THE MARKET report from Sedgemoor Auction Centre for Friday April 17 and Saturday April 18 is as follows. The total stock was 3073 head.

An incredible store trade with stores to £1190

Covid 19 update, April 21

Market Days

Sedgemoor will continue to hold weekly sales of Store Cattle, Stirks and Calves on Saturdays. The Store Lambs, Cull Sheep and Cull Goats will now be sold on Friday afternoons, gates opening at 12 noon with the sale of Store Lambs starting at 4pm, followed by the Cull Sheep & Goats.

Fat, Cull, Store & Weaner Pigs will continue to be sold on alternate Saturdays.

Fri April 24 Store Lambs, Cull Sheep and Cull Goats

Sat April 25 Store Cattle, Stirks and Calves

Mon April 27 Prime Cattle, Cull Cattle, Prime Lambs and Hoggs

The calves will be sold through dairy ring to facilitate social distancing of the buyers. No other category of stock will be sold at the Saturday market. Vendors MUST remain in their vehicles whilst market staff unload the vehicle and take their stock to the pens. The sale documentation MUST be collected by staff from the Vendor’s vehicle at the unloading bay. Vendors MUST not enter the pennage area or any other part of the market premises. Please ensure your mobile telephone number is on your entry form, so if you sell your stock with a reserve or subject to approval, we are able to contact you quickly. Buyers will be restricted to allow Social Distancing (two metres between each buyer). Buyers MUST sanitise on entry to the market and on exiting again. Buyers MUST wear gloves whilst in the market. Any buyer who does not actually secure a purchase MUST register with the office after the sale. Hauliers MUST ensure their name and contact details are recorded on the entry form for the stock they are delivering. Monday Markets will continue as currently with the above protocols implemented.

581 Store Cattle and Grazing Cows. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the resilience of the store cattle trade is incredible. Despite deadweight quote dropping and loads being cancelled, store cattle continue to sell incredibly well against the retail beef trade.

581 stores were penned, part of 858 with the stirks, which met a superb trade. Top was £1190 twice. Bid firstly for four shapely grazing Limousin steers (21/23m & FA) from EA & DA Ellis, St Ives and again for a forward Limousin steer (22m & FA) from EJ Collins & Son, Chard. Further good Limousin steers at £1120 (25m & FA) and £1010 (4x 24/26m & FA) from D & I Dyer, Yarcombe and £1120 again (24m & FA) K Proctor, Dunkeswell, who sold others at £1070 (23/24m & FA). Quality suckler bred Charolais steers at £1140 (4x 19/23m & FA) from ME Sampson & Son, Upottery. Run of well-done dairy bred Charolais at £1025 (6x 17/22m & FA) £1020 (8x 17/24m & FA) and £950 (6x 19/23m & FA) from JPT Reed & Son, Southleigh. Simmental steers rose to £1075 twice, firstly for a 24m steer from Keedwell Bros, Sandford and again (19m & FA) from EJ Collins & Son again. Blue steers rose to £1060 (only 14/16m & FA) for fleshed types from SER Hunt, Kilve. Further warm Blues at £1015 (25/28m & FA) AC House & Son, Thornfalcon; £1005 (3x 25/27m & FA) and £1005 (3x 21/27m & FA) D & I Dyer again and £1000 (22m & FA) MJ Patch. Monkton.

Native steers continue to be tremendously sought to £1120 for Angus (24m, FA & sire) from CJF & SR Creeper, Altarnun, who sold others at £1065 (6x 24/25m, FA & sire). Further forward Angus £1055 (28m, FA & sire) JR Dill & Son, Cheddon Fitzpaine; £1050 (25/29m, FA & sires) and £1000 (3x 31/32m & FA) Ham Farm Partners, Creech St Michael; £1045 (only 16m, FA & sire) Alstone Court Partners, Highbridge; £955 (24m & sire) Keedwell Bros again and £950 (23m & FA) T Hiscock, Sturminster Newton. Smart Beef Shorthorn steer at £1095 (24m & FA) AHJ Whittle, Milverton. Well grown Hereford steer (24m, FA & sire) at £1070 from CJF & SR Creeper again, who sold others at £935 (4x 22/24m, FA & sires). Further forward Hereford steers at £1045 (22/23m, FA & sire) AJ & RA Turner, Axminster and £995 (2x 24m & sire) J Keate, Banwell.

