A six-year-old labrador has given birth to a staggering 14 puppies - believed to be one of the biggest ever litters for its breed, writes Sarah Lumley.

Proud mum Bella delivered an amazing number of puppies at last month leaving owner Hazel Hedges lost for words.

Hazel, 31, and a registered dog breeder, had expected black labrador Bella to produce a litter of around six to eight puppies.

A scan before she gave birth showed around six pups.

But they just kept on popping out at Hazel's home at Wentworth, near Ely in Cambridgeshire, leaving her stunned.

Bella gave birth to 14 pups in total during a seven hour labour.

She gave birth to a total of four black boys, four black girls, three yellow boys and yellow girls.

All were fit and healthy when born on April 18.

The litter is believed to be the biggest ever recorded in England, though a 15-strong litter was recorded in Scotland in 2014.

Last year it was reported that a labrador from Kent gave birth to the 'largest litter in Britain' with 13 puppies - Bella has broken that record with an extra pup.

All of Hazel's gorgeous puppies have already been snapped up after Ms Hedges shared their images online and they will have new homes on June 13 after being weaned.

It was Bella's fourth and last litter.

Hazel said: "I think this is one of the biggest labrador litters in history and probably the biggest ever in England.

"It was Bella's last litter and she has certainly made it one to remember.

"Normally I would have expected her to deliver a litter of around six or eight puppies.

"She always has all blacks with just one yellow, but she gave birth to a mixture of blacks and yellow this was a surprise."

The puppies' dad, Scooby, is a yellow labrador and is Kennel Club registered.

Ms Hedges and her partner James, 34, have been breeding labradors for five years.

Hazel added: "Bella was scanned when she became pregnant but the numbers are never right and we certainly were not expecting 14!

"I just could not believe it when they just kept coming. I had to wake my partner up to help me clean the pups because they were coming so fast.

"She's been a brilliant mum but now I think it is time for her to have a rest."