Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the annual Breeding Ewe Sale at Sedgemoor Auction Centre saw an increased entry of 3,698 breeding ewes, sold through a ring to aid social distancing.

Trade for all presented was nothing short of phenomenal, with vendors' expectations, in general, vastly exceeded.

MV Accredited Breeding Ewes (41)

A good entry of MV accredited ewes forward to a top price of 250gns, achieved by two vendors. A good run of pedigree Texels from EW Quick & Sons saw 250gns for 5x 2T’s. Another run of pedigree Texel 2T’s, this time forward from JE Theyer also met a call of £250 for a run of four.

South West Farmer:

Shearling Ewes (2541)

In the MV section pure bred Texels sold to £262.50 (2x) and £241.50 from EW Quick & Son. Others £262.50 and £199.50 from J Theyer and £178.50 from MS Fear. Pure bred Charollais sold to £157.50 from T Newth. In the commercial section Poll Dorsets sold to £190 from P Barnes. Others £175 from GA & JA Fry; £165 from Ham Farm Partners and £164 from CJ Board & Partners. Suffolk cross Scotch half bred sold to £173, £172 and £170 from DP & MG White. Texel cross sold to £162 and £153 (2x) from DP & MG White; £155 (2x) and £153 (2x) from BV & SM Johnson. Rouge cross sold to £160 and £158 from Fisher & Son; Suffolk x Mule sold to £158 (2x) and £155 (3x) from MA Johnson Ltd; £155 (2x) from RJ Coward & Son; £154 from RJ & JC Rottenbury and £152 from MH Dorse. Dorset Mules sold to £142 (2x) and £140 (2x) from MA Johnson Ltd and £142 from D Day. North Country Mules sold to £138 (2x) from AC & CF Heal. Overall average £141.22 up nearly £23/head on last year’s sale.

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Older Ewes (1157)

A much larger entry of 1,157 older ewes sold to flying trade. Poll Dorset 4T/6Tsold to £154 and £138 from CJ Board & Partners. Charollais 4T’s sold to £150 from B Comer. Texel cross 6T/FM sold to £144 from AJ Derryman & Sons. Texel cross 4T sold to £140 from B Comer. Suffolk cross 4T sold to £134 from JC Salmon. Poll Dorset FM sold to £132 and £127 from CJ Board & Partners. Suffolk cross FM sold to £132 (2x) from T Woollacott. Others £130 from LAJ England and £128 from AJ Derryman & Sons. Suffolk FM/LST sold to £124 from T Wheeler, who also sold Dorset Mule FM to £115 and £114 (2x). Overall average £113.58.

MV Accredited Rams (71)

A cracking show of rams forward for the MV Section, topped at 490gns for a 2T Chartex. Other Charollais from the same farm sold to 430gns and 400gns. J Harding also had a good run of Charollais rams, which topped at £450, when others sold to £400. J Ford had a super run of Charollais 2T’s, when the best achieved £445. Pedigree Texel 2T’s from RC Burrough sold well at 435gns, 430gns and 410gns.

Non MV Accredited Rams (58)

Charollais again topped this section with the best forward from GA Endacott & Sons, when two 2T’s sold to £320. Other Charollais from K Roberts sold to £300. Blue Texels from S Harraway topped at £250, when others from the same farm sold to £240.