THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27 is as follows. The total stock was 3270 head.

A hot calf trade.

86 Dairy Cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller fresh milk entry produced 6 calved heifers over £2000 to a top of £2200 for a VG86 pedigree ‘Robertsons” heifer from JG Morgan. Others to £2120 for a pedigree home bred heifer from AR Edwards & Son; £2000 A & W Vigus and Snook Ltd (3x) including a smart crossbred heifer.

Only a small number of fresh cows forward sold to £1800 for a 2nd calver from MGC & SM Carter. Others to £1680 Deptford Farm Ltd; £1650 D Powell and £1620 R Willcox.

A large number of incalf heifers sold to £1520 for a Montbeliarde cross due July from LG Heal & Son. Other £1420 for Holsteins due July from CB Powell & Son and £1320 for Sepember due 2 year old heifers from Ford Partners, Sussex. Heifer calf £180 E Davis.

714 Store Cattle and Grazing Cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report 1000 cattle penned with the stirks and few sucklers and all sold to an absolute flier. Fleshed cattle were exceptionally keenly sought.

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Top was £1300 for a well fleshed Blue heifer (26m & FA) from SJ & EH Coles, Lympsham, who sold another Blue heifer at £1200 (26m & FA). Further fleshed Blue heifers £1275 (32m & FA) £1120 (32m & FA) and £1035 (32m & FA) from RC Rowe & Son, Upottery; £1250 (19m & FA) £1085 (4x 16/19m & FA) and £1035 (5x 15/21m & FA) PA, IA & GA Robertson, Morton Valance. Forward Blue heifers £1060 (5x 21/24m & FA) DB & A Fry, Bridport; £1045 (29m) S Baker, Kennford and £1000 (5x 17/19m & FA) AJ Bown, Radstock. Fleshed Limousin heifers at £1210 (2x 21/24m & FA) from ML & EE Edwards, Wick St Lawrence. Further fit Limousin heifers £1190 (19m & FA) and £1125 (4x 17/19m & FA) PA, IA & GA Robertson again; £1135 (20m & FA) RC Rowe & Son again; £1135 (4x 25/26m & FA) PA Strawbridge, Offwell. Quality young heifers at £1050 (only 14m & FA) Hayman & Groves, Charterhouse. Further good feeding Limousin heifers at £1040 (23m & FA) and £1015 (18/25m & FA) CM Parker & IF Burnett, Templeton. Well grown Simmental heifers at £1130 (2x 20m) from ML & KA Ousley, Tatworth. Fit Charolais at £1105 (26m & FA) from RC Rowe & Son again. Well grown Charolais £1075 (24m) ML & KA Ousley again; £1075 (22m & FA) JC & FF Dovey, Dorchester and £1045 (only 12m, FA & F&G Organic) Woolhanger Farming, Parracombe. Fleshed Blonde heifer at £1100 (31m & FA) RC Rowe & Son again.

Native heifers peaked at £1135 twice for two well fleshed Herefords (both 26m, FA & with sires) from Lynham & Chidgey, Woolavington, who sold another at £1085 (26m, FA & sire). Further fleshed heifer £1060 (25m & FA) S Snell, Ashreigney and £1045 (21m, FA & sire) RH & AM Turner, Stockland. Well grown Hereford heifers at £1010 (23/26m, FA & sire) from Hutton & Sons, Hallen and £1000 (33m) SJ Scaddon, Moorland. Angus heifers topped at £1050 (27/28m, FA & sire) RMG & RG Salter, Buckland St Mary. Others £1015 (5x 19/22m, FA & sire) Casely Farms Ltd, Sherborne; £1000 (6x 20/21m, FA & sire) CM Parker & IF Burnett again; £1000 again (2x 25/27m, FA & sire) IJ & SA Bell & Son, Cossington; £1000 again (4x 23/28m, FA & sire) RN & LA Bell, Durleigh and £1000 again (2x 26m & sire) CL Weatherill.

Steers sold to £1285 for a well grown Angus (26m, FA & sire) from DB Hawkins & Son, Awliscombe, who sold another at £1085 (26m, FA & sire). Further framed Angus steers £1195 (24m & FA) ML & EE Edwards again; £1185 (4x 26m & sires) and £1140 (3x 25/26m & sires) from WR & NA Rich, Colyton; £1180 (5x 21/22m & sire) and £1075 (20m & sire) MS Ward & Son, Weymouth; £1125 (2x 22m & sire) A Burland, Spaxton and £1100 (3x 22/26m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle, Marston Magna. Hereford steers rose to £1220 (21m, FA & sire) S Snell again, who sold another at £1145 (23m & FA). Others £1185 (2x 26m, FA & sire) Hutton & Sons again, who sold another at £1150 (26m, FA & sire). Stabiliser steer at £1110 (25m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, Butleigh.

