THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18 is as follows. The total stock was 4372 head.

54 Dairy Cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the trade was £200 a-piece dearer than back in March and long may it continue. The demand has increased since then and over half of the entry were grade 1 heifers and cows. 7 heifers (20 per cent of the entry) over £2000 to £2150 and £1980 from SFB Agricultural Services, Bideford.

Others £2100 (2x) £2050 and £1880 all from AR Edwards & Son of Newport, Wales; £2000, £1980, £1920 and £1900 all from ET Summerfield & Son; £2000 from PD & SA Godfrey and from JG Morgan; £1920 from DJ Cheacker and AP Ractliffe and £1880 from JWO Marsh & Partners.

A cracking cow trade to £1980, £1920, £1860 (3rd) and £1650 (4th) from DWT, EG & PW Jones and £1920 from PD & SA Godfrey; £1900 and £1750 from Deptford Farm; £1580 (3rd) JWO Marsh & Partners. Organic 4th calver to £1700 from EW, SJ & W Scolding.

The incalf heifer trade remains strong for the best. Red and White heifers 6½ months incalf to £1660 from KM Groves. Others £1520 and £1440 from GL Groves & Son. Calves to £320 from E Davis and £260 (2x) from RD Hael.

656 Store Cattle and Grazing Cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an excellent entry of 656 store cattle, 27 per cent up on numbers and £61/head in value on the year and part of 974 with sucklers and stirks.

Quick turn around types and fit cattle very dear again. Angus and quality like hot cakes. Out of spec cattle easier as we enter the second half of the grazing season. Big framed black and whites however still well sold.

Top was £1265 for a forward Limousin steer (22m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son, Upottery, who also sold two well grown Blues at £1255 (2x 22m & FA). Further fleshed black Limousin steers at £1250 (4x 20/24m & FA) from AC Rich, Dowlish Wake, who sold others at £1190 (5x 18/23m & FA). Fit Limousin steer at £1195 (19m & FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve. Other well grown Limousin steers at £1175 (only 15m & FA) DFJ, AD & S Parker, Chittlehampton; £1165 (21m & FA) FG Summerhayes & Son, Upottery; £1125 (pure bred only 12m! & FA) LM & V Haskell, East Stoke; £1120 (23m & FA) LJ, CA & RDJ Soloman, Truro and £1100 (25m & FA) K & N Crang, Mudford. Further Blues at £1200 (fit, only 15m & FA) SER Hunt again; £1130 (18m) S Baker, Kennford; £1095 (2x 19m & FA) RA Reed, Seaton and £1090 (20m) AD & SKA Darley, Whitechapel. Feeding Charolais steers in great demand to £1260 (27m) K Priddice, Highbridge; £1245 (2x 20/22m) JG Warfield, Limington, who sold another at £1210 (20m); £1205 (18m & FA) £1190 (25m & FA) and £1100 (17m & FA) T Webber, Loxhore; £1110 (18m) G Webster, Umberleigh and £1090 (only 17m & FA) Baker & Baker, Chew Stoke. Simmentals to £1115 for a lean type (26m & FA) from T Webber again. Others £1100 (3x 21/22m & FA) from LJ, CA & RDJ Solomon again. Prices of note were £1100 for two pure Blondes (only 13/15m & FA) from SM & D Skinner, Shebbear.

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Native steers still on fire to £1255 for grand Angus (6x 21/27m & sire) K Priddice again. Forward Angus steers at £1250 (25m, FA & sire) and £1240 (24m, FA & sire) from SR Bishop & Son, South Perrot; £1195 (23m, FA & sire) AC Rich again; £1195 again (26m) Whimple Farm Ltd, Calstock; £1180 (23m, FA & sire) £1090 (3x 17/18m, FA & sire) and £1060 (18m, FA & sire) Baker & Baker again; £1180 (3x 18/19m, sire & FA) JA Selway Ltd, Biddisham; £1140 (23/25m & sire) Ponsillo & Son, Burtle; £1135 (4x 21/22m, FA & sire) AC House & Son, Thornfalcon; £1125 (5x 21/22m, FA & sire) LJ, CA & RDJ Solomon again; £1120 (only 15m & sire) and £1100 (26m & sire) P & S Llewellyn, Oakford and £1115 (23/24m &F A) CM Parker & IF Burnett, Templeton. Hereford steers peaked at £1250 (27m, FA & sier) from Lynham & Chidgey, Woolavington, who sold other good Herefords at £1140 twice (26m, FA & sire) and (20m, FA & sire). Further Herefords £1095 (5x 23/25m, FA & sire) T Webber again. South Devon at £1100 (25m) C Barnes, Whitchurch Canonicorum.

Dairy bred steers to £1070 for a Fleckvieh (21m & FA) S Broom, Upottery. Holstein steers to £1050 (29m & FA) from RG Greenway & Son, Bathealton. Montbeliarde at £1000 (22m & FA) LJ, CA & RDJ Solomon again. Further Holsteins £995 (3x 24m & FA) KD & VJ Palfrey, East Wrington; £965 (Friesians 3x 21/22m & FA) S Broom, Upottery; £960 (4x 25/26m & FA) CJ & AJ Herrod, Mark; £945

(23m) AD & SKA Darley again and £945 again (3x 19/23m & FA) RA Reed again. Further Montbeliarde at £950 (20m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again. Further Fleckvieh at £950 (2x 22m) E Willis, Cristow.

