A farmer painted rainbows on the fleeces of a flock of sheep to cheer up passersby during the Coronavirus lockdown writes Paul Rodger.

The eight sheep, which live on a farm near Glenfarg, Perth and Kinross, were spray painted the colours of the rainbow by farmer Calum McIntyre, 20.

Calum spray painted the animals red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple on April 3, and believes it has made people smile.

Painting rainbows has become popular in recent weeks as a symbol of hope after the UK government imposed freedom restrictions in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Calum said: "I decided to spray paint the sheep to cheer up people that walk by.

"I've spoken to a few and they've been pretty miserable.

"It only took about five minutes per sheep.

"They all get sprayed with numbers to identify them to their lambs, so it was just to put something different on them."

The colourful sheep are in a field, each with a set of twins, and can be seen from the roadside.

Calum added: "It's been really good.

"A lot of folk have said they've been smiling at them and it's cheered them up.

"We've also put farm facts on gates to help people learn about what's going on on the farm and do things safely.

"It's been quite handy because we're supposed to have six vet students in to help with lambing and now they can't, so it's good to have family around to help."

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