THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Friday, July 24 and Saturday, July 25 is as follows. The total stock was 5328 head.

Store Cattle and Stirk trades of the year!

83 Dairy Cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report quality counted as trade was not as fast as previous weeks, but still over £2000 for both cows and heifers and topped at £2050 for a commercial heifer from Ham Farm Partners. Same Vendor sold to £1980. Pedigree heifer from Arrijan Farming Ltd to £1980. Newfold bred heifer from ET Summerfield sold to £1950. £1920 P Snell.

Cows to £2000 for a commercial 2nd calver from Cleave Farm Partnership. Others £1950 from RH Webb. Pedigree Steambow cow to £1850 from RL & ME Trott.

Incalf heifers to £1480 for another Steambow heifer, this time from GJ & FL Robertson. J Puddephatt to £1470. Bullers to £840, yearlings to £710 for same Vendor.

609 Store Cattle and Grazing Cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report what a trade! Sedgemoor was searing hot today. Probably the trade of the year! The finished trade shows no sign of abating and in fact some buyers received a text mid auction encouraging them to kick on.

Top was £1300 twice for both steers and heifers. 609 stores were penned, part of a massive 1069 with the stirks and sucklers and the stores were £197.36 up on average on the year.

Steers sold to £1300 for five very smart red Limousins (only 17/18m) from LE Sweetland & Son, Membury, who sold another at £1280 (17m) and a smart Charolais at £1240 (6x 15/19m) and a Blonde at £1240 (18m). Further Limousin steers at £1270, £1200 and £1110 (all 22m) from G Webster, Chittlehampton; £1215 (5x 21/24m & FA) and £1105 (26/27m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, Glastonbury; £1205, absolute cracker (22m & FA) P Hambridge, Leigh; £1190 (25/27m) MJ & RSM Barrow, Arlington and £1140 (4x 25/27m) J Keedwell, Chew Stoke. Further Charolais at £1180 (6x 19/26m & FA) from RF Tucker & Son again, who also sold a Blonde at the same monies (22m & FA) and £1105 (only 14/15m & FA) from DM Ruell, Clatworthy. Fed Blue steers at £1250 (3x 19/20m & FA) from R Ford & Son, Harracott. Fit Blues at £1240 (only 17m & FA) and £1230 (15m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve; £1215 (21m & FA|) RF Tucker & Son again and £1200 (26m & FA) K Dunster, Compton Dundon. Good feeding Blues £1195 (24/25m) and £1160 (2x 25m) MJ & RSM Barrow again; £1175 (3x 15/17m & FA) and £1085 (6x 17/19m & FA) MP & DM Hine, Northay; £1140 (7x 21/23m & FA) and £1100 (7x 20/22m & FA) S & KA Hamlin, Templeton; £1125 (22/26m & FA) RF Tucker & Son again and £1100 (3x 19/20m) R Lethaby, Kingsmeet. Simmental steers rose to £1170 (4x 25/26m & FA) from RF Tucker & Son again. Others to £1140 (20m) from R Lethaby again and £1130 (22/24m & FA) P Hambridge again. Further Blondes at £1105 (24m) MJ & RSM Barrow again.

Native steers on fire! Fit Hereford at £1295 (27m, FA & sire) from Lynham & Chidgey, Woolavington, who sold another at £1130 (24m, FA & sire). Further fit Herefords at £1275 (25m, FA & sire) J Coleman & Son, West Stafford. Forward Hereford steers £1215 (2x 22m, FA & sire) S & KA Hamlin again; £1190 £19m & FA) GJ & SM Down, High Bickington; £1165 (22m) G Webster again; £1165 again (23m, bull & sire) and £1135 (47m & sire) J Lawler, Nomansland; £1115 (3x 29/30m, FA & sire) T Webber, Loxhore and £1085 (3x only 14m!, FA & sire) K & M McEwen Smith, Bristol. Angus flying to £1235 for forward types (3x 25/26m & sire) from WR & NA Rich, Northleigh, who sold others at £1155 (3x 26m & sires) and £1135 (3x 26m & sires). Further good Angus £1220 (30m) GP Tratt Ltd, Lympsham; £1205 (16/24m, FA & sire) R Snell, Alswear; £1140 (2x 28m & sire) R Stevens, Oakford and £1120 (23/24m & sire) A Burland, Spaxton. South Devon steers at £1220 (30m) GP Tratt Ltd again and £1155 (3x 22/26m & FA) EA & DA Ellis, St Ives.

