RESIDENTS across Dorset have been outraged at the proposed mass gatherings that are due to take place in Bournemouth and across the country this weekend.

The gatherings, which are to protest against the “unlawful lockdown” and proposed “mandatory vaccines”, have been organised by the UK Freedom Movement.

People have taken to social media to vent their frustration about the proposed gatherings on Saturday, saying it could lead to a second spike in infection rates and increased pressure on the NHS.

Janette Pearson said: “They should all be made to sign something to waive their rights to NHS treatment if they get the virus.

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Yolanda Hola added: “Why can’t they wait for a little longer? I feel sorry for the NHS workers.”

“There’s no words to describe the stupidity of this easing of the so-called lockdown! Watch Dorset’s infection figures rise!”

“Great way to waste police resources having to move them on because there’s loads of people not social distancing,” said Martine Phillips.

Some people highlighted that this is an example of people pushing the boundaries of the new restrictions, just like what some people were doing under the previous restrictions.

Samantha Rose Lowney said: “Give people an inch and they’ll take a mile, just bloody dangerous is what that is!”

“But with the new travelling rules bought in by Boris who opened the country up as long as they keep metres apart,” added Paul Djemaa.

Pat Furmidge said: “There’s no words to describe the stupidity of this easing of the so-called lockdown! Watch Dorset’s infection figures rise!”

Some readers, although in the minority, have welcomed the gatherings, saying that it will help life to go back to how it was before the Covid-19 lockdown.

Michael Andrews said: “Brilliant news -it’s time to party!! So, let’s bring the local communities together and bring back some kind of normality into our lives away from all this overkill legislation and media scare tactics!”

South West Farmer:

Snieguole Guman added: “Great news! Whoever is afraid and vulnerable please stay at home and build your immune system in the balcony or in the bedroom.”

The scheduled mass gatherings across the country come days after the government’s second review on the coronavirus lockdown, where PM Boris Johnson announced the easing of lockdown measures.

These included the fact that two people from different households in England can meet in outdoor settings, such as parks, as long as they stay two metres apart and that there is now no limit to the amount of exercise an individual can do per day.

Dorset Police have said that anyone not following the Government regulations on social distancing measures “will be dispersed” and fines may be used “as a last resort”.

The UK Freedom Movement is touted as an anti-conspiracy group aimed at “exposing the truth regarding global affairs”, according to its Facebook page.