A MARRIED couple from Taunton are setting up a mobile pizza business - in a horsebox they've converted.

Poppy and Nial Sellick, both 26, who live in Blackbrook, hope to start operating pop-up pitches in the area in the coming weeks.

They had intended to be up and running this summer, but their plans were thwarted by the coronavirus lockdown measures.

Their Papavero Pizza venture had been booked to appear at a number of events, including fairs, weddings and shows, which were all either cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic.

Poppy, who works as a nurse during the day, said they hope to soon operate a couple of evenings a week in locations such as Creech St Michael, North Curry and other villages.

She said: "We bought the horsebox last year and converted it into a pizza van.

"We've got a pizza oven capable of doing three pizzas at a time.

"At the moment, we both work full time. I'm a nurse and Nial is an engineer with Open Reach, although he used to be a chef.

"If it all goes well, we're hoping to run the business entirely full time.

"We're looking to soon start doing a couple of pop-up pitches each week in villages where they don't necessarily have takeaway facilities."

Poppy added: "Unfortunately, everything we'd planned for years has gone because of corona.

"Hopefully we'll be up and running next year and maybe in time for the Christmas market, but no-one's really sure yet."

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