The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society is organising a team of ‘Angels’ and a match-making service to support livestock farmers with the expected labour challenges ahead.

As coronavirus continues and normal working practice has changed for many, the British agricultural industry is key to keeping the shelves stocked and food on our tables.

“Spring is a key time in agriculture’s annual cycle of food production, with particular onus on the livestock industry, with thousands of farms currently right in the thick of lambing and calving,” said Barrie Turner, chief executive officer of The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society.

“Keeping the wheels turning, with a minimum labour force, as skilled key workers are expected to be taken ill or unable to travel to work, has now become the priority for our industry. And all while supporting the health and safety and wellbeing of our farmers and farm workers nationwide.”

All businesses are being encouraged to implement an emergency contingency plan to ensure they have planned ahead, and key contacts and details about the farm protocols, routines and contracts are documented in case of having to bring in additional help at short notice.

With potential shortfalls in the agricultural labour force imminent, The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society has released a call to arms for skilled workers. “With substantial labour gaps expected over the summer months, we are setting up a national network and resource of those most skilled and invested in livestock industry.”

This simple, and effective, match-making service will be available for those whose livelihood could be affected in the foreseeable future.

“We are looking for those who would be keen and willing to come forward and take over some day-to-day work if a farm is in need of an experienced pair of hands, should the resident workforce be out of action due to the effects of Covid-19.”

Could you be an Aberdeen Angus 'Angel'? The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society is calling all university/college students, veterinary students, stock people and anyone who feels their experience fits the bill to contact them now via their website or by emailing with your CV, location and appropriate skills.

If you are a farm in trouble, fear not, the 'Angels' are close by. Please email with your requirements and The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society will do their utmost to help you.