THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20 is as follows. The total stock was 3055 head.

A record Saturday market price for a freshly calved heifer at £2620. Stirks met an electric trade.

90 Dairy Cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another large dairy entry produced a record breaking price for the Saturday dairy section at £2620 being a pedigree home bred heifer by Kimball from A & W Vigus. A phenomenal trade start to finish saw others to £2080 from JH & SA Denbee and £2000 from R Willcox; £1980 from PD & SA Godfrey; £1920 from E & V Kidner, who sold 12 heifers to average £1763. Organic calved heifers to £1900 from FR Madge & Co.

Very few cows forward on the day excluding dispersals sold to £1910 for a 2nd calver from RJ Goss & Son. AS Poultney & Sons first consignment to disperse their herd sold to £1520 for May calved British Friesian cows .

Incalf heifers to £1200 from LM Dymond, 8 month old heifers from PT Bale & Son £500 (2x) and BF heifer calves from £180 (2x) from GJ & JM Boyer.

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750 Store Cattle and Grazing Cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a very busy mid Summer’s day market saw 750 store cattle penned, part of 1280 with the stirks and sucklers. Some superb cattle on offer and another tremendous trade, when the average remains £100 over last year. Steers sold to £1365 and heifers £1250.

The £1365 was achieved by ME Sampson & Son, Upottery, with a 25m Charolais steer (FA) which will be fed on. Good feeding Limousin steers from the same farm at £1255 (22/23m & FA) and £1205 (22m & FA). Grand non assured Simmental steers at £1290 (2x 20m) from J Cockburn & Partners, Wadeford. A run of top drawer feeding Limousin steers at £1285, £1280, £1240, £1202, £1200 and £1170. Further well grown Limousin steers at £1235 (24/25m & FA) DB Hawkins & Son, Awliscombe; £1175 (6x 22/25m, FA & dairy bred) and £1170 (7x 19/26m, FA & dairy bred) AC Rich, Dowlish Wake and £1095 (only 17m & FA) NM & CL Norris, Holford. Fit Blue steers at £1275 (only 15m & FA) £1240 (only 14m & FA) and £1200 (only 16m & FA) SER Hunt, Kilve. More good Blues £1230 (21m & FA) ML & EE Edwards, Wick St Lawrence; £1145 (4x 21/24m) DJ Palmer, Chard; £1125 (4x 20m & FA) BR Elston, Rose Ash and £1110 (8x 22/24m & FA) MJ & RE Searle, Axminster. Further hard Charolais steers £1155 (2x 21m & FA) JP Stone, Puriton. Others £1130 (25m & FA) TE Harris, Kingston Seymour and £1122 (19/23m & FA) DA, CMJ & LA Tottle, Marston Magna.

Native steers flew to £1190 for an Angus (28m, FA & sire) from DB Hawkins & Son again. Further well grown Angus £1155 (5x 19/24m, FA & sire) Reed & Rich, Buckland St Mary; £1145 (18m, FA & sire) EMC Bax, Wadebridge; £1145 (2x 23m, FA & sire) T Webber, Loxhore; £1135 (5x 17/20m, FA & sire) A Male & Sons, Kingsbury Episcopi and £1100 (only 15m, FA & sire) DL & EL Wallace, Dulverton. Hereford steers £1120 (5x 20m, FA & sire) EMC Bax, Wadebridge. Others £1070 (22/26m, FA & sire) MJ & RE Searle again.

Dairy bred steers peaked at £940 twice for Friesians on each occasion. Firstly 4 x 21m from Cox Partners, Pitney and again 27/28m and FA from DR Loveridge & Son, Weymouth. Fleckvieh to £890 (21m & FA) CM Parker & IF Burnett, Templeton. Holsteins also £890 (23m & FA) Holwell Farm Ltd, Colipriest. Further framed black and white steers £875 (19m & FA) Reed & Rich Partners again; £855 (3x 20/22m & FA) IJ & SA Bell & Son, Cossington; £840 (7x 17/21m & FA) and £805 (4x 18/19m & FA) G Pople & Sons Ltd, Sharpham; £800 Dairy Shorthorns (27/28m) IW Preece, Pembroke and £800 again Norwegian (2x 25m) ED & RL Pike, Stockland.