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Dairy breeds peaked at £1150 for a pure Fleckvieh (20m) from R Lethaby again. Fleckvieh proving its worth again. Further Fleckvieh at £1035 (18m & FA) AM Denford, Holsworthy. Friesians topped at £1070 (24m) AD & SKA Darley, Whitechapel. Holstein steers £1005 (24m & FA) £975 (5x 19/25m & FA) J Coleman & Son again; £1000 (4x 21/24m & FA) and £920 (25m & FA) AJ & RA Turner, Axminster; £970 (8x 37/38m & FA) and £935 (8x 36/39m & FA) SG Harraway, Burtle and £885 (3x 34/35m & FA) BA & L Male, Fivehead.

Heifers sold to £1300 for a fit Blue (20m & FA) from R Ford & Son again, who sold another at £1150 (21m & FA). Further fit Blues £1180 (16m & FA) £1145 (16m & FA) £1135 (15m & FA) and £1075 (17m & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve. Fed Blues £1170 (8x 24/27m & FA) from GJ & SM Down, High Bickington; £1165 (2x 21m & FA) £1130 (3x 21m & FA) £1080 (3x 21/22m & FA) and £1065 (22m & FA) all from GJ Hookway again.

Good feeders £1110 (26/27m) and £1075 (6x 25/26m) MJ & RSM Barrow again; £1055 (4x 22/25m & FA) AJ & RA Turner again and £1000 (3x 23/24m) RH Mabbett & Sons, Winscombe. Charolais reached £1215 (23m & FA) from EA & DA Ellis again. Other feeders £1210 (22m) G Webster again; £1185 (23m) MJ & RSM Barrow again; £1105 (28m) DK Weech, Upottery; £1095 (28m) BM Churches, Cheddar and £1040 (5x only 14/15m & FA) DM Ruell, Clatworthy. Fed Simmental heifers £1208 (3x 24/27m & FA) GJ & SM Down again.

Further Limousin heifers at £1200 for a shapely, fit type from SER Hunt again, who sold another at £1155 (21m & FA). Further fit heifers £1175 (3x 30/34m & FA) NE Clarke, Bishops Sutton. Good feeders £1000 (4x 23/27m & FA) EA & DA Ellis again. Blonde heifers at £1005 (3x 27m & FA) D Marshall, Badgworth.

Native heifers very dear to £1045 (7x 16/27m, FA & sire) for pure feeding Angus from R Snell again. Feeding Angus again at £1010 (26m, FA & sire) AJ & TLJ Hawkins, Simonsbath; £1000 (3x 23m & sire) A Burland and £995 (3x 19/23m, FA & sire) ER Rosewell, Luppitt. Herefords to £1030 (22m) from G Webster; £1030 (3x 24m, FA & sire) AJ & RA Turner and £990 (18m & sire) R Brasier, Uploaders. Smart South Devon at £1000 (24m & FA) EA & DA Ellis again.

Fit Holstein heifer at £970 (22m & FA) from FR Madge & Son, Seavington St Mary.

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11 Grazing Cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an entry of 11 grazing cows sold to £1165 from APJ Dare & Partners. Others £995 and £700 (2x).

214 Suckler Cows, Calves and Stock Bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the 2nd monthly suckler sale for July drew the largest entry of the year to date and generated a good trade when more could have sold.

All the bulls forward sold with 35m old Charolais at £2100 from S Legg, Dorchester and 16 and 17m olds at £2050 and £2000 from D Hazell, Bicester. British Blues at £2000 from S Beach. Limousins £1900 and £1800 DJR Davies, Carmarthen. Herefords £1800 from DJ & VM Norman, Sherborne, who also sold pedigree yearling Herefords to £830 (3x). Charolais cross cows with twin calves to £1660 from JC Burdge, who also sold British Blue cross heifers with Spring born Charolais heifer calves to £1500 and £1480 and steer calves to £1520. Angus cross cow with Charolais steer calf to £1540 JH & R Snell, Beaminster. Limousin cross cow with Limousin steer calf £1530 Briarwood Products Ltd, who also sold Hereford cross cows and Limousin steer calves to £1360. Pedigree 6 year old Devon cow with heifer calf at foot £1080 from M Dewberry. Pedigree Charolais heifers incalf 3m to the Simmental £1000 L Ham.

