Farmers are being asked to look out and look up as part of a new electrical safety campaign.

This week is Farm Safety Week and farmers are being urged to follow a few simple steps to ensure they stay safe around electricity.

Western Power Distribution (WPD) is speaking out in the hope of cutting the number of accidents in which farm workers and their vehicles come into contact with electricity, sometimes with devastating results.

The latest figures show that at least one agricultural accident involving overhead lines is reported every day.

Eddie Cochrane, WPD safety advisor, said: “Every year, we respond to reports of farmers and farm workers who have come into contact with electricity, usually overhead lines.

“By following our simple message to ‘Look Out! Look Up!’ and stay away from electricity, they can not only help to cut the number of incidents; they can save lives.”

Here are some top tips for electricity safety outdoors:

  • Never store materials, such as straw bales, under or close to overhead powerlines.
  • Know the maximum height and reach of any vehicles you are operating.
  • You cannot see electricity so stay away from the area around a fallen line, including the soil, equipment and other objects.

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