Continental steers topped at £1275 for three smart Limousins (3x 22/24m & FA) from ML & EE Edwards again. Further good Limousin steers at £1225 (2x 26m & FA) £1200 (7x 25/26m & FA) £1180 (2x 26m & FA) and £1090 (2x 26m & FA) all from RF Tucker & Son, Butleigh; £1220 (32m & FA) RC Rowe & Son again; £1175 (25m) G Webster, Umberleigh; £1165 (26m & FA) and £1148 (5x 16/26m & FA) DM, CMJ & LA Tottle Ltd again and £1125 (23m & FA) K Milverton & Son, North Petherton. Well grown Blue steers at £1255 (18/22m & FA) £1200 (19m & FA) and £1125 (5x only 14/17m & FA) PA, IA & GA Robertson again. Further better type Blues £1220 (26m & FA) DB Hawkins & Son again; £1135 (5x 17/19m & FA) AJ Bown, Binegar; £1130 (19/23m) S Baker again and £1125 (5x 25/26m & FA) RF Tucker & Son again. Proper feeding Charolais steers at £1195 (24/25m) G Webber again. Further good feeding Charolais £1160 (22m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again; £1155 (3x 22/23m & FA) Hutton & Sons again and £1120 (26m & FA) RF Tucker & Son again. Good Simmental steers £1165 (23m & FA) RF Tucker & Son yet again; £1160 (21/25m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle again and £1150 (31m) M Dare, Stoke St Gregory.

Dairy bred steers on the up as with all boats on a rising tide and over the £1000 mark to £1020 for warm Holsteins (5x 19/21m & FA) from PA, IA & GA Robertson again, who sold further Holsteins at £965 (7x 16/24m & FA) and £900 (7x 18/19m & FA). Good type MRI steers at £1010 (6x 22/25m) MW Selway, Baltonsborough. Friesian steers at £955 (4x 26m & FA) JC Salmon, Newquay, who sold others at £895 (17/25m). Others £850 (4x 20/24m & FA) IJ & SA Bell & Son, Cossington.

21 Grazing Cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of grazing cows sold to £1320 for a tremendous Limousin cross cow from L Habberfield & Sons. Others sold to £1195 (CHX) and £1135 (LIMX) from the same farm. £1120 for a Limousin cow from MJ & AL Elston.

283 Busk Calves and Stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry of stirks saw a continuation of the fast trade. Top quality stirks met strong demand. Top price of £1065 (10m) for a quality single suckled British Blue steer from SM & JV Parsons & Jones, who sold further good Blue steers to £950 (2x 10m) £910 (3x 9m) and £890 (2x 9m). Dairy bred British Blues to £695 (4x 12m) £640 (6x 11m) £635 (2x 10m) Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd and £665 (3x 11m) LG Heal & Son. Top drawer Charolais steers to £1005 (3x only 9m) NJ Cooke & Co, who sold others to £890 (3x 9m). Further Charolais to £885 (2x 10m) P Marke. Blonde to £960 (13m) A Westcott. South Devons to £880 (9m) and £780 (9m) SM & JV Parsons & Jones. Simmentals to £825 (2x 9m) RH Gibson & Sons, who sold others to £820 (3x 9m) £805 (9m) £800 (2x 9m) and £765 (2x 9m). Quality Herefords shot to £805 (13m) MF Fry, who sold others to £780 (14m) £650 (2x 10m) and £620 (3x 10m).

Angus to £700 (8x 14m) D Powell, when others sold to £600 G & D Purchase; £585 (7m) RG Tucker and £545 (7m) E Davis. Limousins to £660 (8m) CA & MA Ralph, when others sold to £640 (2x) P Ogborne.

Bulls sold to a top price of £775 (12m) for a British Blue from WJ & JL Dart. Friesian bulls to £540 (2x 14m) TN Phillips & Son.

Heifers sold to a top price of £855 (only 8m) for a British Blue from AH & LR Read. Further good suckler bred British Blues to £800 (9m) £735 (4x 9m) £720 (9m) £720 (8m) SM & JV Parsons & Jones again; £600 (13m) MF Fry, when dairy bred types sold to £528 (4x 9m) Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd. Charolais to £675 (9m) and £595 (2x 9m) NJ Cooke & Co again; £620 (10m) MF Fry again; £600 (10m) P Marke again and £580 (4x 11m) PR & EA Matthews again. Simmentals to £630 (9m) RH Gibson & Sons again, who sold others to £590 (2x 9m) and £550 (5x 9m). Limousins to £540 (4x 9m) CA & MA Ralph. Herefords to £510 (only 7m) MF Fry again.