Dairy bred steers in excellent demand to £955 (4x 27/29m & FA) for fed Holsteins from D & I Dyer again, who sold others at £875 (31/32m & FA) £860 (3x 24/26m & FA) £855 (3x 24/27m & FA) £855 again (30m & FA) and £820 (24m & FA). Further fleshed Holstein steers £925 (27/28m & FA) £910 (32m & FA) £885 (32/33m & FA) £850 (23/27 & FA) and £800 (48m & FA) JR Dill & Son, Hestercombe; £820 (6x 17/20m & FA) AJ & RA Turner and £810 (17/22m & FA) G Pople & Sons, Sharpham. Fleckvieh at £810 (4x 17/18m & FA) P & D Symes, Misterton.

Heifers rose to £1150 for a very shapely Blue (29m) from GS Brown, North Molton, who sold a further Blue and Limousin heifer (both 23m) at £1085. Well bred Charolais heifers at £1065 (4x 20/23m & FA) and £940 (4x 19/23m & FA) from KD Browse, Sampford Peverell. Forward Blues at £1040 (3x 20/25m & FA) from D & I Dyer again. Good dairy bred Charolais at £995 (6 x20/24m & FA) and £900 (5x 17/25m & FA) JPT Reed & Son again. Further smart Charolais £985 (30m, FA) RMG & RG Salter, Buckland St Mary.

Fleshed Blues at £970 (15m & FA) £960 (18m & FA) and £925 (15m & FA) and £920 (15m, FA) from SER Hunt, Kilve; £950 (29m & FA) AC House & Sons again and £925 (3x 21m & FA) AJ & RA Turner again. Growthy Limousins at £965 (24/27m, FA) D & I Dyer again. Smart Blondes at £915 (23/24m) EA & DA Ellis again. Good type Charolais at £900 (only 17m & FA) from MD Fone & Sons, Upottery.

Fleshed red Hereford heifer at £1050 (24m, FA & Sire) CJF & SR Creeper again. Fleshed Devon heifer at £980 (29m & FA) JR Dill & Son again, who sold another at £945 (26m & FA) and an Angus at £900 (30m, FA & Sire). Further fit Angus at £900 (4x 24/25, FA & Sires) CJF & SR Creeper again. Further Angus £845 (7x only 15/18m, FA & sire) G Pople & Sons again.

4 Grazing Cows (pre-movement tested). Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report grazing cows sold to £605 for a Blue Cow (2016) from D Powell.

277 Busk Calves and Stirks. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report a larger entry of stirks forward sold to a fast trade when all classes of stirks met competitive bidding. Top price of £870 (13m) for a Charolais steer from HR & BM White & Sons. Limousins to £810 (10m) GS Brown, when others old to £800 (12m) and £710 (9m) T Shutter; £795 (2x 12m) £770 (2x 11m) B Jeffery; £792 (12m) £700 (2x 9m) £670 (9m) KJ & SM Brewer; £770 (9m) SJ & KE Hatherley & Rendle; £765 (4x 10m) JW & JA Wotton; £750 (9m) £690 (8m) M Glover; £715 (2x 10m) and £600 (10m) PC Feltham & Son. Normandy to £805 (2x 11m) A Jones. Simmentals to £805 (7x 13m) ASJ & PJ Carter, who sold others to £655 (3x 12m). Further Simmentals to £665 (5x 11m) R Binning. British Blues to £800 (11m) EA & DA Ellis, when others to £740 (13m) JG & MH Isaac & Son; £715 (11m) and £695 (10m) PC Feltham & Son.

Angus to £725 (9m) RA Willcox; £685 (13m) JG & MH Isaac & Son; £625 (4x 12m) WJ Harraway and £610 RA Wilkins & Sons. Herefords to £610 JG & MH Isaac & Sons again.

Bulls sold to a top price of £600 (9m) for Herefords from CJ White & Partners, who sold others to £580 (2x).

