THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, July 20, is as follows. The total stock was 1775 head.

(69) UTM & (13) OTM Prime Cattle. Auctioneer’s comments:

Steers sold to 217.5ppk for a well fleshed 615kg red Limousin steer from J & S Vinnicombe & Son, Ottery St Mary, who sold further red Limousin steers, well fleshed and just what the butchers want at 212.5ppk (576kg) and 203.5ppk (595kg). Adlib continental steers at 195ppk (Lim, 15m & 588kg) 194ppk (Blonde, 15m & 490kg) and 189.5ppk (Lim, 14m & 560kg) all from MJ Tuckett & Partners, Exeter. Well covered black Limousin steer (685kg) at 194.5ppk from R & G Speed, Axminster. Feeding Charolais at 191ppk from RJ Smith, Wellington (No TB pre-movement test required to sell feeding cattle on Mondays).

Native steers Angus at 189.5ppk on two occasions from CG, GR & MS Spiller, Upottery and WLC Dunkerton & Sons, Glastonbury. Welsh Black steer at 189ppk from TR Michell, Truro, who also sold a Longhorn steer at 184.5ppk. Devon steer at 185.5ppk from CG & C Vigar, Curry Rivel.

Steers sold to £1,361.61 for a 738kg Angus from CG, GR & MS Spiller, who sold another at £1,315.13. Limousin steers at £1,337.63 from J & S Vinnicombe & Son and £1,332.33 from R & G Speed.

Heifers also buzzing as the butchers really hit home. 214.5 (610kg) 213 (622kg) 212 (654kg) and 203ppk (670kg) all smart, well covered red Limousins from TR Michell. Shapely 601kg Blue at 211ppk from DJ Cossins, Blagdon Hill, who sold a further butchers’ grade Limousin at 204.5 (596kg) and feeding Limousins at 203.5 (623kg) 203 (573kg) and 197.5 (598kg) and a 598kg Charolais at 195.5ppk. More butchers’ grade Limousin heifers at 208.5 (red & 587kg) J & S Vinnicombe & Son; 200.5ppk (dunn, 614kg) and 196.5ppk (black & 674kg) CJ Sage, Monkton Wyld and 198.5 (black & 580kg) and 197.5ppk (black & 618kg) from T Samuel, Tedburn St Mary.

Heifers sold to the day’s top and a tremendous £1,386.48 for a 654kg Limousin from TR Michell, who sold further red Limousin heifers at £1,361.10 (670kg) £1,324.86 (622kg) and £1,308.45 (610kg). Black Limousin at £1,324.41 (674kg) from CJ Sage.

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60 Barren Cows and Cull Stock Bulls. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report what a cow trade! Electric! Sucklers sold to 166.5ppk and £1,406.79 for a Blonde and a Charolais respectively from RM Ashman, Wrington and 166.5ppk again for a Charolais cow from AS Cowling, Clatworthy. Further Charolais cow at 159.5ppk from RM Ashman again and 153.5ppk from AS Cowling again. Meat Angus at 158.5ppk, DP Leaney, Corfe and 145.5ppk from ER Rosewell, Luppitt. Smart Limousin cow at 157.5ppk from AJV Welch & Sons, Ashill. Good Blue at 146.5ppk from DP Leaney again. Good meat South Devon at 145.5ppk from AJ & TLJ Hawkins, Simonsbath, who also sold a half meat Simmental at 144.5ppk. Well fleshed Devon at 145.5ppk from E Hitch, Brendon Hill.

Sucklers sold to £1,406.79 for a Charolais (882kg) from RM Ashman, who sold a Blonde (700kg) at £1,165.50. Angus at £1268 from DP Leaney. Limousin at £1,173.38 from AJV Welch & Sons.

Dairy breeds on fire. Anything with a touch of meat was 120ppk. Top was 163.5ppk for a young Holstein from MB & CJN Ayre, Rose Ash, who sold another at 153.5ppk. Young Friesian cow at 158.5ppk from DW Rowe & Son, Axminster. Better meat Fleckvieh at 144.5ppk from The Mowlem Partnership, Chard Junction. Better meat Norwegian at 140.5ppk from JM & SN Faun, Holford who sold a good meat Holstein at 134.5ppk. Further good meat Holsteins at 137.5ppk, DN Herrod, Ilminster; 137.5ppk again, RW, JA & AW Barton, Cullompton and 131.5ppk from CJ & JA Reed, Bridgwater.

Dairy breeds sold to an exceptional £1,250.78 for a young Holstein from MB & CJN Ayre, who sold another at £1,085.25. Friesian 736kg at £1,166.56 from DW Rowe. 783kg Fleckvieh at £1,131.44 from The Mowlem Parnership. Many good cows well into the £900’s.

1633 Finished Lambs and Hoggs. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger entry of 1633 lambs sold to a similar very strong trade for all presented. The best lighter weights sold to 230ppk from DJ & DA Bloyce. Others 229ppk from H Crofts; 227ppk from MJ & C Plowright & Son, RC Lewis, CHE Kidner and RW Gould; 226ppk from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd and HJ & HB Case Ltd and 225ppk from S & A Bevan and GB & AE Pearce.

Heavier lambs sold to £113.50 and £112.50 from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd. Others £113 from DJ & DA Bloyce; £112.50 from CHE Kidner; £112 (2x) and £110 (2x) from J Sprake & Partners; £112 from R Golledge and K Dyga; £111 and £110.50 from RM Sparks & Sons; £110.50 from MA Edwards and £110 from K Price and JG & YL Bennett. Overall average £93.85.