THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Monday April 27 is as follows. The total stock was 1343 head.

Brighter Prime Cattle and Cull Cow trades. More kindly requested and wanted.

(44) UTM and (4) OTM Prime Cattle. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a near identical entry in terms of quantity at 47 head, of improved quality prime cattle met a much brighter trade.

Heifers sold to 189ppk for a smart, shapely black Limousin from J & S Vinnicombe & Son, Ottery St Mary, who sold a similar red heifer at 181ppk, a very shapely, gold Limousin steer at 186ppk and shapely red Limousin steer at 184.5ppk. Shapely gold Charolais steer at 181ppk from CJ & SM Hutter, Oakford, who sold a similar red Limousin heifer at 175ppk. Well fleshed Hereford steers at 179.5 and 176.5ppk from D Barnes, Yarcombe. Further Hereford steer at 176.5ppk from IF Ford & Partners, Elberton. Smart black and white Blue steer at 178.5ppk from D Barnes again. Well fed Charolais steers at 177.5ppk (only 11m!) from MJ Tuckett & Partners, Exeter and 176.5ppk from both L & A Maddock & Co, Wiveliscombe and S Hutter again.

Charolais heifers at 176.5 and 175.5ppk from RE Webber, Stringston and 171.5ppk from G Sloman, Taunton.

Steers sold to £1,278.72 for a grand 768kg Blue from R & G Speed, Axminster. Limousin steer at £1,246.20 from J & S Vinnicombe & Son. Hereford steer at £1,170.09 from TE Pocock & Son.

Heifers sold to a massive £1,201.20 for a Charolais from RE Webber, who sold another at £1,131.37. Limousin heifers at £1,151.01 and £1,096.86 from J & S Vinnicombe & Son. Further Charolais at £1,107.89 from G Sloman.

47 Barren Cows and Cull Stock Bulls. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report an improved entry in terms of number and quality of 48 barren cows met a brighter trade. Cows are wanted currently to supply mince.

Top was 145.5ppk for a superb Limousin cow from CJM Shackleton, Wiveliscombe. Lean, feeding Limousin cow at 130.5ppk from RC Roynon, Churchill. Shapely Blonde at 128.5ppk from JM Darby, Bishops Lydeard.

Good bodied Charolais cows at 128.5 and 126.5ppk (2x) from TJ Richards, Congresbury. Square Simmental at 123.5ppk from HR & BM White & Sons, Watchet. Shapely Blue at 122.5ppk from CG & C Vigar, Langport.

Native cows rose to 130.5ppk for a very nicely fleshed young Devon cow (36m) from A Parker, Hemyock, who sold other older cows at 118.5 and 109.5ppk. Angus cow at 126.5ppk and a Beef Shorthorn also at 126.5ppk, both from BE Maltby, Kingston Russell.

Sucklers sold to a tremendous £1,142.18 for the Limousin from CJM Shackleton. Charolais at £1,045.99 from TJ Richards and £977.51 from WJ Dicks, Dommett. Angus at £982.91 from BE Maltby and a Hereford at £950.57 from G Wall, Street.

A shortage of black and white cows on offer rose to 111.5ppk on three occasions for Holsteins from PD & JL Biss, Kingweston, MJ Frampton & Son, Broadwindsor and DJ Spratt, Aust. Friesian at 110.5ppk from TC & DS Bright, Stockland. Further Holsteins at 108.5ppk from both DJ Spratt again and FE Hill & Son, Stockland Lovell; 107.5 and 105.5ppk, JV & RC Pidgeon, Yarcombe and 106.5ppk from MJ Frampton & Sons again.

Dairy breeds sold to £997.91 for a Holstein from MJ Frampton & Son. Further heavier Holstein cows at £859.67 and £847.74 from DJ Spratt and £852.80 from FE Hill & Son. More cows kindly requested to fuel demand.

1248 Finished Lambs and Hoggs. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report more lambs were presented at 696 head, however trade was much more difficult for all forward, when many Firms had export orders cancelled early on Monday morning. The best however were keenly contested and sold to 246 and 231ppk from KJ Seymour. Others 242ppk from RA Willcox; 238 and 234ppk from NF Newman; 237ppk from RG Drew & Sons; 234ppk from AC Burgoine; 232ppk from PJ Down and 230ppk from LJ Burrough.

Top prices per head were £105 from Hanchard Farming Partners. Others £100, £99.50 and £96 from KJ Seymour; £99.50 from RG Drew & Sons; £98 from GJ Cottrell; £96.50 and £96 from LJ Burough and £96 from J Sprake & Partners. Overall average £88.54.

A smaller entry of 552 hoggs sold to a very competitive, firm trade. Handyweights sold to 211 and 203ppk from J Tucker & Partners. Others 207ppk from C Dimmock and AJ Willcox; 204ppk from AE Vile & Son; 203ppk from MB & KN Crabb and 202ppk from AA, L & R Johnson, CHJ Atwell & Sons and FH Arscott & Son.

Heavier hoggs sold to £110 and £99 from RJ Alford. Others £98.50 and £97.50 from A Dagger; £98.50 from BJ Batten and MB & KN Crabb and £97 from JS Swain, AJ Willcox and TH Dyer. Overall average £93.58.

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