A WEYMOUTH family got more than they bargained for when they adopted a puppy from a Serbian kill pound, as two months later she gave birth to 12 more pups.

Partners Audrey Hampshire and Maynard Dockerty, who live in Radipole, Weymouth decided to rescue a dog called Boo before lockdown kicked in. They came across the Pozega Adoption page on Facebook, a charity rescuing dogs from kill pounds in the Balkans.

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Miss Hampshire, a receptionist at Wey Valley Academy, said: "I chose our puppy who was rescued at five months old and was waiting to be killed in the most inhumane way. She was a survivor and also survived the killer disease parvovirus. On 1st March 2020 we collected her from Cobham Services, after the dogs were driven over from the Balkans, a three day journey.

South West Farmer: Boo being collected by her new familyBoo being collected by her new family

"She had never been in a house before, on a settee, on a lead, hated cars, noise, roads, but loved us instantly as we did her."

Boo, a cross-breed, was eight months old when she met her new family, but it wasn't long until they suspected that something could be wrong with the puppy. "She started getting fatter which we didn't mind about as we were spoiling her," said Miss Hampshire.

"Then we thought she may have a phantom pregnancy, only to be confirmed by our vet after an ultrasound scan that she was pregnant with at least six pups. We were in shock and started researching, as she was due in two weeks.

"The Pozega charity were amazing and have been so supportive. On 3rd May at 2am Boo started going into labour at only ten months old. Myself, my partner, my two children Billie and Georgia and their boyfriends Scott and Bryn were all hands on midwives. We have all lived together since lockdown.

"Boo had 12 puppies altogether, six golden and six black. There were no stillborns, which is what we were told to expect and we were so relieved this didn't happen. All were healthy and all of them have survived due to the six of us taking turns to monitor them 24/7."

South West Farmer:

The puppies are now all six weeks old and they and their mum are all healthy. All of them are going to loving homes, with 11 going to close friends and family members and the Hampshires keeping one for themselves.

Miss Hampshire added: "I'm not selling my puppies, all I've asked for is the cost of their formula milk, puppy food, inoculation and microchip.

"Lockdown puppies have been the most amazing and worrying experience in equal measures for us all, but one we will never forget."

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