THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6 is as follows. The total stock was 3270 head.

32 Dairy Cattle. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a smaller entry but an equally good trade despite there being not the quality of last week. First quality heifers still saw huge demand to £1950 from DJ & J Keedwell. Others £1940 from A Ractliffe; £1880 for a pedigree heifer from Arrijan Farming Ltd and £1800 from J Snook. Pedigree Ayrshire to £1780 from DH Sayer.

Cows to £1850 and £1820 for Redford bred cows from DWT, EG & PW Jones and £1780 from AR Edwards & Son.

Calves to £240 from EA & D Ellis.

982 Store Cattle and Grazing Cows. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report another large entry at 982, part of 1367 and top was £1275 for a quality young Limousin steer (19m & FA) from NM & CL Norris, Kilton, who also sold a 20m Charolais steer at £1265 and further Limousin steers at £1190 (23m & FA) and £1140 (only 14m! & FA). More Charolais steers to £1250 for a further feeder (22m & FA) from RE & AM Pearse, Sidbury, who sold more dairy bred Charolais at £1075 (4x 18/25m & FA). Feeding Charolais steers £1185 (24m) LE Sweetland & Son, Musbury; £1180 (24m, FA & organic) Exmoor Forest Farms, Simonsbath; £1165 (25m & FA) RF Tucker & Son, Butleigh; £1125 (30m) DW Pike, Stockland and £1120 (24/25m, FA & dairy bred) RC & K Wright & Son, Dunkeswell. More forward Limousin steers £1225 (21/23m & FA) JA Selway Ltd, Biddisham; £1185 (26m, FA, feeder & suckler bred) DA Kidner & Son, East Huntspill; £1175 (19/23m, feeder & suckler bred) LE Sweetland & Son again; £1110 (4x 21/24m, FA, feeders & dairy bred) WT Baily, Farway; £1105 (4x 30/31m, FA, feeders & dairy bred) SJ & EH Coles, Lympsham and £1095 (2x 19m, FA, feeders & dairy bred) JA Selway Ltd again. Some good Blues on offer to £1245 (24m & FA) R Jones & Son, Dulverton; £1230 (19m, FA, feeder & dairy bred) C Stone, Puriton, who sold others at £1165 (6x 18/19m & FA) £1160 (5x 10m & FA) £1140 (3x 18m & FA) and £1105 (6x 18/19m & FA); £1195 (18/19m & feeders) LE Sweetland & Son again; £1160 (25m, FA & feeder) DA Kidner & Son again; £1150 (22m, FA, feeder & dairy bred) WT Baily again; £1145 (3x only 16/19m, FA, feeders & dairy bred) G Bown & Son Ltd, Wells; £1135 (3x 19/20m, FA, feeders & dairy bred) JA Selway Ltd again; £1110 (23m, FA, feeder & dairy bred) Quick & Sons, West Monkton; £1095 (fit, only 14m, FA & dairy bred) SER Hunt, Kilve; £1095 again (23m, FA, feeder & dairy bred) RH & AM Turner, Stockland; £1090 (19m, FA, feeder & dairy bred) Arscott Partners, Upottery; £1090 (3x 19/23m, FA, feeder & dairy bred) H Miller & Son, West Buckland and £1090 again (23/26m, FA, feeders & dairy bred) RF Tucker & Son again. Simmental steers to £1150 for suckler bred types (2x 19m & FA) from NM & CL Norris again.

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Native steers rose to £1190 for three fit Herefords (17/18m, FA, sire & dairy bred) from G Bown & Son Ltd, again, who also sold dairy bred Angus (14/20m, FA, feeders & sire) at £1120. Further Herefords to £1090 (25m, FA, sire, feeder & dairy bred) from BAC & HM Trim, Combe Raleigh. Further dairy bred Angus to £1175 (23m, FA, sire & feeder) WT Baily again; £1165 (4x 19/22m, FA, sires & forward) M & R Vellacott, Greenham; £1155 (22/23m, FA, sire & feeders) RD & SA Patch, Wilmington; £1150 (4x 20/22m, FA, sire & feeders) Arscott Partners again; £1150 (20m, sire & fit) APD Gray, Ilton; £1145 (30m & feeder) DW Pike, again; £1130 (21/23m, FA & sires) WL Samways, Netherbury; £1080 (£10,800) (10x 19/21m, FA, sire & feeders) MJ Frampton & Son, Broadwindsor and £1080 (£8,400) (5x 19m, FA, sire & feeders) IR Worth, Shirwell. Suckler bred Welsh Black steers at £1130 (2x 26m & FA) from P Marke, Huish Champflower. (Hopefully noticed by Mr Meyrick).