Heifers very fast, particularly for flesh. A fleshed Limousin (26m & FA) from KJ Prettejohn, Nicholashayne hit £1245. Very shapely, yet very lean pure Limousins at £1110 (2x 24m & FA) from LM & V Haskell again. Forward black Limousins at £1085 (9x 18/26m & FA) from AC Rich again. Another forward black Limousin at £1080 (23m & FA) from FG Summerhayes again. Fit Limousin £1050 (only 15m & FA) from SER Hunt again, who sold another at £980 (only 14m & FA). Others £1050 again (16m & FA) JA Selway Ltd again. Fit Charolais at £1190 (2x 25m & FA) T Webber again, who sold others at £1095 (25m & FA) and £1040 (17m & FA). Good run of forward Charolais at £1120 (3x 16/21m) £1090 (5x 14/16m) and £970 (21m) all from Maddock & Son, Luxborough. Other good Charolais £1095 (21m & FA) S Broom, Upottery, who sold others at £1090 (4x 18/21m & FA); £1070 (21m & FA) RA Reed again; £1020 (18/25m) G Webster again and £985 (4x 14m & FA) DM Ruell, Clatworthy. Fit Blue heifers at £1180 (16m & FA) £1120 twice (15 & 17m & FA) and £1000 (15m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve. Fed Blue heifers £1155 (2x 21m & FA) £1110 (21m & FA) and £1075 (2x 21m & FA) GJ Hookway, Ilfracombe; £1140 (21m & FA) and £1080 (2x 19m & FA) JA Selway Ltd again; £1090 (3x 18/20m & FA) RA Reed again; £1070 (24m) S Baker again and £1065 (27m & FA) SJ & AM Reed, Tiverton. Simmental heifers at £1065 (3x 18/19m & FA) RA Reed again.

Native heifers flying to £1135 for an Angus (21m, FA & sire) AC Rich again. Forward Angus £1100 (4x 26m) and £1050 (2x 26m) K Priddice again; £1030 (19/21m, FA & sire) RA Reed again; £1015 (2x 22m, FA & sire) LJ, CA & RDJ Solomon again; £1000 (only 15m & sire) P & S Llewellyn again and £995 (21m, FA & sire) FG Summerhayes again. Hereford heifers at £1010 (24m, FA & sire) T Webber again. Others £1000 (25m, FA & sire) SR Bishop & Son, South Perrot and £995 (20m, FA & sire) K & N Crang, Mudford. Devon at £1005 (25m & FA) P Brock, Tickenham.

10 Suckler Cows, Calves and Stock Bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of sucklers sold to £1200 for a Hereford cross cow (11.15) and her Limousin cross steer calf (04.20) from J Sherwin.

16 Grazing Cows (pre-movement tested). 

An entry of 16 grazing cows sold to £1025 from IC Churchill.  Others £990 and £960.

308 Busk Calves and Stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good summer entry of stirks, when the quality was improved on the week, which met a flier. Suckled bred stirks in fierce demand. Top price of £1165 (12m) for a good Limousin steer from EA & DA Ellis. Further good Limousins to £1100 (only 9m); £962 (9m) and £935 (9m) D Williams; £815 (3x 11m) R Tratt; £745 (11m) E Davis; £745 (2x 12m) JT & AJ Andrews and £700 (12m) MGJ & JA Hares. British Blues to £1005 (2x 10m) EA & DA Ellis again, who sold others to £850 (2x 9m) and £785 (9m). Further British Blues to £710 (3x 13m) £695 (5x 12m) MGJ & JA Hares again. Younger types to £605 (2x 7m) RJ & CH Palfrey & Son. South Devon to £915 (14m) Hill & Johnstone, who sold another to £790 (14m). Simmentals to £895 (15m) E Davis again, when others sold to £810 (15m) S Broom; £795 (3x 10m) R & J Cook; £685 (2x 8m) GR Davis. Charolais to £840 (14m) JT & AJ Andrews again, when others sold to £705 (2x 13m) RP & JA Brendon. Blonde to £785 (12m) E Davis again, who sold Angus to £750 (2x 12m). Further Angus to £695 (4x 14m) MGJ & JA Hares again and £610 M & R Vellacott. Herefords to £705 (only 6m) R & TJ Cutler again. Devons to £650 (13m) J Vellacott.

