Do not feed the animals. This is the message to people visiting the countryside after a ewe choked to death on a satsuma, leaving behind two orphaned lambs.

Dorset Police's Rural Crime Team has warned people to not feed any livestock they come across, as animals are often on special diets to manage their health.

This also includes the feeding of grass clipping and garden clippings from trees and shrubs which can ferment and kill animals that consume them.

A spokesperson for the team said: "We must also remind you that feeding kitchen waste to farm animals is illegal and this is in place to stop the spread of disease.

"Sadly we have recently received a report from a farmer where unknown persons have fed sheep and goats in a field various fruit this has sadly caused the death of a fit and strong two-year-old ewe in her prime which had choked to death on a satsuma.

"The death of this ewe has also affected the two young lambs which are now orphaned."