Pure dairy bred steers peaked at £1140 for a Fleckvieh (21m & FA) from IR Worth again, who sold another at £1080 (19m & FA). Montbeliarde steer at £1075 (22m & FA) Highwood Farm Partners, Cotleigh. Forward Holsteins at £1010 (5x 19m & FA) from G Bown & Son Ltd again, who sold others at £980 (3x 18/19m & FA) £855 (8x only 13/19m & FA) £810 (8x only 13/17m & FA) and £725 (8x only 11/16m & FA). Fleckvieh, Friesian and Holstein trio at £950 (17/23m & FA) from R Reed, Seaton. Holsteins £900 (3x 26/27m, FA & frames) Radnidge Farm, East Anstey; £890 (4x 20/21m, FA & frames) £865 (8x 20/21m, FA & frames) and £765 (7x 17/19m & FA) Fooks Brothers, Bridport; £850 (6x 19/22m & FA) DW Hewlett, Queen Camel and £835 (6x 19/28m & FA) NJ & CL Parker, Ilchester. Friesians at £885 (21/23m & FA) RH & AM Turner, Stockland. Danish Red £880 (3x 20/21m & FA) JC & FF Dovey, Bridport.

Heifers hit £1198 for two very smart, red Limousins (19/20m, FA & U+2) from PA Strawbridge, who sold others at £1095 (20/21m & FA). Further best Limousins £1185 (26m, FA, fit & dairy bred) JA Selway Ltd again, who sold others at £1085 (5x 20/23m, FA & dairy bred). Further Limousins at £1060 (red, 25m, FA & dairy bred) Highwood Farm Partners again; £1060 (11m, FA, U+1 & suckler bred) R Takle, Exton and £1025 (17/22m & FA) C & W Hannam & Son, Sherborne. Charolais heifers peaked at £1130 (only 18m, FA & dairy bred) from JA Selway Ltd again. Others £1125 (3x 26/29m, FA, fleshed & suckler bred) KLH Sweet, East Huntspill; £1020 (22/24m & FA) RA Reed again and £1005 (23/24m & FA) RWG Chilcott, Pawlett.

Good Blues at £1125 (2x 21m, FA & dairy bred) C &W Hannam & Son again; £1100 (18m, FA & dairy bred) Newley Farm, Taunton; £1090 (3x 20m, FA & dairy bred) C Stone again; £1090 and £1070 (both only 14m, FA & fit) and £1050 (only 16m, FA & fit) all from SER Hunt again; £1045 (£8360) (8x 13/19m, FA & dairy bred) G Bown & Son Ltd again; £1040 (6x 21/24m & FA) H Miller & Son again and £1035 (20/21m, FA & dairy bred) JA Selway Ltd again.

Native heifers sold to £1100 for an Angus (21m, FA, sire, fit & dairy bred) from A Small & Son, Greinton, who also sold Hereford heifers at £1060 (£6360) (6x 19/23m, FA, sire & dairy bred) A Small & Son, Ashcott. Further Angus £1000 (5x only 16/17m, FA, sire & dairy bred) AE Vile & Son, North Curry; £985 (27m, FA, sire & dairy bred) Radnidge Farm again; £975 (26m, FA & dairy bred) IJ & CR Vigus, Oakford and £965 (20/22m, FA, sire & dairy bred) RA Reed again. Further Herefords at £995 (20m, FA, sire & dairy bred) SJ & EH Coles again and £955 (17/18m, FA, sires & dairy bred) JA Selway Ltd again.

Some tremendous dairy heifers at £1150 (32m & FA) £1070 (5x 22/26m & FA) and £1015 (24/25m & FA) all being well fleshed Holsteins from Newley Farm again. Fleckvieh at £1000 (25m & FA) NW & SE Legg & Sons, South Petherton. Further Holstein at £930 (23m & FA) RA Reed again. Montbeliarde at £900 (20m & FA) A Small & Son again.

33 Grazing Cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report large entry of 33 grazing cows sold to £1100 (2x) from both ET Summerfield & Son and BH Chapman & Son. Others sold to £1095 (LIMX) £955 (BRBX) and £950 (HEX).