Heifers sold to a tremendous £1250 for a very smart Limousin (24m & FA) from ML & EE Edwards, Wick St Lawrence, who also sold smart Blues at £1180 (3x 24/29m & FA). Show class Limousin heifer at £1205 (24m & FA) RJ Gooding, Somerton. More best Limousins £1200 (2x 27m & FA) £1150 (23/25m & FA) £1120 (23/26m & FA) and £1090 (25m & FA); £1135 (3x 18/25m & FA) £1050 (19m & FA) NM & CL Norris again; £1100 (4x 13/18m & FA) £1010 (4x 13/19m & FA) £990 (4x 12/13m & FA) £990 (15m & FA) and £880 (4x 12/14m & FA) MM Gollop & Sons, Willand; £1075 (26m & FA) DA Kidner & Son, East Huntspill and £1075 again (11x 22/26m, FA & dairy bred) AC Rich again. Charolais heifers rose to £1145 (5x 26m & FA) for fit types from TE Harris, Kingston Seymour. Others £1105 (20/26m & FA) CT Hicks, Olveston; £1060 (only 14m & FA) NM & CL Norris again; £1040 (23/24m) ML & KA Ousley, Tatworth; £1035 (19m & FA) PK & RJ Heard, Cheriton Fitzpaine and £1020 (4x 20/21m & FA) JP Stone again. Further better type Blue heifers £1120 (2x 28m & FA) £1115 (26m & FA) and £1050 (30m & FA) TE Harris again; £1100 (17m & FA) £1095 (19m & FA) £1090 (17m & FA) £1080 (only 15m & FA) and £1060 (17m & FA) all fit and from SER Hunt, Kilve; £1095 (19m & FA) NM & CL Norris again; £1085 (16/20m & FA) CT Hicks again; £1030 (9x 19/20m & FA) BR Elston again and £1025 (22m & FA) RH & AM Turner, Stockland. Further Simmental heifers to £1030 (20m & FA) NM & CL Norris again.

Native heifers sold to £1145 for a fit Hereford (26m, FA & sire) from Lynham & Chidgey, Woolavington, who sold others at £1100 (22m & FA) and £1045 (26m & FA). Grand South Devon at £1135 (24m & FA) from Webber & Tucker, Umberleigh. Angus to £1050 (26m, FA & Woodington sire) from PJ Huxtable, Bratton Fleming. Others £1025 (2x 21m, FA & sire) M & R Vellacott, Greenham and £990 (3x 25m, FA & sire) GW Herrod, Axminster. Devon heifers to £970 (5x 17/20m, FA & dairy bred) from LF, AJ & JL Bartlett, Gittisham.

183 Suckler Cows, Calves and Stock Bulls. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the 2nd suckler sale of the month of 183 head continued the good trade of last week. 15 bulls forward sold to £2400 for J & C Wylde’s pedigree Charolais bull ‘Lewyd Poldark’ and JH Neale & Son’s Limousin ‘Nealford Ozone’, who sold another at £2250. Pedigree Simmentals from KC & P Hawkey’s Sowenna herd at £2250. Angus bulls to £1800 for MR & SK Westcott and SJ & MG Payne.

A great run of Limousin, Blonde and South Devon cross cows from Smith Farms sold to £1650 for 4 year old Limousin cross cow with AA Feb born steer calf at foot and £1600 for heifer calves at foot. South Devon cows with steer calves at £1520 and £1500 and Blondes at £1460.

11 year old Blue cows with Angus steer calves at £1450 and heifer calves £1390 for T Paul. Hereford cross cows with Simmental bull calves at foot at £1260 from Taylors Farm Minehead and with Hereford heifer calves £1100 for 10 year old cow.

Hereford cross incalf heifers at £980 (2x) from RJ Elston & Son and pedigree Blonde 11 month old maiden heifers at £860 from DF Ward.

8 Grazing Cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a small entry of grazing cows sold to £895 for an BRBx cow from ST Matthews. Others sold to £855 (SIMX) £820 (BRBX) and £810 (DEVX).

