A virtual sheep show held just for fun had a tremendous response and reached members who may not ordinarily enter a show.

The first ever virtual Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeders' Society Show was held on June 27.

It was an event that was held purely for fun.

With no prizes or entry fees, the show was aimed at keeping the members spirits high in these very different times.

There were six classes in total from 'Young Handlers' to 'Ewe of Any Age' and there were 19 entries in the 'Ram of Any Age'.

The organisers found that is was especially nice to see photos submitted by members who they wouldn’t necessarily find in the showing ring.

This virtual show may have sowed the seeds for future showing events for them.

President Lillian Harding was asked to judge the competition. She had photos from each classed placed in front of her and was given no idea from whom the pictures had been entered. President Harding even dressed up for the occasion.

After the show, she posted a message for the society members saying: "Thank you for entering the virtual sheep show and providing photographs.

"It has given me great pleasure to judge the competition.

"Thank you to those who have gone to so much trouble to organise it.

"It was a great laugh to find a man had been entered in the ram class. He looks really good for his age!

"The young handlers look so smart and they all made a great effort. Well done."

The results were:

Class 1: Ram of Any Age (21 entries)

1st D Butt

2nd W Awan

3rd N Floyd

4th P Ridd

Class 2: Ram Lamb (11 entries)

South West Farmer:

Reserve Show Champion and winning Ram Lamb from W Awan

1st W Awan

2nd B Dallyn

3rd D Prestwich

4th D Butt

Class 3: Ewe of Any Age (11 entries)

South West Farmer:

Winning Ewe Of Any Age and Show Champion from D Loosmore

1st D Loosmore

2nd P Ridd

3rd D Butt

4th J Potter

Class 4: Ewe Lamb (14 entries)

1st W Awan

2nd J Scripps

3rd D Butt

4th R Tucker

Class 5: Junior Handler (aged up to 10) (8 entries)

South West Farmer:

Taylor Floyd, Junior Handler up to age 10

1st Taylor Floyd

2nd Harry Colwill

3rd Harley Colwill

4th Isabella Colwill

Class 6: Junior Handler (aged 11 to 16) (3 entries)

South West Farmer:

Molly Poyser, Young Handler (11-16)

1st Molly Poyser

2nd Charlotte Mills

3rd John Potter

Champion: D Loosmore

Reserve Champion: W Awan