385 Busk Calves and Stirks. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a good entry of stirks saw a stronger trade for the first quality. Smaller, second quality stirks also saw a brighter trade.

Top price of £1040 (8m) for a top drawer Limousin steer from M & M Alford, who sold other good Limousins to £1020 (only 8m) and £1000 (only 8m). Further Limousins to £870 (13m) TJ Jakins; £780 (13m) EJ & HM Hull; £765 MT Brown; £760 (3x 9m) £742 (2x 9m) £695 (4x 9m) JWR & CS Turner; £735 (2x 9m) R Jones & Son; £715 (14m) MB & TJ Froom; £685 (2x 11m) SJ & KE Hatherley & Rendle and £678 (8m) G Burrough. Charolais to £895 (2x 14m) TJ Jakins again, who sold others to £735 (3x 13m) and £670 (2x 14m). Further Charolais to £770 (14m) AJ Cooper; £770 (9m) AHJ Whittle; £740 (13m) Hill & Johnstone; £665 (2x 12m) SJ & MG Payne and £660 (2x 9m). Herefords in demand and shot to £845 (15m) BH Chapman & Sons, who sold others to £690 (2x 9m) and £600 (4x 8m). Further Herefords to £820 (10m) JD Lock; £710 (15m) TJ Jakins; £700 (12m) £670 (12m) JLG Dorse; £675 (11m) EJ & HM Hull and £650 M Burke. Pure Simmentals to £795 (3x 11m) R & J Cook, when dairy bred Simmentals sold to £675 (2x 10m) and £605 AM Catley-Day. British Blues to £785 (13m) JLG Dorse, when others sold to £755 (2x 8m) JWR & CS Turner; £745 (8m) and £700 (8m) GR Smith; £645 (3x 10m) and £590 (7x 10m) SJ Taylor. Angus to £765 (10m) EJ & HM Hull, when others sold to £700 (5x 11m) £655 (6x 12m) G Heard; £650 (14m) TJ Jakins; £620 and £615 SJ & MG Payne and £600 (3x 9m) PC Pocock & Co. Shorthorn to £660 (14m) AHJ Whittle. South Devon to £650 (13m) Hill & Johnstone.

Bulls sold to a top price of £655 (14m) for a Simmental from N Jamieson, who sold another to £600 (8m). Angus to £600 (2x 9m) EA & DA Ellis.

Heifers sold to a top price of £860 (15m) for a British Blue with shape from MH Stacey, who sold another at £800 (14m) and dairy bred Blues to £685 (4x 14m). Further British Blues to £725 (11m) FJ & CN Burrough; £620 (2x only 8m) JWR & CS Turner and £550 (2x 8m) GR Smith. Charolais to £700 (14m) £550 (13m) EC Farms; £575 (12m) £535 (3x 1m) SJ & MG Payne and £530 (9m) SJ & KE Hatherly & Rendle. Limousins to £680 (14m) JLG Dorse; £670 (9m) SJ & KE Hatherly & Rendle again; £660 (4x 10m) RAD Legg; £600 (8m) £560 (3x 9m) JWR & CS Turner; £600 (4x 12m) £590 (2x 13m) £550 (2x 12m) and £515 (9m) Cricklake Farm; £560 (14m) MB & TJ Froom and £560 (8m) G Burrough. Herefords to £600 (2x 14m) M Burke, when others sold to £585 (2x 9m) JD Lock and £520 (11m) PC Pocock & Co. Simmentals to £550 (12m) R & J Cook, when others sold to £535 (9m) £520 (9m) AM Catley-Day and £510 (2x 12m) D Exton. Angus to £515 (5x 13m) G Heard and £500 (2x) SJ & MG Payne.

435 Non-export Calves. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a much improved entry, when several strong consignments of reared calves were amongst, sold to another strong trade when plenty of buyers were around the ring. A run of smart Blues from SJ Perry sold to £405 and £390. Others to £380 from JWO Marsh & Partners and £365 from AW Hewlett & Son. Limousin bulls to £405 for a run of shapely calves from RD & BD Barter; £362 JLG Dorse and £355 from DN Woollacott. Charolais bulls to £355 from SM & DM Turner; £350 from GA Quick & Son; £322 from SM & DM Turner again and £305 from RG & IR Tapp. Simmental bulls to £300 from DJ Palmer and £155 from AA & JM Churchill & Son.