347 Busk Calves and Stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a quality entry of stirks sold to an electric trade. All classes of stirks keenly sought after.

Top price of £1065 (only 9m) for a quality Limousin steer from JC Isaac, who sold another to £800 (9m). Further good Limousins shot to £1025 (13m) RJ Gooding. Good Charolais steers with frame to £948 (4x 11m) CA & MA Ralph, who sold others to £900 (4x 10m). Further good Charolais to £895 (13m) £890 (15m) TJ Jakins; £845 (2x 13m) £710 (8m) ST Matthews; £785 (4x only 6m) £630 (6m) and £625 (3x 6m) KJ & LC Popham. Angus shot to £905 (13m) TJ Jakins again, when dairy bred Angus sold to £795 (only 9m) £725 (2x 10m) £665 (9m) BK Hockey; £610 (2x) JM & SN Faun and £605 (4x) DWJ Raffill & Partners. Stabiliser to £840 (14m) TJ Jakins again, who sold another to £670 (13m). Simmentals to £785 (2x 10m) BK Hockey again; £730 (13m) TJ Jakins again and £635 (8m) H Attwell. Blonde to £680 (2x 7m) DF Ward.

Herefords to £675 (2x 12m) RC Hutchings, when others sold to £625 (2x 12m) RW Kevern. South Devon to £670 (12m) S Webber and J Tucker. Only dairy bred British Blues forward shot to £652 (4x 10m) £645 (4x 10m) and £635 (4x 10m) DJ Bray. Younger types £625 (6m) HLT & C Lyne and £605 (2x 6m) Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd.

Bulls sold to a top price of £915 (12m) for a Simmental from R Hares. Smaller types to £620 (10m) WAM Lee.

Heifers sold to a top price of £975 (14m) for a top drawer pedigree Limousin from MM Gollop & Sons, who sold further pedigree Limousins to £770 (3x 10m). Further Limousins to £860 (12m) RJ Gooding; £690 (10m) JC Isaac and £620 (12m) S Smyth. Charolais shot to £850 (14m) TJ Samways & Son, who also sold others to £850 and £765 (14m). Further Charolais to £670 (6x 14m) £650 (3x 14m) TB Stevens & Son; £642 (10m) D Pocock; £605 (3x 7m) KJ & LC Popham and £600 (11m) RW Kevern. South Devon to £720 (12m) S Webber & J Tucker. Blondes to £700 (14m) and £680 (2x 13m) S Smyth; £590 (2x 10m) and £585 (2x 11m) M Peters and £585 (4x 13m) RM Prouse. British Blue to £690 (13m) S Smyth again; £650 (2x) M Peters; £625 (2x) King & Lamb; £565 (11m) JD Lock and dairy bred British Blues to £555 (4x 10m) DJ Bray again. Angus to £532 (2x 9m) BK Hockey. Few Herefords forward sold to £490 (2x 11m) AJ Calloway.

403 Non-export Calves. Auctioneer's comments:

Beef Breeds (329) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an improved entry of calves, when plenty of quality was amongst, sold to a decent trade across the board.

A strong reared (5m) Blue bull sold to £502 from RG, NJ & MP Glanville. Other good types to £480 from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) and £415 from RJ, NJ & MP Glanville. Younger Blue bulls £385 from FE Hill & Son; £372 Higher Farm (Manston) Ltd; £370 from A Wiggins and GF & DV Bussell. A quality Charolais run to £415 from SM & DM Turner; £405 from RG Tucker and £395 from SM & DM Turner (again). Young Simmental bulls to £410 from DE Down & Son; £325 from R & J Webber and £295 from TR & LC Ford. Limousin bulls to £408 from RG, NJ & MP Glanville; £375 from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd; £365, £362 and £360 from M & P Watts & Son.

Native bulls to £390 for a pair of 5m Herefords from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd again, with similar Herefords to £370 from RG Tucker; £338 from BS & SG Kingston. Angus bulls topped at £380 (4m) from LC Curtis; £360 (3x) Plot Farm; £330 from PWJ Raffill & Partners.