246 Busk Calves and Stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report what a trade! All stirks in fierce demand and saw the strongest trade of the year. The sale commenced with our show potential which saw a top drawer British Blue heifer (10m) sell to £1100 from AF Cook, who also sold a Limousin heifer (13m) to £980 – an excellent entry.

In the commercial section Limousin steers sold to £995 (12m) £840 (12m) and £830 (9m) from SJ Cheacker. Further Limousins to £820 (4x 9m) £820 (9m) PK Rowland; £755 (8m) EA & DA Ellis; £740 (10m) RAD Legg; £720 (2x 13m) AR Fewings and £650 (3x 11m) M & S White & Son. Simmentals to £890 (2x 9m) GG & D Gribble, who sold others to £805 (6m) and £700 (9m). British Blues to £845 (12m) EH Brown, when dairy bred types sold to £595 (3x 9m) PE King Ltd; £585 (8m) WR Strawbridge & Son and £525 (2x 6m) E Willis. Herefords in strong demand and sold to £835 (11m) AJ & TLJ Hawkins. Further Herefords to £770 (2x 9m) M Forward; £750 (2x 14m) D & LM Hobbs; £694 (2x 9m) IJ Jennings & Son; £680 (9m) E Willis and £655 Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd. Charolais to £780 (6x 12m) J & AJ Andrews, when others sold to £715 (13m) £620 (9m) S Williams and £650 (2x 10m) Hutchings & Sons. Angus saw strong demand to £760 (2x 14m) RA Willcox, who sold others to £755 (2x 13m) and £695 (2x). Further Angus to £645 CD Griffin & Partners; £615 (4x 9m) £590 (3x 8m) £500 (3x 6m) WR Strawbridge & Son again; £615 (10m) M & S White & Son again. Norwegian steer to £665 (11m) D & LM Hobbs, who also sold a Fleckvieh to £640 (11m). Holstein Friesians in good demand to £495 (4x 11m) R & E Kingman & Son Ltd, when others sold to £490 (12m) RA Willcox again and £490 (3x 13m) M & S White & Son again.

A number of young dairy bred bulls forward, which shot to £595 (4x only 5m) for British Blues from first time Vendors VJ Thomas & Son, who sold others to £575 (4x 5m). Further British Blue to £590 AJ & GD Bond & Son.

After the show potential heifers further heifers sold to £790 (13m) for Charolais from J & AJ Andrews, when others sold to £585 (12m) S Williams and £550 (10m) Hutchings & Sons. Limousins to £775 (9m) PK Rowland, who sold others to £720 (2x 9m) and £690 (9m). Further Limousins to £740 (2x) £680 M & R Vellacott and £565 (12m) M & S White & Son. British Blue to £695 (13m) AJ & TLJ Hawkins again, when dairy bred types sold to £540 (3x 9m) WR Strawbridge & Son and £505 (5x only 5m) VJ Thomas & Son again. Herefords to £685 (2x 15m) D & LM Hobbs again, when younger types sold to £595 (9m) M Forward again and £540 (10m) IJ Jennings & Son again. Angus in strong demand to £675 (15m) D & LM Hobbs again, who sold others to £625. Further Angus £670 (3x 15m) M & R Vellacott again and £610 (5x 14m) RA Willcox again.

332 Non-export Calves. Auctioneer's comments:

Beef Breeds (217) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report increased numbers forward met a decent trade for those presented, when perhaps quality was more wanted than previous weeks. Top of the day went to a 3m Limousin bull from EA & DA Ellis at £570. Younger Limousin bulls (1m) £340 (2x) and £312 from M & P Watts & Son. Others £275 from D Powell. Blue bulls to £500 (3m) from EA & DA Ellis. Excellent consignment of Blues (2m) to £428 (2x) and £422 (2x) VJ Thomas & Son; £370 from Dolau and £315 from D Christensen and MC Powell. Charolais bulls to £462 (3m) AJ & TLJ Hawkins and £405 from P Coombes. Young Charolais bulls to £390 and £382 from SM & DM Turner and £375 from MJ & DA Johnson. Simmental bulls to £325 from R Hares; £250 from E Ford and £235 from D & J Mapstone.