Native bulls to £370 for a reared Angus from DN Woollacott. Others £315 from DR Tucker and £305 (2x) from Plot Farm Partners. Hereford bulls to £325 from DN Woollacott; £280 and £272 from NP Gibbons and £260 from BS & SG Kingston.

Heifers to £405 for a forward purebred Charolais from J & C Wylde. Other dairy Charolais £342 from SM & DM Turner; £290 from GA Quick & Son. Blue heifers to £370 and £350 from SJ Perry; £350 from JWO Marsh & Partners: £340 from FE Hill & Son and R & J Jones & Son. Limousin heifers to £320 (2x) from RD & BD Barter; £295 from H & NM Wall & Sons, who also sold at £290 and £262 (2x) and £260 from DR Clapp.

Angus heifers to £290 and £270 from DN Woollacott. Others £270 (2x) and £255 (2x) from Twose Farm Ltd. Hereford heifers to £210 from BS & SG Kingston; £188 and £182 from Cavill & Sons and £168 from J Stott.

Friesians (44) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a number of dairy sired bull calves forward met another competitive trade when reared Freisians sold to £175 and £170 from DN Woollacott. Best younger rearing type black and white calves to £148 and £78 from GJ & JM Boyer. Fleckvieh to £290 from RF & BA Larcombe. Norwegian Reds to £130 from RJ Tucker & Sons. Dairy Shorthorns to £90 from Williams PFA. Best rearing calves £80 plus, mediums £50-£60 and plainer types around £30.

1333 Sheep. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (251)

A smaller entry of 251 store lambs sold to a very strong trade for both new season lambs and last season’s hogs. Top price of £117 went to Maddock & Son, who sold others to £91. Others to £91 from RA Hurd; £90 (2x) from C Hobbs; £89.50 from WT Blake & Pittard; £88 from EM, JM & CL Wallbridge; £87 from Richard Stevens & Co; £86.50 from C Hobbs and £85 from IJ Pincombe, FP Hill & Son and D Guy. Overall average £71.94.

Cull Ewes and Rams (705)

A similar sized entry of 705 cull ewes and rams sold to a stronger trade, although a large proportion of hill and leaner types pegged the average. Best continental ewes to £102 from A Gillett. Other best ewes to £100 from RGF & TS Partnership and R Sherry; £96 (2x) from Chapel Farm Partnership; £94 from AJ Green; £92 and £91.50 from D Pengelly; £92 from R Westbrook; £90 from JH Knight; £89 from AJ Willcox; £88 (2x) from R Westbrook and £87 from Maddock & Son. Cull rams sold to £139 for a teaser from AJ Green, when others sold to £104 from LJ Webber; £93 from K Taylor and £90 from C Dimmock. Medium ewes £50-£75. Leaner types £30-£50 and boners generally £20 plus. Overall average £61.34.

Goats (2)

Sold to £81 from P Harris.

Couples (158 Ewes & 217 Lambs)

A similar number of couples forward, when 158 ewes with 217 lambs at foot were penned. Trade reasonable however not the number of buyers in attendance as has been seen in recent weeks.

Top call was £240 (£80/life) for a strong double from AL Lawler. Other best doubles to £210 (£70/life) from JH & HJ Diment; £180 (£60/life) from RC Ellicott; £172 (£57.33/life) from Vigar & Son.

Best of the singles to £172 (£86/life) from JH & HJ Diment. Others to £138 (£69/life) from the same Vendor and J Stenson; £128 (£64/life) from Vigar & Son and £120 (£60/life) from RA Hurd and S Loader. Overall average £59.49/life.

103 Pigs. Auctioneer's comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report better trade for cull sows. Strong trade for fat pigs with new buyers in attendance.

Cull Sows & Boars (12)

Brighter trade when the best sold to £162 for a medium sow from AP & PC Rose. Others between £100-£120. Plain sows to £75.

Weaners (24)

Small entry to £36 for young Gloucester Old Spots from R Hares and £30 from DJ Adams.

Forward Stores (67)

A fair entry of fat pigs forward sold to a good array of purchasers. Top of the day £144 for a nice pen of 7 from MJ Stevens. £132 for a run from J & R Hopkins and £130 for a pick of a run from T Stone.

Lighter stores again sold well with a run of 17 from S Carey to £84. 11 w/o Saddlebacks from AP & PC Rose sold to £91.