Stags, auctioneers at Tavistock Livestock Centre report a good quality entry of 186 cattle and 286 sheep at their May Fair sale.

Again the strict regulations precluded vendors from being able to see their stock sold and buyers pre registering and maintaining social distancing at all times.

The day started with the cattle and trade was better than the month before despite beef prices dropping further.

The recent rain and grass growth has definitely helped especially with the sale of the younger cattle.

Topping the days prices at £1190 to a pair of 26mo Limousin cross steers from Mr RG Paine of Plymouth who also has other similar age steers to £1165 and £1125 respectively.

Mr Paine also topped the heifers at £1100 for another pair of 25mo Limousin crosses with others to £1085.

Other prices exceeding the four figure barrier was £1110 for three 26mo South Devon steers from Mr RCM Facey of Gunnislake (NFA) who also has other had other pens of steers to £1090, £1070 and £1000.

Messrs J & S Eggins of Yelverton has a lovely run of cattle which sold to £1065 for 20mo Charolais cross steers and £1060 for a pair of 25mp South Devon steers.

£960 for 20mo Charolais cross heifers from the same vendor with £1065 to 22mo Limousin steers from Mr J Grills of Yelverton.

Younger cattle were in strong demand with prices topping at £985 for 16mo South Devon steers from Mr E Distin of Saltash who also had 13mo Limousin cross steers at £875 and similar age heifers to £760.

A lovely run of 17-18mo Charolais cross steers from Mr A Stanbury & Son of Chagford topped at £950 with other pens to £910 and £870.

Best of their heifers topped at £760.

Other notable prices included £910 for 16mo Charolais cross steers from Messrs Torr Farm Partnership of Yelverton; £945 for 21mo British Blue cross heifer from Messrs J & G Nankivell of Tavistock; £855 for four 23mo Beef Shorthorn heifers (Named Sire) from Mr T Roskilly of Tavistock who also had 16mo similar heifers to £655.

The same money for five 12mo Limousin cross heifers from Mr M Heyward of Okehampton.

£615 for a pair of 8mo Charolais cross steers from Mr MH Northmore of Yelverton; £700 to 9mo Blonde cross steers from Mr M Tucker of Bere Ferrers; £650 to a pair of 10mo South Devon steers from Messrs Coaker & Geen of Princetown; £735 to 11mo Limousin cross steers from Messrs WKJ & MR Harding of Throwleigh who has similar age heifers to £645; £760 to 12mo Aberdeen Angus cross steers from Messrs J & G Nankivell again.

The cattle sale started with grazing cows which topped at £860 for an 8yo Gelbvieh cross cow from Mr RG Paine of Yelverton with next best to £820 for a 14yo Limousin cross cow from Mr J Grill of Bere Alston.

A pleasing entry of 286 sheep met a trade to match.

All grazing ewes, couples and store hoggs prices exceeded the expectations of most vendors.

51 couples presented included only one lowland bred single couple from Mr L Mills of Tavistock being a single Suffolk outfit reaching £118.

Double couples from Messrs FG & DM Penwill of Mary Tavy rose to £132 for a Mule ewe and her Suffolk cross lambs.

Hillbred outfits topped at £108 for a Full Mouth Scotch double couple from Messrs WKJ & MR Harding of Throwleigh who sold a run of 23 Scotch couples with best topped at £94 and £90 for Broken and Full mouths respectively.

A pleasing entry of grazing ewes and rams topped at £81.50 for three Texel ewes from Messrs G & R Cundy of Lamerton who also sold rams to £81 and £75.

Other ewes from the same vendor rose to £74 with Messrs JA & JA Vanstone of Yelverton selling a good quality run with best rams to £81 for Charollais’ and Berrichon ewes to £79.

Other ewes to £67 for Mr FR Hill of Lewdown. Hill bred ewes topped at £51 for a smart pen of Scotch Blackfaces again from Messrs JH & JA Vanstone.