Heifers sold to a top price of £1035 (12m) for a top drawer Limousin from EA & DA Ellis again, who sold others to £940 (11m) £900 (12m) £790 (only 7m) and £775 (13m) – an excellent entry. Further Limousins to £835 (2x 14m) D Williams again; £670 (11m) R Tratt and £615 (2x 13m) RP & JA Brendon. British Blues shot to £950 (only 7m) EA & DA Ellis again, who sold others to £760 (2x 8m) and £750 (2x 10m). Further British Blues to £665 (5x) MGJ & JA Hares again, who sold another to £550 (11m) when younger types sold to £510 (6x 6m) RJ & CH Palfrey & Son again. Simmentals to £725 (15m) S Broom, when others sold to £720 and £600 R Hares and £580 (2x 8m) GR Davis. Angus to £615 (5x 14m) M & R Vellacott. Charolais to £610 (3x 12m) RP & JA Brendon and £580 (8m) EA & D Ellis again. Devons to £600 MJ Farmer, when others sold to £535 (5x 13m) J Vellacott.

384 Non-export Calves. Auctioneer's comments:

Beef Breeds (290) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an increase in numbers on last week again saw a large number of reared calves. Trade was very buoyant for the best calves, when mediums and plain types sold to similar levels as previous. Top was £515 for 20 week old Limousin from EA & DA Ellis, same Vendor £482 and £445. Others £385 from RJ & GJ Tucker. Month old Limousins to £332 from J Stott. Blues to £505 (20 weeks) also £470 from EA & DA Ellis and £430 (2x) from NF George. Young Blues to £360 from RW Sheldon & Sons; £355 from Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd and £348 from MC Clothier. Reared Simmentals to £385 from R & J Webber. Young Simmentals to £380 from E Davis and £312 from DE Down & Son. Charolais to £328 and £295 from PD & JL Biss.

Continental heifers to £470 for a 16 week old Blue from EA & DA Ellis. Other reared Blues £390 from NF George. Others RJ & CH Palfrey & Son. Younger Blues to £332 and £328 D & I Dyer. Reared Limousins to £375 EA & DA Ellis and £358 RJ & GJ Tucker. Young Limousins to £240 from EA & DA Ellis. Simmentals to £225 from DWC & MA Brunt and £222 from DE Down & Son. Charolais to £200 from CE Veysey.

Native bulls to £420 for reared Angus from RJ & GJ Tucker. Younger to £400 from E Davis and £300 from HG Tincknell Ltd. Herefords to £345 from E Davis; £315 WG Ogborne & Sons and £290 from J Pointing.

Native heifers to £310 for reared Angus from RJ & CH Palfrey & Son. Younger to £250 and £182 (2x) from WJ Harraway. Herefords to £280 from J Pointing and £248 (2x) from Arrijan Farming Ltd.

Friesians (94) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another very good trade especially for young calves, top of £150 from Huntham Farm Ltd. Others £138 from AE Allen & Sons; £130 from Dillington Farms. Best rearing types £100 plus, mediums £80-£100. Plainer types mostly over £35. Fleckviehs to £70 (2x) RF & BA Larcombe. Montbeliarde £198 SE & TL Lye. Norwegian Red £110 from Dillington Farms.

2896 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (1128)

A larger entry of 1128 store lambs sold to another very strong trade, especially for the smaller types, which looked very dear compared to the stronger lambs. Forward types topped at £104 from BW Hearn. Others to £92 from V & RA Hunt and CE Veysey; £90 from P Coombs Ltd; £89.50 from C Boundy; £88 from TWT Palmer; £87.50 from A Burland; £86.50 from A Hassed; £86 from Jamie’s Farm; £84.50 from A Tannir; £84 from BW Hearn; £81.50 from GM Veysey; £81 from DR Howe & Son and £80.50 from B White. Overall average £69.77.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1743)

A very large entry of 1743 cull ewes and rams sold to a dearer trade for all forward. Best of the continental ewes sold to £145 (2x) from FH Chave & Son. Other continentals and best ewes to £132 from T Parris; £130, £114 and £110 from MJ & AL Blakeney; £115 from JE Churchill and DJ Churchill; £110.50 from J Harding; £108 from FH & PJ Bailey; £107 from MS Fear; £105 from AJ & HB Hector; £103.50 from TA Dowden & Son and £103 and £102 from PM Wall. Best rams sold to £150, £142 and £106 from T Heal, when others sold to £122 from FH Chave & Son; £101 (2x) from MA Johnson Ltd and £100 from NJ Tucker & Son. Medium ewes £55-£80, plainer types £35-£55 and boners generally £20 plus. Overall average £71.99.

Goats (3)

A very small entry of 3 goats sold at £80 from KLB Farming.

Breeding Ewes (21)

A very small entry of 21 breeders saw a single couple from D Sheldon sell at £111. Texel cross breeders sold to £98 from TJ Gruffydd-Jones, when FM Lleyn ewes sold to £93 from SL & S Cole. Overall average £90.79.

64 Pigs. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry. Weaners and forward stores sold to another good trade.

Weaners (17)

Flying trade – to £52 and £50 for 10 w/o Pietrain cross weaners from N Richards.

Cull Sows (9)

As expected difficult trade, the best to £78 and £75 from RJ Maltby.

Forward Stores (38)

Another good trade similar to our last sale. The best to £130 from FH Chave & Son and £125 from K Nicholas and £123 from J & R Hopkins. Light black pigs to £105.