstanding run of dairy bred British Blues shot to £770 (7x 10m) £750 (5x 11m) £745 (4x 10m) £710 (4x 10m) £705 (5x 11m) and £655 (7x 9m) from RJ Taverner. Further British Blues to £615 (4x 8m) BA & G Hill. Sussex to £700 (2x 11m) SJ Williams. Blonde with shape to £680 (only 7m) DF Ward, who sold another to £670 (only 5m). Herefords to £625 JR Holt. Holstein Friesians in demand to £595 (2x 12m) D & I Dyer.

Bulls sold to £620 for an Angus from CJ & JLM Hutchings & Sons. Pure Friesian to £600 (11m) from JC Poultney. Dairy bred British Blue bulls to £590 (6m) VJ Thomas & Son Ltd, who sold others to £585 (4x 6m).

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Heifers sold to a top of £900 (12m) for a Limousin from J Saunders. Further good Limousins shot to £750 (10m) RJ & SR Bunn; £675 (14m) SJ & KE Hatherley & Rendle; £630 (9m) and £575 (9m) J Popham and £600 (13m) S Broom. British Blues to £760 (2x 16m) RP & JA Brendon. Dairy bred British Blues to £665 (5x 11m) £645 (3x 11m) £620 (5x 10m) and £610 (4x 11m) RJ Taverner again. Charolais to £705 (9m) J Popham again, when others sold to £660 (only 6m) AR Johns again; £570 (10m) Coleman Bown Partnership and £520 (8m) CJ Tucker. Angus to £635 (10m) K Payne, when others sold to £570 (3x 7m) M Squire and £515 (5x J Cottrell & Sons again. Simmentals to £595 (11m) J Wood. Shorthorn to £585 (12m) JSD Pepperd.

460 Non-export Calves. Auctioneer's comments:

Beef Breeds (380) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent entry of 460 calves sold to another good trade where all types saw demand. Top of the day was £485 for a suckler bred 16 week old Blue from Fonthill Farm. Other Blues to £485 and £455 (2x) from VJ Thomas & Son. Younger Blues to £425 from MC Clothier Partnership; £390 from EA & DA Ellis and £388 from RW Sheldon & Son. Young Charolais to £420 from SM & DM Turner, same vendor also £380, £375 and £370 (2x). Suckler bred Limousins to £420 and £408 from EA & DA Ellis. Others £335 from SR Curtis & Partners and £318 from MM Gollop & Sons. Simmentals to £270 and £220 from DE Down & Son.

Natives to £380 for an Angus from EA & DA Ellis. Others £340 (2x) RJ & CH Palfrey & Son and £315 (2x) from SR Curtis & Partners. Herefords to £338 from RA Plowright; £290 from NP Gibbons Ltd and £270 (3x) from Snook Ltd.

Continental heifers to £440 and £390 for a suckler bred reared Blue from EA & DA Ellis. Other Blues to £390 and £370 from VJ Thomas & Son Ltd and £368 from JWO Marsh & Partners. Limousins to £430 from JLG Dorse; £358 and £340 (2x) from EA & DA Ellis and £250 from M & P Watts. Charolais to £300 from SM & DM Turner Ltd; £255 from AL & SL Dewey. Simmentals to £252 W & EA Tratt and £228 for DE Down & Son.

Natives to £295 (2x) for Angus from VJ Thomas & Son Ltd. Others £250 from RA Plowright and £240 from RJ & CH Palfrey & Son. Herefords to £250 from RA Plowright and £155 Snook Ltd.

Friesians (80) – not able to be exported from market

Another good entry of dairy sired bull calves met a continued good trade, to top at £250 for reared calves from RA Plowright. Others £225 from RL & ME Trott and £165 (2x) from CG Gribble. Younger calves to £115 from GJ & JM Boyer and £114 from RW Gilbert & Partners. We are still seeing the best rearing types sell to £80 plus, mediums £50-80 and plainer types mostly over £30. Fleckvieh to £245 (2x) from RF & BA Larcombe. Ayrshire £125 from J & K House. Norwegian Red to £120 from Hill Partners. Danish Red to £108 from RGG De Pelet. Shorthorn to £95 from BS & SG Kingston.

2768 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (1674)

A reasonable entry of 1674 store lambs sold to a greater number of buyers when trade held firm. Heavy finished types to £114 from R Chaddock. Shapely Texel to £103 from EJ Gwyn. Others to £94 from CM Tucker & Son; £93 from WS Stitch; £91.50 from R Chaddock and C Peach; £89 from R Chaddock and £88 from K Long & J D Wheeler. Overall average £68.97.

Cull Ewes and Rams (791)

A similar entry of 791 cull ewes and rams sold to a brighter trade when more grazing ewe purchasers were in attendance. Cull rams continue to be well sought and sold to £154 from EJ Gwyn. Other best rams to £130 from GE & DM Powell; £118 from D & E Whittle; £112 from Y Underwood and V & RA Hunt. Best of the continental ewes to £120 from L Wallis. Others to £117 from EJ Gwyn; £113 from RG & PM Clist; £109 from C Peach; £108 from MR Adams; £107.50 from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd; £107 from Westbrook Farms; £104.50 from CM Tucker & Son; £104 from K Long and RM Sparkes & Sons; £103 from JC Poultney; £101 from HJ & HB Case Ltd and £100 from Y Underwood. Mediums £50-£70. Smaller and leaner types £40-£50. Boners nearly all £20+. Overall average £65.36.

Goats (38)

A reasonable entry of 38 goats sold to a buoyant trade, when all types were well sought. Top call was £122 for a nanny and two kids at foot from JPA Wilton. Cull nannies to £80 from Holland Farmers, who sold a lean pen to £51. Overall average £53.59.

Breeding Ewes (239)

A large entry of 239 breeding ewes on a non-catalogued week sold to a sensible trade for the quality on offer, with no real toppers forward. Texel shearlings to £132 from L Wallis. Zwartble shearlings to £125. Flock age Charollais to £120 from JR Holt. Texel cross shearlings to £116 from LAJ England. Overall average £93.46.

Ewes & Lambs (6E & 7L)

A small late season entry of 6 ewes with 7 lambs sold well. Doubles to £148 (£49.33/life) from CK & HJ Hutchings. Singles to £136 (£68/life) from DRJ & KF Laramy. Others to £115 (£57.50/life) from CK & HJ Hutchings. Overall average £52.77.

Stock Rams (13)

A modest entry of 13 stock rams sold to a lacklustre trade. Texel shearlings to £120 (4x) from L Wallis. Overall average £118.