There is new funding available for farmers and landowners across the River Gara catchment in Devon.

The nature-based capital grant scheme is being run by environmental charity Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT), which ran a previous small capital grant on the Gara last year.

Head of land management at WRT, Hazel Kendall, said: “Working in partnership with Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF), and the Environment Agency who are funding the scheme, we aim to provide supported investment to help farm businesses and the local environment longer term.

“The Gara currently suffers from diffuse agricultural inputs - mainly phosphate.

“This is of concern for the river’s health, which is failing to achieve Good Ecological Status for Water Framework Directive standards, but also impacts the biodiversity of the wider area and ultimately Slapton Ley, and bathing and coastal waters downstream.”

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The fund is primarily designed to help reduce losses of soil and nutrients, keeping them on the land, and protect the watercourse while helping to manage cattle access to the river.

It is anticipated that grants will be offered at 50 per cent per intervention, paid after completion based on a simple evidence check by WRT.

Any proposed works will need to be assessed by WRT to ensure best use of funds as more demand than funding is anticipated.

To find out more and register your interest contact Dave Valder at or on 07498 915616 or Jon Grimes from CSF at or on 07789 278621.

Visit for more information.