399 Non-export Calves. Auctioneer's comments:

Beef Breeds (317) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a similar sized entry sold to the hottest calf trade seen for some time, with numerous comments that the Sedgemoor trade is well ahead of any other centre. Top call of the day went to a cracking run of Blue bulls (1m) from TN Phillips & Son at £500, when others sold to £490 and £440. A consignment from NF George saw reared Blue bulls (12 wks) to £435 (3x) and £412 (2x). Charolais in demand as always with strong bulls from SM & DM Turner to £410 (2x 1m) £360 (2x) and £330. Others £308 from PD & JL Biss. Limousin bulls to £402 from NF George; £400 (1m) from L Habberfield & Sons and £350 from AK & CM Quick. Simmental to £380 (2x) from DWC & MA Brunt; £365 (3x) from NF George and £215 from JR & DC Hiscock.

Native bulls to £365 (2x) from NF George for reared Angus and £365 from DWJ Raffill & Partners. Other Angus to £340 from D Powell; £320 from RG Tucker; £300 from J & EM Phillips & Son. Hereford bulls to £355 (2x) from NF George and £345 from JR Holt. Younger Herefords to £330 from Thornhill Farm and £320 from R & J Cottey.

Continental heifers sold to a fierce trade, when shapely Blues sold to £450, £445 (2x) £430 (3x) and £420, all from TN Phillips & Son. Others to £395 (4x) from NF George and £355 from E Marsh & Son. Limousin heifers to £400 from L Habberfield & Son; £375 from Thornhill Farm and £298 from AK & CM Quick. Simmentals to £255 from M Ogborne; £235 (2x) from DWC & MA Brunt and £205 from AA & JM Churchill & Son.

A blistering trade for native heifers when Hereford heifers sold to £265 (2x) from both TW & JC Cross and NL Reeves & Son. Others to £250 from AK Hosie and £245 from PJLS Farms. Angus heifers to £295 and £245 from DWJ Raffill & Partners; £220 from RG Tucker; £200 from J Morris & Partners and £195 from M & S Powell.

Friesians (82) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a decent number of dairy sired bull calves forward met a competitive trade throughout. Best black and whites to £182 from AA House & Son. Others £165 D Godfrey and £125 ES Triggol. Fleckvieh to £290 and £200 (2x) AJ & ES Maltby. Montbeliarde £230 and £200 (2x) R & J Cottey. Norwegian Red £170 J & D Tilbee.

1785 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (530)

More store lambs forward at 530 head and more buyers resulted in a much stronger trade for all forward. Top price of £101 went to a smart pen of lambs from JEA Hill, who also sold others to £84. Other best lambs to £95 from AV Knight; £90 from WA Williams & Son; £85 from B Mills; £84 and £81.50 from FJ Broom & Partners; £83 from PJ Buckingham; £81 from S Waite; £80 from N Read and S Nicholas and £78.50 from TJ Gruffydd-Jones. Overall average over £6 up at £67.91.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1210)

A much larger entry of 1210 cull ewes and rams sold to an equally strong trade, when a large contingent of buyers were present. Best continental ewes sold to a huge top price of £207 – a new market record - for an exceptional pen of Texels from FH Chave & Son, when others sold to £130 from the same Vendor. Other best ewes to £122 and £100 from FWJ Parris; £106 from Devon Farming Ltd; £102 from HJ & HB Case Ltd; £100 from P Coombs Ltd and Messrs Parkinson; £100, £99 and £97 from JD Western; £98.50 from AF & RD Tucker & Sons; £98 from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd and £97 from DH Westmore. Cull rams sold to £168 from JM Hoddinott, when others sold to £99 from KNK Farm Partnership; £97 from DH Westmore and £90 from P Adams. Medium ewes £55-£75, leaner types £40-£55 and boners generally £26 plus. Overall average £71.04.

Couples (21 Ewes & 24 Lambs)

A further reduced entry of couples, being 21 ewes with 24 lambs at foot sold to an even brighter trade. Young Poll Dorset singles to £160 (£80/life) from AP Carter, who sold others at £145 (£72.50/life). A bunch of 7 Mule hoggs with 9 lambs from A England sold to £153 (£66.94/life). Overall average up to £65/life for the young outfits on offer.