Two CCTV cameras with no warning signs have popped up near Falmouth and on the Roseland this week.

Both cameras are attached to existing traffic signs but there are no signs warning drivers of the cameras' presence.

One camera is attached to the 'Welcome to Feock Parish' sign on the A39 between Playing Place and Carnon Downs.

The other is attached to a parking sign on the A3078 on the Roseland, near Ruan High Lanes.

Closer inspection reveals a sticker with the contact details for Streetwise Services on the base of the boxes.

It reads: "CCTV recording in operation for purposes of traffic survey."

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Streetwise Services explained that the cameras survey junctions and link roads to help assess traffic flow.

"Most junction count and link flow surveys are undertaken using video cameras to record traffic flows, enabling subsequent review in a quality controlled environment.

"This also enables us to provide clients with images for audit purposes or to serve as a permanent record to assist in understanding of junction operation and driver behaviour."