Continental heifers to £400 for a reared (5m) Blue for RG, NJ & MP Glanville, closely followed by Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd to £385 and £375. Young Blues to £285 M & S Powell and £280 from FH Chave & Son. Charolais heifers to £350 (2x) from SM & DM Turner, who sold others to £315 and £290; £272 from CE Veysey and £255 from PD & JL Biss. Simmental heifers to £310 and £300 from DE Down & Son; £275 from R & EJ Phillips; £265 from DE Down & Son again.

Limousin heifers to £385 from Thronhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd; £370 from D & I Dyer; £340 from Thornhill Farm (Dorset) Ltd; £310 (2x) M & P Watts & Son.

Native heifers to £320 from LC Curtis for Angus heifer; £272 from Plot Farm; £270 from R & J Webber and £225 Hale Bros. Hereford heifers £242 from BS & SG Kingston; £230 from NP Gibbons and £220 from BS & SG Kingston.

Friesians (74) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good number of dairy sired bull calves forward sold to a competitive trade. Best reared black and whites to £230 (2x) from D & I Dyer. Others £192 from AE Allen & Sons; £180 from D & I Dyer and FE Hill & Son. Danish Red £92 from Stalbridge Estate Farms. Fleckvieh to £320 from LJ & SF Gould; £230 from RF & LA Larcombe; £190 from Stalbridge Estate Farms. Norwegian Red to £130 from LJ & SF Gould.

1175 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (234)

A smaller entry of 234 store lambs and hogs sold to a slightly easier trade in line with the fat prices. Top price of £82 went to a smart entry from Trowell Farm. Others to £80.50 from DA Heard; £77.50 from JN Body; £72 from TP & JA Cole and J Hellier; £71 from IP Merry; £70 from WAM Lee; £69 from DA Heard, J Small and J Hellier; £68 from MD & KE Lanfear; £67 from WAM Lee; £66.50 from G Wilson and £66 from J Robertson. Overall average £61.62.

Cull Ewes and Rams (868)

A similar entry sold to a noticeably stronger trade for all forward. Best continental ewes sold to £133 from A Wales, who also sold others to £125 and £101. Other best ewes to £130 from JB & B Hobbs; £128 from CJ Sage; £125 from Devon Farming Ltd; £124 from SG Harraway; £119 from B Bull & Son; £110 from AG Hicks & Son; £108 from RWG & M Dare & Son; £102 from SG Harraway and K Roberts; £100 from J White; £97.50 from KN Groves; £97 from CJ Sage and £94 from J May. Cull rams sold to £171 from L Joyner, when others sold to £125 from MJ & GA Broom; £114 from Horseley Farm Partners and £111 from A Wales. Medium ewes £55-£75, leaner types £40-£55 and boners generally £25 plus. Overall average £71.69.

Goats (2)

Two goats from Horseley Farm Partners sold at £78.

Couples (34 Ewes & 37 Lambs)

A much reduced entry of couples, when 34 ewes with 37 lambs at foot were penned. Trade remaining buoyant for the strongest types but falling away for the 2nd quality or hill bred types.

Top call was £192 (£64/life) from WG Attwell. Mostly singles on offer, sold to £175 (£87.50/life) from DJ Buckingham. Others to £145 (£72.50/life) from WG Attwell; £131 (£65.50/life) from MJ Evans and £111 (£55.50/life) from MP & DM Hine. Overall average £42.69/life, which was pegged back by the entry having an abundance of hill bred stock.

107 Pigs. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry – wonderful trade – still competition for all classes. Our entry of pigs this week sold to 18 separate buyers.

Cull Sows (12)

No quality sows forward but on a soft trade however the plain sows were a good trade.

Weaners (59)

Good entry – very strong trade when 9 w/o Large Whites and Saddlebacks from A Rose sold to £63 and also to £63 for P Clark’s weaners. Others from A Rose sold to £59 and £57. No weaners sold for under £33.

Forward Stores (36)

Smaller entry – good and similar trade to our last sale. Top of the day from T Stone to £134. Others £129 from A & A Horn; £124 from CJ Love and AH & GR Read.