Native bulls to £395 from BA & G Hill, as part of a consignment of Angus, with other reared Angus to £375 and £300 (2x). Young Angus bulls to £335 from P Kostyla and £315 from LG Heal & Son. Hereford bulls to a very good trade and to £255 from NP Gibbons Ltd; £235 from Dolau and £215 from W & EA Tratt.

Continental heifers topped at £475 and £460 from EA & DA Ellis for 3m Limousins. Young Limousin heifers to £285 from EA & DA Ellis again; £270 and £250 (2x) from M & P Watts & Son. Blue heifers to £405 and £380 from EA & DA Ellis. Others to £360 (2x) £340 and £335 (2x) from VJ Thomas & Son. Charolais heifers to £270 and £265 (2x) from SM & DM Turner. Simmental heifers to £248 and £232 from N & J Ham & Son; £232 from DE Down & Son and £220 from JC & MJ Mayo & Son.

A flying trade for native heifers with a reared Angus (4m) £315 from R Horsington. Others £258 and £228 (4x) from BA & G Hill, 2m Angus to £205 and £200 from HJ Bult & Son. Hereford heifers to £190 from NP Gibbons; £188 from RM & CG Drew & Son and £182 (3x) from R & J Tibbs.

Friesians (115) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a large number forward of 115 dairy sired bull calves. Black and whites to £220 from AL & SL Dewey. Others £150 from AE Allen & Sons; £148 (2x) GJ & JM Boyer; £140 from MJ Frampton & Sons. Montbeliarde to £205 from DJ Palmer. Fleckvieh to £255 from RF & BA Larcombe and £218 from AJ & ES Maltby. Norwegian to £75 from J & D Tilbee. Dairy Shorthorn to £78 from Williams PFA. Best rearing types over £100, mediums £60-£80 and plainer types around £30.

3320 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (1376)

Another reasonable entry of 1376 store lambs sold to a similar trade, when more smaller types are starting to be presented. Top call was £99 from A Sykes. Other best pens to £95 from AS Morgan; £94.50 from DJ Nelmes; £91.50 from R Chaddock; £91 from A Hext and P Coles; £90 from GF & DV Bussell; £88 from GG Gribble and MD & KE Lanfear and £86 from J Turney. Many medium types £70 plus. Overall average £69.89.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1925)

A bumper entry comprising of 1925 cull ewes and rams. Top call was £164 for a solid Texel ram from AG Hinks & Sons. Other cull rams to £120 from A Ford; £109 from DM Atkins; £101 from A & N Pearce and £100 from AJ Willcox. Leading the cull ewes was R & G Matravers who realised £130. Other best shapely types to £125 from H Crofts; £122 from C Peach; £116 from R Sherry and JH Enticott; £105 from ML Jennings & H Crofts; £104.50 from Stanbury Farm Partnership and £99.50 from H Agar. Overall average £67.13.

Goats (4)

Just 4 goats forward sold to £111 for a breeding billy from G Blake. Young goats to £49 from D Sheldon. Overall average £64.50.

Breeding Ewes (15)

Only a handful of breeding ewes forward, when 15 were penned. Texel cross shearlings to £113 from CW Ashford & Son. Flock age mixed breeds to £87 from DJ Nelmes. Overall average £85.60.

524 Poultry. Auctioneer's comments:

A good following sold to a strong trade, topped at £82 for Cuckoo Maran hens from V Rowland from Bristol. Others forward from Z Webber, Cannington sold to £62 for Easter Egger hens. A pair of 2 w/o Indian Blue Peachicks peaked at £68 from M Mallows, South Molton, who also sold a pair of KO Shamo’s to £58. TC & SCI Pain, who travelled from Wotton Under Edge presented a quality run of 8 w/o Norfolk turkeys which sold to £38.