Fire crews launched a heavy-duty rescue effort to free this massive one tonne bull - that weighs more than the England rugby scrum writes Sarah Lumley.

The whopping 1,000 kilo animal needed a lift after it had been stuck next to a little bridge for over a day.

Crews Great Dunmow in Essex and Chelmsford Fire Station and a specialist Animal Rescue Unit were called in.

The bull had to be sedated by a vet before fire crews could hoist it to safety.

South West Farmer:

Picture: Essex County Fire and Rescue / SWNS.COM

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And the rescue was no mean feat, with the bull weighing 1000 kg, or 157 stone - roughly the weight of England Rugby Union's entire scrum unit.

Watch Manager Gary Wain, from Great Dunmow Fire Station, said: "The bull had apparently been stuck for over a day before we were called.

"It was clear he wasn't going to be able to get himself out as he was stuck right next to a small bridge.

"Thankfully the bull seemed fine once we got him out - and started happily eating the grass even before the crews had got all the straps off him."