CORONA the chicken astonished her owners when they cracked open one of her eggs - and discovered a triple yolk.

Purchased during lockdown in May, the aptly-named Corona, was one of three new additions to the family this year.

Although they've already seen some double yolks, nothing prepared them for the one in 25 million triple yolk.

Now they want to share their good news and show off Corona's skills.

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Guadalupe Acevedo, who lives in Queens Park in Bournemouth, buys chickens instead of Easter eggs for her two daughters, Sofia, 11, and Diandra, 10, every two years.

Guadalupe said: "The odds are extreme – 1 in 25 million, according to the British Egg Information Service. The chicken responsible for this miracle, a Silver Sussex supplied by Chicken Gear in Poole, joined the family on May 7 during the first part of the pandemic lockdown.

"She was named Corona by the children as the breed is known for adapting well to confinement. The family has been keeping chickens for over six years and enjoy an abundance of fresh eggs daily."

She said she was shocked when she was baking a cake on Friday to discover the triple yolk.

"I shouted out to the girls to come and have a look. We have never seen anything like this before."

Guadelupe said the family bought their first chickens six years ago and buy two more every two years.

"We decided to get an extra one this year and this happened. The girls were very excited about it."

Corona is not the only out-of-the-ordinary chicken in the family - one of them lays blue eggs."