THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday, June 22, is as follows. The total stock was 1613 head.

A much brighter lamb trade, £8 up on the week, which is unheard of for late June.

(73) UTM & (10) OTM Prime Cattle. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a shorter entry of 73 prime cattle met a very firm trade but there was a distinct lack of quality on offer. Many very, very plain cattle forward, highlighting that vendors have caught up with production, so tight supply should keep trade up for the short term.

Top was 203ppk for a very shapely black and white Blue steer from J & J Meaker & Son, Langport, who also sold a shapely red Limousin steer at 195ppk. Very shapely and very lean black Limousin steer from JF Walker & Partners, North Petherton at 198.5ppk, who also sold a shapely very lean black Limousin steer at 191ppk. Very young adlib Blue steer at 197.5ppk from SER Hunt, Kilve. Good suckler bred Charolais steer at 194ppk from L & A Maddock & Co, Wiveliscombe.

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Steers sold to £1,355.76 for a 683kg Limousin from JF Walker & Partners, who sold another at £1,350.37. 715kg suckler bred Charolais at £1,347.78 from BA Richards, Williton. Native Hereford steers at £1,304.74 (733kg) from H Carnell, Barrow Gurney and £1,283.90 (740kg) from R & G Speed, Axminster.

Heifers peaked at 199ppk for a good, very lean, white Charolais from RW Fry, Long Sutton, who also sold a shapely lean black Limousin at 198.5ppk. 198.5ppk was bid on two other occasions. Firstly for an adlib Blue (15m) from SER Hunt, Kilve and again for a shapely, well fleshed red Limousin from J & J Meaker & Son again, who sold another slightly leaner at 192.5ppk. Pure Shorthorn heifer, perfect for the Butchers from Vale Farm Partnership, Creech Heathfield met a call of 194ppk.

Heifers sold to a tremendous £1,333.80 for a huge 780kg Angus from CG, GR & MS Spiller, Upottery, who sold another (670kg) at £1,159.10. Suckler bred Limousins at £1,194.97 and £1,110.73 from J & J Meaker & Son. Dairy bred Limousin at £1,107.52 from FG Payne & Sons, Wrangway.

46 Barren Cows and Cull Stock Bulls. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a very short entry of cull stock met another very strong trade. A real shortage of quality and assurance to push the highs, yet a smart, red Limousin (well dried off) from A Sutton, Ilminster, hit 155.5ppk. Farm Assured Charolais at 147.5ppk from DM Barker, Taunton, who sold a Simmental (FA) at 132.5ppk. Farm Assured Limousin at 139.5ppk, SG Harraway, Burtle. Non assured Blue cows at 138.5 and 135.5ppk from DW Pike, Stockland. Further Charolais cow (non assured) at 134.5ppk from J Gibbs, Taunton.

Sucklers sold to £1,253.75 for a grand 850kg Charolais from DM Barker, Taunton. Further Charolais at £1,187.64 (883kg & NA) from J Gibbs, Taunton. Non assured Blue cows at £1,086.71 (802kg) and £1,004.13 (725kg) from DW Pike, Stockland.

Dairy breeds rose to 135.5ppk for a really well fleshed Holstein (FA) from CJ & JA Reed, Bridgwater. Other well fleshed and assured Holsteins at 131.5 and 129.5ppk from FE Hill & Son, Stockland Lovell and 124.5ppk R & J Jones & Son, Stogursey. Better meat cows 115ppk plus.

Cows sold to £1,107.04 for a 817 float from CJ & JA Reed, Bridgwater. Further big Holstein cows £1,020.46 (788kg) and £973.10 (740kg) FE Hill & Son, Stockland.

1494 Finished Lambs and Hoggs. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report fewer lambs forward, but a much stronger trade for all presented, with averages up by nearly £8/head on the week. The best sold to 233 (2x) and 232ppk for cracking Beltex from C Peach. Others 231 and 227ppk from T Parris and MG Limond (Land) Co Ltd; 231ppk from RW Gould and S & J Yendole & Butler; 230ppk from CHJ Atwell & Sons, PJ Holloway and R Stevens; 229ppk from LM Collins; 228ppk from RC Stock and 227ppk from J Sprake & Partners, MJ Chilcott, T Woollacott and DA Kidner & Son.

Heavier lambs sold to £118 and £114 from JG & WE Down & Son. Others £115 from PJ Holloway and P Brooks; £114 and £105 from C Peach; £114 from RC Stock; £112 from BAV & JE Scriven; £109 from SG Stacey; £106 from CHJ Atwell & Sons and ER Parsons & Sons and £105 from S & J Larder. Overall average £92.53.