A crack rescue team were scrambled after a young goat got stuck on a tiny ledge high in a 400ft deep gorge - for two days writes Jonathan Coles.

The animal was first spotted by a member of the public after they heard its haunting cries in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset.

It was initially hoped that the goat would free itself but, after 48 hours, it was decided that a group should intervene.

The RSPCA and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service then combined to rescue the goat and reunite it with its mother earlier this month (April 9).

Clara Scully, for the RSPCA, said: "The rescue was a fantastic effort by all involved and we are so grateful to the firefighters for rescuing this poor goat and for the member of public who spotted him and helped to release him back to his mum.

"We suspect he had been chased and that's how he ended up stuck and separated from his mother.

"He was standing on a tiny ledge and had been there for a while so he was struggling to get down by himself."

Cheddar Gorge is home to a number of feral goats and sheep who were introduced in the 1990s to maintain grazing levels.

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