Heifers sold to a top price of £845 (11m) for Limousins from EA & DA Ellis, who sold others to £795 (2x 10m) £740 (10m) and £675 (2x 10m). Further Limousins to £670 (2x 9m) M Glover; £600 (13m) HR & BM White & Sons; £575 (8m) SJ & KE Hatherley & Rendle; £570 (2x 11m) B Jeffery and £568 (3x 11m) TPJ Macaskie. Blonde to £700 (11m) EA & DA Ellis. Simmentals to £695 (11m) EA & DA Ellis who sold another at £600 (11m). Further Simmentals to £675 (13m) WJ Harraway, £640 (2x) ASJ & PJ Carter. British Blues to £610 (11m) PH & DA Winter, when others sold to £605 (9m) EA & DA Ellis; £580 (11m) GS Brown and £520 (3x 10m) PC Feltham & Son. Charolais to £580 (11m) SJ & KE Hatherley & Rendle. Normandy to £565 (4x 11m) A Jones. Angus to £515 (7m) RJ Phelps. Herefords to £510 (11m) R Hares.

216 Non-export Calves. Auctioneer’s comments:

Beef Breeds (180) – not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report not as many calves as expected and the good complement of buyers could have handled more, which resulted in a very good trade throughout. Top of the day was for month old Charolais from SM & DM Turner Ltd to £370, who sold another at £365. Other Charolais £230 from D & J Mapstone. Young Blues to £340 (2x) from MC Powell; £328 from TJ & BE Cowley & Son and £302 from MW Nash Farming Ltd. Limousins to £338 amd £315 from RJ Stitch. Others £305 from DG Bartlett. No Simmentals forward.

Continental heifers to £268 (2x) for reared Limousins from RA Plowright. Young Limousins to £220 from HT & ME Quick; £220 from RJ Stitch and £195 from Ayre farming. Young Charolais to £268 and £240 from SM & DM Turner Ltd. Young Blues to £262 and 258 from MC Powell. £258 from TJ & BE Cowley & Son and £242 from Helliar Partnership.

Natives to £335 for reared Angus from N & C Holland & Son, same vendor £290 (2x). Young Angus to £240 from M & S Powell; £236 from DH Sayer and £235 from LS Simmons & Partners. Herefords to £240 for reared type from RA Plowright, younger to £215 from PB & LM Doble.

Native heifers to £245 for reared Herefords from RA Plowright. £220 from Arrijan Farming Ltd. Younger to £165 from CE Veysey and £125 from Dillington Farms. Reared Angus to £240 (2x) from RA Plowright. Younger to £162 from LS Simmons & Partners and £155 from Helliar Partnership.

Friesians (36) - not able to be exported from market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report only 36 dairy sired bull calves as the lower end have been cheaper in previous weeks. Trade was similar but saw good types to £136 from MD & KRJ Boley; £115 Arrijan Farming Ltd and £115 FAW Bakers Kingston Farms Ltd. Best rearing types £50 plus, mediums £30-40 and plainer types mainly north of £15.

1999 Sheep. Auctioneer’s comments:

Greenslade Taylor Hunt report the following sheep trades:-

Store Lambs (765)

A larger entry of 765 store lambs sold to a firm trade throughout to a top price of £92 from JE & LP Reason. Others to £91 from FG, NK & AJ Gammon Ltd; £89 from J Tamplin; £88.50 from Milborne Wick Farms; £88 from N Vernoum, C Peach and SW Selway; £86.50 from N Vernoum; £86 from A Wall; £85.50 from Maddock & Son and RJ Rood; £85 from V & RA Hunt, TR Clements & Son and SW Selway; £84 from AG Hinks & Son (2x) and R & H Isgar and £83.50 from Alstone Court Partners and DC Creech. Overall average £74.37.

Cull Ewes and Rams (1179)

A much larger entry of 1179 cull ewes and rams sold to a strong competitive trade for all forward. Best continental ewes sold to £140 from AJ Wales and H Westbrook. Other best ewes sold to £136 and £133 from AJ Green; £134 and £122 from JP Tolley; £130 from J Small; £121 from Peckmoor Farming; £120 from S Jonas; £118 from AJ Wales and DH & SM Churchill; £117.50 from D Lukins and £116 from JE & LP Reason. Cull rams topped at £116 from L & A Maddock & Co, when others sold to £114 from J Small; £111 from AJ Green and £109 from P Langdown. Overall average £84.73.

Goats (55)

An average entry of 55 goats sold to £125 from Childhay Farming Ltd. Others £104, £77 and £70 from the same Vendor. Overall average £81.56.

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